Things To Know Before Moving From Boston To New York

What to Know When Moving from Boston to NYC. Living in a city that constantly grinds you down can be tough to deal with. Most of all, the people who move to New York are a special breed. We've come up with twelve must-know tips for anyone who might want to consider a move between the two cities. All these tips should make it easy for you to move from Boston to New York.
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Things To Know Before Moving From Boston To New York
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So, you already made your decision to relocate from Boston to New York City. Even though there has been a rivalry between these two cities for a long time, there are many things that should get you excited about becoming a resident of Boston.

Remember, moving from Boston to New York is a cross country move and you will need a reputable cross country mover in either of the two cities to make it easier for you.

Boston is a great place that attracts people who decide to live in a bustling coastal city that is full of diversity and great amenities.

Being a newcomer from Boston, you will already be used to a fast-paced lifestyle, but you might discover that New York offers more of a small-town vibe even though it is a large city.

Apart from its great historical background, NYC is rich in culture and diversity and is a good place to work, live and play. We will discuss a few of the great things you will enjoy as a New Yorker.

1. Boston and New York have mostly similar cultures

Boston and New York have so much in common on the outside. You can walk everywhere in the two cities, live without a car, and travel around on public transportation. The two cities are liberal enclaves in dependable blue states and have hot and humid summers, as well as cold winters. The two have strong healthcare and technology industries and international-level universities.

We would say that there are more similarities between Boston and New York than Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Chicago. The differences become obvious after spending a lot of time there. There is a more homogenous feel between Boston residents, and while Boston appears to be diverse on paper, people there live highly segregated lives, unlike NYC.

2. Sports culture in New York is highly different from Boston’s

New York doesn’t focus much on sports, a huge difference from Boston. As a resident of Boston, you will be adapted to seeing people in a Red Sox hat on the street, from CEOs to custodians and everyone in between. Every conversation at work is related to sports and sports teams that are playing currently. And anytime you hit the bar, you will have to wait until the end of the game before you can start a conversation with a guy.

In Boston, half of the crowd you see will be in Red Sox hats. In Manhattan, you will often see the Yankee’s hat, but they are not standard.

The parts of New York that are a bit crazy about sports could be the parts that don’t see much influx of new residents, such as the outer boroughs (Staten Island, The Bronx, innermost and less-gentrified areas of Brooklyn and Queens). New Jersey and Long Island can also be like this. So, if you are a sport lover, you may consider any of the boroughs.

3. Don’t be scared, you can see live Boston sports games with Boston Fans in New York

If you desire to watch any Boston sports game, such as Patriots or Red Sox game while amidst a like-minded crowd, you can surely do that. You should check Professor Thom’s located in the East Village. That is one of the best things about New York; residents here are from all parts of the country, so you can easily find sports bars for various types of professional teams as well as bars for college teams.

4. New York is larger in size and scale than Boston

When you move to New York from Boston, you will know that the city is much larger. But identifying something intellectually is much different from facing it practically. It can take you a lot of time to travel from one part of New York to another, especially when traveling between boroughs. You will spend more on Uber and Lyft in New York than you spend in Boston, as well.

A Boston travel to the South End from Central Square in Cambridge, a moderate distance, can cost just $10. That is impossible in New York. You can spend over $10 without getting past Harlem. When selecting a place to live in New York, living on an express train is so much helpful. A lot of New York residents consider Harlem far from everything, but it takes just 14 minutes and 3 stops when on the express A train from 42nd St. to 145th St.

5. Everything in New York is available so much later

The last call in Boston is at 1:45 AM and to get drinks after that, you will have to hit Chinatown and request for the “cold tea”, where you will be provided an illegal teapot filled with beer.

Most places in New York are open until 4:00 AM. That is why you can stay out later and nightlife here also begins and peaks later unlike in Boston. People in New York tend to work at a later time, too.

6. Happy hour is real in New York

It took a while to figure out that lack of happy hour in Boston is not a normal thing. Massachusetts is one of the few states to be against happy hour drink specials. Also, when I was living in Boston, I visited Kitty’s located in the Financial District with its unique workaround – they often serve their kitty brew known as Miller Light at cheap pieces, but the Kitty Brew keg is always empty anytime outside happy hour. It is so much uncommon to locate a bar in New York that doesn’t provide happy hour drink specials. Welcome to enjoyment!

7. People in New York dress up than those in Boston

It is a popular norm in New York City, especially in Manhattan for people to dress up for casual events. Many of us had worked at our various homes that day; we just dressed up because that is what you do here. Had this happened in Boston, all of us would have been in jeans.

