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Tips for Moving House with Young Children

Dealing with kids during a move doesn’t have to be a monumental task. Use these tips to keep the kiddos occupied while you focus on moving.
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Moving in itself is a tasking job to do, having to move with kids is even a more tasking job to do. It can be stressful for parents to organize moving house with their young kids because they have to put the kids into the entire plans of how and when they will move.

Just as it can be stressful, it can also be a rewarding and exciting experience as well. There are a whole lot of things to do and put in place to ease the strains and stress of moving with the children in the family.

We will be looking at dos and don’ts as far as moving with your young children into a new home is concerned.

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Before you move

  • Family meeting: Call for a family meeting and talk about the moving plans with your kids if they are old enough to understand what your plans are. Make sure they are involved in making decisions on how and when to move to your new home.
  • Visit your new home: Take the time to visit your new home with your kids, let them get to know the place ahead of time so that they can familiarize themselves with the new environment.
  • Get them books: One thing you can do to help your kids when you plan to move is to get the storybooks on moving houses and schools in order to prepare their minds for the likely experience.
  • Be organized: Try as much as possible to be organized, this will help to keep the impact your move will have on the kids as low as possible. Schedule your packing, loading, and unloading systematically so that there are no issues. Above all make sure you plan ahead.
  • Start on time: Start the whole moving task as early as possible. Avoid leaving things to be done till the last minute.

During the move

  • Make arrangement for a picnic basket with tea and sandwiches so that you don’t have to be doing all that when it is time to take a break. When foods and drinks are readily available, the kids are happier and will not disturb you when they need to eat because they have enough to eat and drink during the move.
  • Get fresh sheets in place so that you can easily put your bed together for everyone on the first night so that you all can have a comfortable place to sleep and rest after the stress and journey to your new home.
  • Make all tools and screws needed to easily put beds together are handy. Put bolts and screws in a ziplock bag and attach it to the bed frames.
  • Get the kid’s room ready and see this as a matter of priority as they need to be comfortable even on the first night.
  • In order to make the move less stressful or keep them out of danger, you can decide to move while the children are in daycare or in school so that they do not go underfoot.
  • Get a cleaner to clean your old house and also get the new home in shape before your arrival.

Tips for moving house with your kids

1. Get the kids involved

Make sure you get your kids involved in your move, let them be aware of the onset, prepare their minds on what to expect and on what is expected of them. Doing this will not only be beneficial to their understanding of what is happening alone but it will also serve as a way of educating them about what moving and preparation on moving entails.

Take them along when you visit your new home, let them join you in searching for moving boxes, arranging the contents in the boxes, let them help with the sorting, wrapping, and engage them by talking to them about things that pertain to your new home as they join you in doing all these.

2. Have first night boxes

Your first night boxes should house essential items that you will need when you arrive at your new home, including items that you will also need in the first morning.

Items that should be in your first night boxes should include cutlery, plates, kettle, mugs, soap, toothbrush, tea, milk, butter, toaster, bath wash, favorite books, and your kid’s favorite toys among others. This will help you to easily settle in your new home on arrival.

3. Label your items

For easy identification of your items, make sure you label all boxes based on their contents, and also number the rooms in your new home appropriately so that items can be put in the right rooms.

Get a permanent marker to label the boxes and also indicate which room the items in the boxes will be unloaded on the boxes.

Proper labeling will save you a whole lot of stress as you will not start to be looking for items because the boxes were not properly labeled or because items are placed in the wrong room.

4. Get your packing materials

Make sure you get all your packing materials ahead of time to avoid last-minute rush. Get your enough boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, and packing paper ready.

5. Pack your children’s room last

You don’t want to unsettle your kids before you move. Hence, it is important that their room is where you round up the packing, let them still have access to a few of their favorite toys before they are packed into the truck.

If you don’t want to get distracted, let them have a few of their items still available to get them busy while you focus on things to be done. If they don’t have their toys or things to get them engaged, they will come calling for you and this could be a big distraction for you as a parent.

6. Consider setting up your child’s room as a priority

As an adult, you can make do with a make-shift bed and a few other things that you can put together on your own but children require more than just that. They need to be as comfortable as possible, even on the first night.

Kids need more, set up their rooms as fully as possible, with the toys in the right places, use their familiar blankets with their favorite books for bedtime available.

Make the room look as much as their former room in the old house, this will make them happy and also feel at home.

7. Be patient at bedtime

You have to be patient with your kids at bedtime, knowing fully well that it is a new home and it could be hard for them to come to terms with the reason why it’s just not looking like what they are used to.

Speak to them, gently, cuddle, and make them comfortable while you put them to sleep. If you are not gentle with them on this first night, it may add to their anxiety. Break some bedtime rules at least for that night just to make sure they are comfortable.

8. Handle it with maturity

Moving house with kids can be complex especially if it was due to a negative reason. Then it can be emotional, frustrating, and exhausting, try as much as possible not to make this reflect on your face as you handle the kids so that you don’t transfer the negative feelings to them.

Be mature about the way you handle the whole thing regardless of what led to the move and the stress it has had to put you through.

9. Get them a “house warming” present

In order to make your kids happy, you may consider, getting them a present in the form of a new book or new toy. Unwrap the present as you make them feel relaxed on their bed in other to ease them into the new environment.

10. Arrange childcare on moving day

Arrange childcare for your kids on the move day, this will help to take care of them and prevent them from seeing their room being taking apart piece-by-piece.

It can be confusing for them to see such a thing happen. Hence, it will be a good idea to arrange alternative childcare for them on your move day.

11. Arrange a pre-move visit

One way to make things a lot easier for your kids when you are planning to move is to arrange a pre-move visit to your new home with your kids. This will enable them to get an idea of what the new home is like especially if you are moving within the state and not across the state.

For toddlers, you don’t want to change their daily routine all of a sudden, you need to gradually ease them into a new system and a way to do this is by paying a visit to the new home and talk to them about the new home. It is important that you keep the familiarity and similarity of the new home and old home as unchanged as possible.

12. Talk to them

There is a lot to talk about when you are moving to a new home. Make sure you talk to your children about what their new home will look like, and why it is going to be better than the current one.

Make them understand that moving is just to get things even better, exciting, and fun all the way. Tell them about the new environment, the neighborhood, and the fun things they will enjoy in their new environment. Take them along to visit the new home and introduce them to the surroundings if possible.

13. Let your children say their good-byes

Allow your children to say their goodbyes to friends around, it can be fun for them just to see a few of their friends before eventually leaving.

Hence, you can take them around the house to say their goodbyes to neighbors and friends, take a few pictures or even record videos and document them.

This can help to keep memories alive, if you are moving to an entirely new city, you can take pictures of their favorite spots around just to enable them to have the memory of what the city used to look like and where they used to go.

14. Research moving companies

Do your due diligence to research moving companies around who can help you to have a seamless relocation. There are several of them around, read reviews about them and ask friends and families who recently move for any recommendations.

Request quotes from these out of state movers and cut down the list based on the quote and those who you think will offer you the best moving experience. It is important that you engage the services of the best cross country movers if you are moving cross country or the best interstate movers if you are moving within states or from one state to another state.

The success of your move is dependent on how well your movers are able to handle the entire moving process and as a result of this, you have to take your time to ensure you hire the best movers so that you will have no regrets whatsoever.

15. Childproof your new home

The safety of your kids is important and as such, you should put special attention to safety when you move with your children.

Set up your toddler’s room first by unpacking the boxes that contain all their essential items. Childproof the entire home to ensure that your kids are safe.

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