Start Considering Your Moving Checklist

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Now’s the Time to Start Considering Your Moving Checklist

One huge key to planning is getting an early start on that checklist for moving. If you can, start a few months before the actual move by doing a walk-through of your home and making a mental list of things that you will NOT be taking with you. You could do a yard sale or even donate items to charity. Take the move as an opportunity to go through everything and get rid of what you don’t really need or don’t even really use much. Then, that will leave a much clearer picture of what you should put on your moving checklist.

Writing your Moving Checklist: When to Make Your Checklist for Moving

Now, starting about two months before you go, you should contact schools, doctors, and accountants to get copies of your personal records and start looking for a mover. Then, a month or so later, you can change your address with the post office, and prepare that checklist for moving of all the items that will be stored or moved. You may want to keep two separate lists – items for storage and items to move. Then, you can actually begin packing away some of the things on that moving checklist that you won’t be needing for a while. The earlier you start, the less stressful actual moving day will be.

Check Off the Items in Your Moving Checklist

A couple of weeks before the move, pack a suitcase for everyone in your family with a few days’ worth of clothes. Then, go through your checklist for packing again and be sure that most items are already packed away. A day prior to the actual move date, most items should be checked off of the moving checklist, and then the last minute items can be packed as well. After moving, use the moving checklist as you unpack to be sure that everything arrived safe and sound.

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