Things To Do When Moving to Another State

Planning an upcoming out of state move? Read our list that details all the steps to take to ensure that your relocation goes smoothly.
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Things to Do When Moving to Another State
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Moving to a new place can feel stressful and overwhelming and, because of that, you may be doing everything possible to ensure that you go about everything in a manner that is helpful and makes sense. You may be organizing a lot of things and trying to work out details in a big way.

When you’re looking at cross country moving, however, there are even more details that you need to try and work out. At Moving APT, we want to help you figure out exactly what it is that you want to do and how you want to proceed, so we’ve put together an entire list of what it is that you need to think about and sort out before you move to a completely new state.

What Do I Need To Do When Moving To Another State?

Moving to a new state means that you need to be aware of a lot of information and be ready to make some big changes. The legal end of everything needs to be sorted out, and you want to be sure that everything that you own and has on hand is registered and such. Here’s a quick list of things that you want to be sure that you consider.

  • How much it’ll cost: We’ll get into more detail about this in another part of this article, but it’s good to know that you have a lot of options and that you’re going to be able to work things out in a way that is affordable and simple for you to consider.
  • Great movers: Hiring a professional moving company makes an interstate move go more quickly and it makes it simpler for you to work out details and know that everything is going to go the way that you’d like it to.
  • How you’ll transport your vehicle: Will you be driving yourself? Towing your vehicle? Maybe you’re thinking about shipping it to your new home? Knowing how you’ll transport can save time and energy.
  • Pets and plants: Some states have different laws about non-native species coming in – yes, even your pets and houseplants. So, learn what you can about those laws if you’re looking to move to a certain state.
  • Registration and paperwork: When you arrive, you want to be sure that you take the time to go ahead and get your car, boat, bike, or whatever else registered. Schedule a time to get your new drivers’ license and take care of registering any kids for school.
  • Medical records: Find a new doctor (or at least, an office you want to go to) and make sure that you have everything ready to transfer your medical records to that new office as soon as it’s time to move.
  • Change of address: Change your address on everything, from work documents to life insurance policies, and more. You’ll have to talk to your car insurance and other insurance companies to make proper adjustments, as well.

Is moving to a different state a good idea?

Sometimes. There are a lot of things that you want to be sure that you think about before you move to a new place, especially if it’s not in the same state that you reside in right now.

Here is a list of things that you want to go ahead and ask yourself before you make the leap and move to a new state.

Do I want to move somewhere that matches my political views better?

Some people feel a lot more comfortable in an area where the people believe in the same values, so this is definitely a consideration to be made.

Is the cost of living change helpful, harmful, or not relevant?

Will you be able to afford to live in your new location with little to no problems?

How is the job market?

If you need to get a job upon moving, you want to know that the process is possible and low-stress as well.

How does moving to another state help to further my personal life goals?

Why are you moving to? Is it going to help you move forward in your career or education? If it doesn’t match your goals, then it may be time for you to rethink things.

How far will be I from family and/or friends?

Are you moving closer to them? Or further away? And is that what you really want?

What sort of climate am I moving to?

Some people are really particular about what sort of climate they move to – others couldn’t care less as long as they had climate control in their home.

What will life look like for my other family members?

Do you have kids? What about your spouse? Maybe a parent is moving with you? In any sense, you want to be sure that you think about the schools, crime rates, and other concerns that your other family members may have about a move.

Sitting down with these questions may feel a little uncomfortable, but you will find that you feel much more confident about your interstate move if you ask these questions before doing anything else.

What Is The Average Cost of Moving To Another State?

As mentioned earlier in this article, you want to be sure that you have a budget in place so that your move can go as smoothly as possible. What sorts of things do you need to know about while you’re putting your budget together?

The average budget that you’ll need for a cross-country move is around $5000. This is based on a weight of just over 7,000 pounds worth of stuff, which is what you’d usually have in a 3 or 4 bedroom house. So, what goes into that weight? Let’s take a closer look at what’s usually calculated here.

  • A number of bedrooms in your current residence: The more bedrooms in your current home, the more stuff you’ll have, so the more your movers will charge (because they’ll need a bigger truck or van).
  • Amount of stuff (in terms of weight) that is coming with you: Many movers will weigh your stuff, as well, so they can have a more accurate number to work with when it comes time to determine moving costs.
  • A distance of your move: How far are you planning on moving? The further the move, the more mileage on the truck and the more time it’ll take for your move to be executed properly.
  • Any tolls and other associated fees related to traveling: Tolls, parking fees, and other affiliated costs are going to be covered by your payment.
  • Any storage options: Do you need to wait a few days before you move your stuff in? If so, then there will be associated with storage fees, as well.
  • The number of days the move will take: The number of days can play a role because that’s the number of days that your movers won’t be available for other moves.

Is Moving To A Different State Hard?

It’s never easy to leave where you’re living now and go to a new place. But, if you’re dealing with a lot of logistics, like what you need to do for an interstate move, then you have a lot more that you need to balance and figure out. You want to be sure that you know what you’re getting into and how you may want to proceed with everything, as well.

First, if you’re moving far away from family and friends, you may find it difficult to move. Not having connections in your new area can make it difficult to find resources, job leads, and whatever else you may need in order to be successful. And, at first, you may also feel pretty lonely. That can make the transition a little more difficult to work through.

Finances can be another issue for people who are looking to complete interstate moves. There are a lot of problems that can arise, and you want to be sure that you have some sort of nest egg to work with so that you’re actually able to make good decisions and take care of whatever comes up in the meantime.

If you’re buying a home in another state, you may have some difficulty finding a home you like and closing on it quickly. You may have to make a trip or two out there to make sure that you find the place that you want and to ensure that everything is in order for it.

Moving APT wants to help you find the best interstate moving company for your needs. We can help you to connect with the options that make the most sense and make it simple for you to determine exactly what you need to get taken care of, no matter how large of a job that you may be dealing with.

Learn more about how we can assist you and make sure that you’ve got everything ready to go before moving day comes along. Contact us today and we’ll get started with the process!

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