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The Costs To Consider In Your Interstate Moving Budget

Save money on your upcoming interstate move. Checkout our breakdown of the costs associated with hiring professional movers and doing DIY moves.
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The Costs To Consider In Your Interstate Moving Budget
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Budget creation is the best way to properly prepare for a move financially. This can be done on paper, but using an excel spreadsheet or any budgeting app may be easier in managing expenses as you proceed. Failure to get yourself ready financially can cause overspending or unplanned expenses when you calculate the total.

The costs discussed below may not apply to your type of move, but choose the ones that apply and list them on a piece of paper or on a spreadsheet, to begin with moving budget creation. 

Costs of Hiring Professional Moving Companies

The type of moving service you plan to use will be a huge factor in the cost you should prepare for. This can be easily determined by obtaining quotes from many interstate moving companies and selecting the one that perfectly suits your needs.

Continue reading this article on the cost of hiring a mover to know all that constitute the rates and the difference between costs and service types. 

Below are the fees you should consider:

  • Base moving fee: You will be provided a quote by the moving company that includes labor and fuel cost. The total price will be determined by the number of items you have and the moves’ duration. To have the best idea of your base rate, make use of our moving cost  calculator and obtain moving quotes from a minimum of 4 different moving companies so you can be certain the rate you choose is the best for you. Check our moving company directory to see a list of reputable out of state moving companies nearest to you.
  • Optional charges: You will need to consider extra costs to your relocation budget if you need more than basic services from your movers, including packing service. 
  • Moving insurance: Your moving company is required to provide valuation coverage, which contains the amount of liability they agree to be responsible for in case there is a loss or damage to your items. Valuation cover is different from insurance, however, and you may need extra protection. In this case, you will need to go for moving insurance. Consult your home renter’s or owner’s insurance provider to see if they offer moving insurance before considering third-party options for your move.
  • Costs of the professional mover: It can cost you about $562 and $1,554 to hire professional moving companies with $25 – $50 per hour as the average rate, as stated by Home Advisor. Moving a 4-bedroom house to a local distance can start from $800 – $2,000. The average cost of moving to another state or across the country is about $1,000 per room at an average cost of $.50 per pound of the packed item, as estimated by HomeAdvisor.  

Costs for a DIY Move

DIY move is usually less expensive than hiring professionals, but there are still some costs to note: 

  • Truck rental: You will definitely need a rental truck if you are packing many household belongings and furniture items for the move. Rates are determined based on the size of the moving truck needed, the rental duration, and the distance you are taking the truck.
  • Gas: There will be certain rules given by your truck rental company on the quantity of gas needed when you are returning the truck. You can determine how much cost you should prepare for in that wise by using the AAA’s fuel calculator.
  • Additional insurance: You may need to buy extra liability coverage alongside what the moving truck rental company offers you.
  • Equipment rental: You should be able to get the needed equipment to make your move easier from your truck rental company. This may include dollies and blankets. Visit your local hardware store to determine if renting moving equipment from them is more affordable. 
  • Moving labor: The movers you use will determine the cost of loading and/or unloading labor. You may be able to get help from friends and family in exchange for pizza, but hiring a professional will cause you fees based on the size of the team, how long they work for you, and any additional stairs, heavier furniture, and so on. The majority of moving companies can point you to different moving teams so you can research their prices and budget. Also, remember to plan to tip or at least offer some food and drinks for your helpers.
  • Car shipping services: If you already decide to transport your vehicle to a new state, then consider the cost of the car transport service you plan to hire. Talk to a reputable auto transport company and obtain a cost estimate to personalize your moving budget. Also, you will need to consider the cost of you flying to another part of the country in your moving budget just as you added your vehicle shipping cost.
  • Driving to your destination home: As discussed above, driving to your new home will cost you money for gas, servicing of your car before the move, food, hotel lodging, as well as some additional cash for unexpected situations while on the road.

Below are other Costs of Interstate Move

Packing materials and equipment:

Costs can quickly add up when you purchase items like moving boxes, packing tape, and bubble wrap. For instance, large moving boxes from U-Haul costs $1.67 to $1.99 each, based on the quantity you want to purchase.

Be sure of the quantity you need so you don’t add more than the necessary costs. Also, look at the items you will need for safe transportation of your items such as hand trucks, furniture covers, and bungee cords.

If these are not available with your movers or you are handling the move yourself, you should consider renting or borrowing at a more affordable cost than buying. 


Check taxes, deposits, installation fees, and connections when installing utilities at your new home. These costs could start from $10 – $200 or more. Obtain prices come from the internet, power, and other service providers before the move. Some of them will waive fees for clients that never default payments.  


Your current place will need some clean-up, especially if you are making a deposit. House cleaning companies normally charge between $125 and $300 for a single clean as stated on True Cost Guide provided by HomeAdvisor. You will save some money by handling the entire work yourself. 


Seeing the list of expenses for your move can be overwhelming, but note that not all the costs mentioned above will apply to you. Go through our guide on reducing moving costs to keep your total moving cost lower. Although this may cause a big hole in your purse, it is for a short time. Contact us to get help on getting ready for your interstate move. 

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