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Things to Know Before Moving to California

Seamlessly navigate your upcoming relocation to California and discover strategies for hiring movers and becoming accustomed to your new surroundings.
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Things to Know Before Moving to California
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One of the most storied states in America, the state of California is often the dream destination for people around the country.

Between the glamour and beautiful beaches of Los Angeles, stunning coastlines of San Francisco, and wineries in Napa Valley, California is never short of amazing areas to visit and experiences to enjoy.

If you are moving to The Golden State, you may be curious about how your life will differ. Between the cost of living, cultural differences, and the weather, you may be in for a few surprises.

Below are four key things you must know before moving to California.

1. Finding the Best Movers

The first challenge you must overcome before you move to California is to find the best movers to handle your relocation. Finding top moving companies near you can be a challenge if you rely solely on Google or other search engines.

One option is to use a service that curates a list of top-rated movers. Then you can choose the mover that best fits your budget and requested services, knowing they are reliable and available. If you rely on a Google search to find top movers, you may end up hiring a less than reputable company.

2. Cost of Living

California is a great place to move to when you are younger, but there are reasons why people are moving out of California over the past few years. The state is an expensive place to live, especially if you are planning to relocate to a major city like San Francisco or Los Angeles.

The cost of living is higher in California due to higher rental and home purchase prices, an increased cost of food, and significant taxes. These issues can be tough for people to overcome if they are on a fixed income, such as a retirement fund.

If you are, however, moving to California for work, you are likely getting a significant raise in your present salary. Calculate the increase in salary you are gaining and compare it to the increase in the cost of living compared to your present city. Then you can understand how much more or less you would be able to save each month after moving to California.

3. Public Transit Options in California

As you finalize your plans to move to California by hiring out of state movers and setting a moving date, you may already be curious about the public transit options in the city where you are moving.

The public transportation options in California depend heavily on the area where you live. Some cities, such as San Francisco, have a robust public transit system that means you can get around without a car with minimal hassle. Other areas, such as Los Angeles, are a lot harder to navigate without access to a car.

4. Things to Do In California

One of the best aspects of moving to California is that you will never run out of places to go or fun adventures to undertake. Those who are moving to Northern California can explore the wineries in Napa Valley, visit Alcatraz Island, and see the Golden Gate Bridge.

If you are moving to Southern California, Disneyland Park, San Diego Zoo, and Santa Monica Pier are popular destinations, not to mention the countless fantastic options for enjoying a day by the beach or going for a hike.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a binding and non-binding quote?

When a mover provides you with a binding quote, it means they cannot change the terms of your moving contract unless you request additional services before your moving date. Binding quotes provide peace of mind, while non-binding quotes are not reliable.

Movers can change the terms after sending a non-binding quote, even on the moving day. If you are choosing between movers, hire the company that offers you a binding quote.

If my new home is smaller than my present residence, what should I do with my extra belongings?

Those who are moving to a smaller residence must decide how they want to proceed with respect to their clothes, accessories, furniture, and other belongings. If you have items you do not use often or no longer need, you can choose to sell, donate, or throw them away before your moving day.

If you want to hold onto items, but will not have any place for them at your new residence, you can rent a storage unit in your new city.

Will long-distance movers relocate my car for me?

No, the vast majority of long-distance or cross-country moving companies do not offer any vehicle transportation service. You must separately connect with a vehicle transport specialist.

These companies can inform you about the timetable and cost to have your car moved from your present to your future zip code. You typically have two choices when it comes to vehicle transport: open-top or closed-top transport.

Are there any items I am not allowed to pack onto the moving truck when relocating?

If you are hiring movers to complete your relocation to California, you should know that specific item are not allowed on moving trucks.

You cannot pack any perishable food onto the truck, and movers do not permit the transport of pesticides and other chemicals. If you are unsure about a particular item, ask your mover ahead of time.

Do movers charge the same rates throughout the year?

No, most moving companies vary their rates depending on the season. Movers are busiest through the summer, while the winter is usually their least busy season. If you are relocating in the summer, you may be quoted higher rates than if you were to move to California in the winter.

Final Thoughts

Moving to California could be the start of the best chapter in your life. Whether you are relocating from a nearby state or across the country, there is so much you should know about The Golden State.

The above tips will help you navigate your upcoming relocation and better settle in your new surroundings. Moving is never straightforward, and being anxious is understandable. By following our suggestions, you can navigate this transition smoothly and with minimal stress.

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