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Things To Know Before Hire National Movers

People generally leave reviews if they've had a really good or a really bad experience, as well as knowing the experience and reputation. All these and many others are important to know before you hire your next national mover. Read them below.
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Things To Know Before Hire National Movers
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The important things to know before hiring national moving companies are not limited to checking the expertise of the movers, as well as choosing the ones that offer the much-needed moving services as related to your move.

When you have a national move in view, selecting a national moving company is one of the most difficult decisions you will make. Are you getting set to move long distances? We are sure you are on lookout for the right mover.

Whether you are moving to another state or far distance to another part of the country, hiring the best national moving company for the task will reduce stress and help ensure your move is as less stressful as possible.

Let’s consider the most vital factors to note when you are looking around for national movers to handle your move.

1. Understand the Type of Movers you need

You need to determine the kind of move you want to make before you start searching for the best movers. Your type of move will determine the type of moving company to hire. You should do this by first understanding the difference between a national and local move as well as determining the distance of your move because they will all dictate the type of moving company you need.

2. Explore the Services they offer

A vital point to note when you are searching for the long distance mover that best matches your moving needs is the entire services they offer, and comparing them to your unique moving needs.

  • For instance, do the movers offer transportation for your shipments? Or do they offer extra services like packing, temporary and long-term storage solutions, and more?
  • Particularly for a long-distance move, you need to determine the thoroughness of their services so that you can plan for other important schedules.

Cross country movers with high demand will possibly be booked up for some period. When possible, make the planning of your move well before the moving date to make sure that the moving company will be available for your long-distance move.

3. Determine the Estimates of your Movers and know the Best One for you

Moving estimates can be confusing sometimes as some moving companies don’t provide a choice between the two. Ask for estimates from your moving company during your phone call, and determine their services and if it will be the perfect option for you.

4. Experience and Reputation are Vital

Remember that a long-distance move contains a lot of factors that a short-distance move doesn’t.

  • For example, moves performed over more than several hundred miles need extra moving permits, equipment, and certifications to handle.
  • Reliable, experienced long-distance movers will be ready for the challenge, providing you guidance and information in the process

Researching customer reviews is also a brilliant move when leaving a major move as your cross-country move into the hands of a particular moving company. Firsthand testimony of a previous moving experience with a certain mover can give you all the necessary feedback.

5. Check your Estimate to make sure it is Budget-Friendly

Cross-country movers that provide free, non-obligatory estimates are best to start with when making comparisons of service providers.

  • Screen down your list of options not only using the low rates but also by the items included in their scope of service, together with the clarity of communication by their customer service representatives
  • Remember that an up-front moving estimate with no surprise charges or fees will possibly work well for your move, and budget.
  • When a company agent analyzes the entire aspect of your move and considers your special situation carefully, you will get the most accurate figure possible, making it easy for you to plan and save accordingly.
  • You are a vital part of the estimate procurement phase. Before you book your relocation, take a full inventory of your shipments to be moved to your new home
  • This will help your long-distance movers when checking the actual number of moving trucks, movers, and (when necessary) storage units you will require.
  • Before planning your move, begin to declutter and organize your shipments. Broken or damaged electronics or furniture pieces, for instance, maybe more than their worth to be moved.
  • You can sell, dispose or donate items you don’t want or need to reduce your total amount of shipments to be moved.

6. There will always be Better Money-Saving Tips when Hiring a Mover

Now that we know how to find a good moving company, you can now enjoy the effective cost-saving tips when hiring a mover. Since it is costly to move home, and you will need all cost-saving ideas you can get to reduce your spending. You will be able to select the cheapest moving company from your list after making a thorough comparison of the deals you received.

A moving scam can come from a moving company that offers a ridiculously low-cost moving estimate, so be careful. To be certain of your need, create a comprehensive household inventory. You should not forget that the more belongings you pack to relocate, the costlier and complicated it will be for you to move in the end due to the increase in transportation costs.

You can remove any items you don’t need before you start packing. A better way to reduce the cost of your move when hiring a moving company is to pack the things that you can conveniently protect by yourself. This often includes books, clothes, bed linen, and small furniture pieces that you can easily pack. You don’t necessarily have to pay professional packers to work on items you can easily pack yourself.

Check our packing tips for a smooth move

7. Note and Stay Away from Movers with Warning Signals

Warning signals give you a warning of possible problems. Just stay away from a moving company that offers you a too-low moving price than reasonable. This, as states by Wood, may imply that the mover is not licensed. You also can consider too many bad reviews on a certain company a warning signal.

Yelp is a great site to read various opinions on a moving company. Also, check through previous complaints about the moving companies on your consideration list on the Better Business Bureau website. If you don’t feel comfortable about anything from a moving company, make sure you obtain clarification on the issue or find another moving company.

You also need to watch out for these warning signals:

  • The estimate you are offered is too low: This is a moving quote given with an intentionally lower than average relocation quotes to lure unsuspecting customers.
  • A mover refuses to perform the inspection: Inspections to come as you and the moving company will enjoy the accurate moving estimate proceed right after a visual inspection of a customer’s shipment.
  • Huge deposit requested: You are supposed to reserve your moving date with a deposit when moving in peak moving season but must not pass 10% to 5% of the estimated moving price.
  • You are asked by the moves to sign a blank or incomplete contract

8. Ensure Adequate Insurance is offered by your Moving Company

You will experience devastation when you get to your new home and find out that vital items have been damaged and you don’t have a certain amount of insurance to cover the loss. Always ask for a clear explanation on coverage from your movers as Jessica Chapman, a spokeswoman working for Two Men and a Truck in Akron, OH advised.

In general, the insurance coverage provided is small, but the company also offers higher replacement coverage for an added fee. Justin Brasington of Moved, a service that connects customers with professional moving companies mentioned that the extra coverage is a great idea if you are shipping expensive items.


National moving can feature a lot of stress. Arrange a time and find a reputable national mover that will make things easy for you all through the move. With the information provided in this guide, you can identify scam and dishonest moving companies and make sure your move runs to completion smoothly. Are you prepared to reserve your long-distance move with the best national moving company?

Check our network of national moving companies to start.

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