Things I Wish I Knew before My Long-distance Move

Long distance moves can be logistical nightmares if you don’t plan well. Dani James shares her experience, so you know what to do to prepare for a long-distance move.
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Things I Wish I Knew before My Long-distance Move
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Many of us have lost count on the number of times we’ve said ‘had I known.” However, because moving home is such an occasional event for most of us, we don’t necessarily need to know the depth of house moving in much detail, until you are ready to move your home.

Divided into 3 simple sections, we have answers to the top twenty things you need to know before you move home. 

In this article, you will discover;

Things I wish I had known about house moves

Things I wish I knew before I hire a moving company

Things I wish I knew when I relocate.

Things I Wish I Had Known About House Moves

There are some essential facts you need to know about moving home. Knowing these will help you and make thing easier for you whenever you move. These include:

  • Organization and planning are crucial for a smooth house move: You have a lot of things to remember to do. So many parts to each residential move, regardless of the size must be planned for smooth moving experience. This will assist you in making sure you perform all tasks without forgetting any of them, and also provide you with a logical approach to your moving.
  • Grab your free house moving timeline and planner: You will be able to properly manage the list of people that need to know of your move with a change of address checklist.

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  • Decluttering is one great way to cut removal costs: The process of disposing of all your excess belongings from around your home will cut your packing time, the number of packing materials used, and also save you space on the moving truck, which will all lead to reduced moving costs.
  • Packing is the toughest part of a residential move: Definitely, packing is the toughest part of moving a house. From determining the quantity of packing material you need to put into the moving box. Hiring a professional packer team can lower the packing time by half and will make sure your household items reach your destination intact. Most often, the cost is usually low and is perfect for the money.
  • There are some packing mistakes you must avoid: If you are packing for a home move all by yourself, there are packing mistakes that you can avoid easily. You can achieve this by following these tips:
  • Begin to pack immediately after you declutter
  • Don’t underestimate the number of packing materials you will need
  • Leave enough time for packing
  • Avoid making the packed boxes too heavy
  • Make use of small packing boxes for heavy items
  • Make use of large packing boxes for light items
  • Ensure proper packing of your items
  • Labeling boxes will simplify unpacking: Your moving boxes when labeled appropriately will be easily unloaded and unpacked by the movers straight into each room that they belong for unpacking. It also helps to easily identify where each box belongs.

At least the box label should indicate the room they are going to, the contents of each box, and the condition of the item whether fragile or special. You can also label the direction to open to avoid turning the contents upside down.

  • A first night box is essential: A happy residential move is the outcome of great planning and organization. So you need to pack a moving box that contains the items that you may need on the day of your move and the first night in your new residence. Consider snacks, drinks, important documentation, and medication. Make sure this box remains with you and not in the moving van.

Things I Wish I Knew Before I Hire a Moving Company

The moving company you hire also plays an important role in the success of your move. If you equip yourself with the much-needed information about hiring the right mover, you will choose right one.

  • You should obtain a minimum of 3 moving cost estimates: To have a rough figure for your residential move, you will certainly need to obtain some moving quotes. Normally, you should contact and obtain 3 to 5 separate moving estimates so that you can make a proper comparison of removal companies.

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  • An on-site moving survey is crucial: A removal company will be able to conduct an assessment and provide you accurate pricing only when they visit your home and see the things that you are moving. This also gives them the chance to plan for any access issues before the moving day and to ask any questions or concerns about your move.

This is also important for you as you can interview the moving company to find out if they are the perfect company to hire. It is important to have a list of questions at hand in advance.    

  • How to compare moving companies: Reviews are so much important when selecting a good moving company. Independent and genuine reviews will help you decide the right moving company to work with. They can be a nice source of information and referrals. But there are also fake reviews, so make sure you stick to the advice we offer in this guide about how to make moving company reviews work in your favor.
  • There are some things your moving company cannot move for you: For reasons like health and safety, there are certain items that movers are not allowed to transport. You should find out with your moving company what is on their list of prohibited items as this can be different from one company to another.

The list will however include the following:

  • Corrosive, explosive, or inflammable materials
  • Perishable foods
  • Plants
  • Animals
  • Valuable items like personal documents such as insurance documents, passports, marriage licenses, birth certificates; cash, valuable stamp bank cards, keys, and coin collections, etc, and jewelry,
  • There can be moving company scams: Remember your residential move with joy and not regret. You know everything you need to have a sweet household relocation. Most moving companies are honest and reliable but there are scams, too. This may come in different forms.

Approaching you with a ridiculously low quote to get your job and then increasing the prices in the form of extra charges on moving day. If you notice a particularly low quote from the quotes you received, you should consider it as a warning signal.

Save yourself from potential scams by reading through our article on 10 Popular Moving Scams To Avoid When Moving.

Things I Wish I Knew When I Relocate

At this stage, you are already in the middle of the move and if things go wrong, it can challenging to tackle them. Hence, it is essential to know before the time.

  • Things can get out of control on moving day: Despite the numerous planning you made, and the expertise of the mover’s team, things can still get ugly on moving day. It could be bad weather, delays in access to your new home, and much more.
  • There are ways to handle the stress of changing home: Understanding the signs of stress, and how to handle stress will help you cope with any challenges thrown at you on a moving day.
  • Pets are stressed during house move: Routine is so much important in the lives of dogs, in particular, they will get stressed even when there is a slight change to their routine. There are many steps you can take to assist your pets with the moving trauma, and this guide on moving home with pets will provide you some professional advice.
  • Packing can be done in the right or wrong way: Similar to how you had a packing plan to relocate, you will also need a plan to unpack your belongings. Face this task using a logical and strategic manner and you will get settled into your new residence in no time.

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  • There are certain things to do after you get to your new home: You need to prioritize safety and comfort immediately you get into a new home. You need to make a plan for fire evacuation and also child-proof the new home so that you all feel safe in the home.

You also need to change all the external locks and padlocks, and to get more professional tips on the tasks to perform after you moved into a new home.

  • There is numerous residential moving advice available: So, you need to understand that you have endless knowledge and support for your moving all the time and every step of the way. From obtaining the first moving cost estimates to handling moving depression and all that is between, be rest assured that we have you covered.

And if you have any question or concern and it has not been answered in any of our guides, kindly drop a comment in the section below and we will make sure we answer it for you.  

Final Words

It is only a fool that learns from his mistakes. The wise man learns when others make mistakes. You don’t need to experience all possible moving mistakes before you learn how to move safely.

All mistakes have been made already, you only need to read and learn from them through people with experience, who have gone through them and have made their knowledge available for you.

We at Moving APT are putting in all our best to share with you our expertise with the hope that it will make your move smoother and without stress than you’ve planned for.

Our reputable long-distance movers are committed to avoiding any ugly event before, during, and after your move.

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