An aspect of that is that clothing that depicts your favorite sports teams is not as popularly accepted as daily wear in most parts of New York. If you are putting on a t-shirt that has a team name on it and it is not that you are working out, you are possibly not a resident here. That is a huge difference from Boston where everyone puts on sportswear.

According to a former Boston resident, “I always remember the time I visited legal Sea Foods in Boston on Easter Sunday and a woman at my front putting on a Red Sox jersey (her formal type). When I hit the street in New York, even just for casual drinks, I usually put on a dress and heels and check myself, wondering if I had over-dressed. And regardless of what I put on, the answer is consistent no. there is usually someone that dressed up way more than me.”

8. In New York, beer is not sold in liquor stores

As a former Boston resident, don’t refer to a liquor store as a package store or a packie as you do in Boston because no one in New York will understand what you mean. Also, in New York, beer is sold differently from liquor and wine. If you are looking for a beer to buy, go to a grocery store.

You can also get single servings of beer at drugstores, bodegas, and convenience stores. If you are buying liquor or wine, get it at a liquor store. Some wines are being sold at grocery stores, but it is more of a wine product and not actual wine.

9. Everything happens in New York

New York is a safe blue state, and yet, politicians often come through here for media opportunities and fundraising. In recent years, I’ve attended events for Julian Castro, Stacey Abrams, Pete Buttigieg, and Kirsten Gillibrand, (and I was able to meet 3 out of 4 of them, and even speak with Julian in a long conversation). Also, there are food trends. You will find the cronut, rainbow bagels, Black Tap milkshakes, and the sushi donut in abundance here.

10. There are different immigrant communities in New York than Boston, which means different food, too

You have endless options in Boston as regards Salvadoran food in East Boston, Vietnamese food in Dorchester, or Haitian food in Cambridge. And that excludes the great Portuguese and Brazilian food you will find in the suburbs. However, New York has almost all types of food you can think of, but also has various immigrant communities which ensure different strengths.

The largest immigrant community in New York is the Dominican community, and Dominicans majorly reside in upper Manhattan (as well as Hamilton heights). Come here and enjoy patron and mofongo, together with the music. Relocating to New York is the best chance to try out Ukrainian food in the East Village, Guyanese food in Richmond Hill, Ecuadorian food in Corona, Sri Lankan food in Staten Island, and Filipino food in Woodside.

And although there is Chinatown in Manhattan, you can go to Flushing, Queens to see a much larger Chinatown with a lot of people and food representing China’s beautiful diversity.

11. Some neighborhoods of Boston are equivalent to New York, while some are not

If you are searching for a neighborhood that is the same as where you lived in Boston, there are many options for you. Not all neighborhoods have similar attractions, but some of them are close enough. And since New York is much larger than Boston, there are numerous choices for every Boston Neighborhood.

  • Go for Park Slope in Brooklyn if you prefer Brookline: This is likely the most similar neighborhood name between Boston and New York. Similar to Brookline, Park Slope is isolated from the hustle and tussles of the city; has great public transport links, beautiful parks, quality public schools, and is a gorgeous and highly coveted place to live. Upper West Side and Brooklyn Heights are other neighborhoods with a similar feel and great schools.
  • Go for Hel’s Kitchen or Chelsea if you prefer South End: These two neighborhoods host great gay nightlife (nightlife for gay men specifically) and nice restaurants while being located in the middle of Manhattan.

12. You can love both New York and Boston, and it’s cool

Maybe you are moving to New York from Boston for a short term, or maybe it may later become permanent. Maybe you will commute to Megabus more often every weekend. Or maybe after some years, you will pack all your stuff and head to another destination. Regardless of your chosen path, you can still enjoy the two cities.

Boston was never a perfect fit for me like New York, but I still enjoy and love Boston to the fact that I will always defend it any day. And the future can’t be predicted. As long as I don’t pack everything up and relocate to Los Angeles. You will drive there definitely.

How to Move to New York City from Boston

Moving long distances need so much preparation and this can get you overwhelmed when you have a lot of things on your mind. Aside from packing your entire possessions, there are many other decisions you will make across the moving process. Hiring professional NYC movers, such as on Moving APT can save you money, time, and energy. We have more than the required moving experience so we know what it takes to complete a cross-country move.

You can avoid stressing yourself concerning the move by leaving it for our team of experts to handle your packing, transport, and other related tasks. We can also help coordinate the transport of your goods so they get delivered safely and timely to your new home. At Moving APT, we know a move can be so challenging and we will be available to take care of everything for you so you can keep your eye on your family and your new life in New York.

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