Tips For Hiring A Cheap Moving Company

Are you hoping to complete a move on a very limited budget? Our tips will help you hire reliable movers for low rates.
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Tips For Hiring A Cheap Moving Company
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Looking for the best cheap moving company that can get the job done professionally? You are at the right place.

In difficult financial situations like the ones we are facing today, everyone is exploring means to save money. People are also making efforts to save money when looking into moving from one house to another. The question is….

Is it possible to hire an affordable mover?

There is usually a misconception that professional moving companies are expensive and you may find it hard to find the one that matches your budget.

Avoid letting the moving fantasies get the best of you; there are cheap moving services that are available at your leisure. You only need to know how to choose one.

Things to look for when picking a cheap moving company is to search for cheap moving companies. Seek references from family, friends, and search online to find affordable movers for your use.

Continue reading to discover how to find cheap moving companies with services and deals that match your needs and your budget.

How to Find Cheap Moving Company

Finding a quality moving company that charges within the range of your budget is not an easy task; you want to avoid damage to your property and other expensive mistakes by hiring experts. Fortunately, we are here to provide you some helpful advice on that. First thing first!

Figure out what you need

The process of finding a mover must be taken seriously. Just one mistake and everything can turn upside down: hiring an average moving company and spending beyond what you had hoped for.

This is why you indeed don’t have to rush this process. Rather, create time to perform some research and, more importantly, to determine what you importantly need from a mover.

Do you need to move home or office?

Do you need some extra services or maybe you plan to buy packing supplies?

Also, do you need to move soonest or what moving date do you plan?

These are a few of the questions you need to answer yourself. Providing answers to them will let you figure out the type of services you need to look for.

So, this is how your search for cheap moving companies should start. The actual search will be simpler after you figure out your needs and wants.

Getting Reliable Recommendations

Certainly, the situation of your moving will affect your search for hiring an affordable moving company; not all moving companies work the same in all areas of the country.

However, there are popular denominators that sound true no matter what, even if you are searching for the best cross country movers. So, firstly, regardless of your location, you will need to get some reliable recommendations. This means giving listening ears to people that are experienced with moving, but they must also be people whom you have so much trust.  

Extra Moving Assistant Offers

Not only do you want your moving company to transport your items from one location to another, but you also want them to perform the whole process for you.

Ensure you are not scammed for your moving, by making sure you hire a moving company that will be helpful from start to finish.

Do the Movers offer a Discount?

Usually, some moving companies will offer discounts for you if you book their service within a particular period. Find out about these discounts, it could save much of your money in the long run.

Browse Moving Reviews

Yes, you have more options for researching everything, including moving companies, in this internet age. And that is true when you are searching for and hiring a cheap moving company, too.

Fortunately for you, there are many websites like Yelp where you can read unending online reviews of movers. Especially if the recommendations you get from family and friends are short; this can be a great resource.

And even if you get recommendations for cheap movers from your reliable circles, checking them out online is always a wise move. After all, there is no harm to the double-checking right?  

Get Quotes and Pricing

Are you offered a free moving quote by this moving company? Are they ready to provide numbers for them when they ask? These are some of the areas to find a moving company that is worth considering.

Make a comparison of the estimates received from moving companies and ask as many questions as possible. Obtain clarification on individual items of cost so that you know what you are paying. Negotiate the cost so that you can obtain the best and affordable deal price.

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Be Careful to Avoid Scams When Hiring a Cheap Mover

We understand your decision to hire a cheap moving company; after all, relocation can be much costly. So the idea of saving money at all costs during a move is something we all want to do.

But in your bid to hire a cheap moving company, always ensure you are working with an honest moving company. Sadly, there are many rogue moving companies in the market, who are just ready to defraud your hard-earned money.

These are people who claim to be affordable, by offering too low prices to draw people in, and then, after making a deal to perform a move, they will devise several means to inflate the costs and make more money. 

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How to further reduce your Moving Cost

Yea, you should remember this always, moving affordably is not just about hiring a cheap mover? While that is a good thing; there are also other tasks to perform to make your moving more affordable. These include:

  • Good timing: No matter if you are looking to get the best long-distance moving company in Manchester, or moving few streets in Manhattan, it is important to have good timing to save money. If you make an early booking of moving company, and during a less-busy moving season, you will save enough money.

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  • Look for free, affordable, or repurposed moving boxes and packing supplies: Just a few months before moving, begin to collect moving boxes, materials, and tape to protect your delicate items. Even though you may have to buy some packing materials at retail price, you should also be able to get all the needed boxes at local stores, retailers, and online communities at little cost or for free. This popular household stuff can also work as moving boxes or packing material on your moving day, and reduce your moving cost. Some of the moving supplies include:
  • Hampers: Strong hampers with covers will be perfect as moving boxes, and soft hampers can accommodate light, non-delicate items.
  • Milk crates or laundry bins: These containers are perfect for moving household bottles or household cleaners, laundry detergent, and dishwashing supplies. Use bubble wrap to wrap bins to protect delicate items from falling out.
  • Towels, linens, and socks: This soft material can serve as protection for fragile items.
  • Straws: To protect the necklace from tangling, run them through straw one after the other and then safeguard them with tape at both ends. You can as well protect them from getting lost on the move by stringing them on the straws.
  • Luggage: Rather than loading suitcases that are empty on your moving truck, we recommend packing them with clothing and shoes.
  • Ditch extra clutter: If you’ve lived for some years in your current home, chances are you’ve gathered much stuff that you want or need. Reduce your load by selling, donating, or giving out items you don’t need. Getting rid of clutter could speed up your moving, saving you some money if you are paying an hourly rate or by weight. Also, you won’t be spending much time packing and unpacking belongings that you no longer use.
  • Leave enough time for packing: Packing up all your things can be so much overwhelming if you plan to do a last-minute job. Reduce the stress by packing a month or two in advance and perform little research every day, starting with non-important decorative stuff and seasonal clothes.

Based on the size of the job, hiring someone to take care of packing and unpacking may seem nice. But your moving costs can get increased by these services, sometimes by over $1,000.

Also, when you have someone pack for you, they will have their organizational ideas, which could ensure it is difficult for you to control everything.

  • Handle the packing by yourself: A lot of people hire moving companies to perform the packing for them; and yes, this saves you much time and effort. But on the contrary, if you handle it yourself; you will save cost. So look into the cost of your time and consider packing up your goods by yourself. Also, some of your family and friends may be in a great mood to assist you for free.
  • Simplify packing: Packing up your goods so that they will get there in one piece is only a part of the job. The other even necessary goal is to make sure that unpacking is smoothly done. To do this:
  • Box by room: Just pack items from the same room together in a box.
  • Pack clothing on hangers: This will allow for easy transfer to your new closet.
  • Color code: Code each box by the room it’s going. One easy way to get this done is to place a colored sticker (or a piece of tape) on the exterior of every box and place a matching sticker on the door frame of every room in your new household before the boxes are unloaded. Furniture can also be color-coded this way.


Avoid making the stress of moving to take control of the actual moving. By following these hints to selecting a cheap moving company and moving service provider, you can be sure of professionalism, great customer service, and affordability.

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