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Top 10 Cities To Live In Colorado 2022

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Top 10 Cities To Live In Colorado 2021's
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Understand that you are not the only one planning a move to Colorado. The state is indeed the seventh-fastest growing state in the United States.

If you are moving to Colorado and looking for the best cities to live in, this guide will help you choose right. The thriving job market, outdoor activities, and great weather are some of the reasons Colorado is a great place to live in the United States.

Some of the cities in Colorado stand out from the multitude. If you are starting from scratch and excited to live in Colorado, these are the best locations to live in Colorado.

How We Chose the Best Cities to Live in Colorado

We researched the data of the most populous cities in the state of Colorado, all of which are found east of the mountains towards Interstate 25. While your definition of a perfect city may be different from another person’s, there are popular cities that everyone searches for when looking for a new place to live.

Below is a quick look into the important factors that helped our research for the best cities in Colorado to call home: 

  • Affordability: Buying or renting a home is generally the first expense on everyone’s list. We evaluated the cost of living of each state and compared it with its median salary per week.
  • Safety: To like a city, you need to be sure you are safe. We evaluated per capita statistics on property crime and violent crime incidents in the biggest Colorado cities.
  • Job market: We checked the city-level unemployment data of the Bureau of Labor Statistics from the fall of 2020 to catch a better sense of how each of these cities has bounced back from the initial effects of the CVID-19 pandemic in early 2020. Together with having a job, we also looked into the amount of time it takes daily to get from and to work (if you have to be there, that is) depending on median commute times from the Census Bureau.
  • Education attainment: Education means achievement, so we considered the Census Data on the number of residents with bachelor’s degrees in all these areas.
  • Culture: Everyone has different preferences about what to do when they are not working, so our cultural metrics are dependent on determining the opportunities to do, see, and experience these cities depending on arts and entertainment listings as well as food and dining establishments. It is important to understand that an outdoor culture – biking, hiking, and adventuring is ingrained in all these places, with easy access to national forests and national parks.

If you are considering making Colorado your new home, we recommend that you consider these cities below. While each city is different, they all offer similar amazing surroundings and fresh mountain air.

1. Colorado Springs

With a lot of outdoor activities and a thriving employment market, Colorado Springs is beyond one of the best locations to reside near the Rocky Mountains. It also ranked top of our list of best locations to reside across the whole country. Popularly referred to as ‘The Springs’ by locals, the city experienced the brutality of the pandemic in 2020 and is projected for a huge recovery with big development plans shortly, including a 3.7 million-sq-ft Amazon fulfillment center (and maybe two more questions from the retail giant) and a brand new soccer stadium for the Colorado Springs Switchbacks.

All that action is beginning to make headwinds for those buying homes, though: as of the start of December 2020, the median sales price in Colorado Springs has increased by over 18% since the last year, according to Redfin, a real estate brokerage.   

2. Boulder

Popularly known as the entrance to the Rocky Mountains, Boulder is one of the best locations to reside in Colorado. The city has 20 craft breweries and several foodie-approved restaurants in it. It is also where the University of Colorado is found. New residents will enjoy the vibrancy and welcoming of this college town. Boulder scores high marks for its lots of amenities and great schools with low crime rates on AreaVibes.

Are you an outdoor, charming community and friendly people lover? Boulder may be your best destination. Dan Buettner, a National Geographic author, and longevity professional, recently tagged Boulder as the Happiest City in America. Adding to the factors include diets, their involvements in their communities, how frequent they go on holiday, how convenient it is to walk around or bike around, and even the frequency of their visit to the dentist.

3. Fort Collins

This city is where Larimer County is located and closer to Windsor. Fort Collins’ population is 167,633, which makes it one of the most populous locations on this list. Colorado State University hosts about 33,000 students to whom it gives education of the highest quality. In addition, institutions like the Fort Collins Lincoln Center and the Fort Collins Museum offer different events for the entire residents to enjoy.

The Colorado Marathon is held yearly in Fort Collins, bringing various runners who compete for the trophy. It is also where many high-tech companies, entertainment, and tasty breweries are located. Fort Collins is rated A+ by AreaVibes for its easy amenities and high marks for its low crime rates

4. Denver

Claiming the leading spot in our list of best cities for beer lovers, the capital city continues to make its visitors and locals happy. It is one of the top 5 cities for breweries and bars per capita, Zuni Street Brewing Co. and Woods Boss Brewing Company may not be up to it, but they sure are on their way up. If you are looking to move to Denver, you are making the right decision. In 2016, Denver ranked in the leading 10 fastest growing cities in the United States.

Young people are relocating there in great numbers, so it is clear we had a difficult time selecting its best neighborhoods for the young demographics. Apart from those, some of the other great neighborhoods to select from are found in Denver. The city is also where professional sports teams like Broncos (NFL), Rockies (MLB), Avalanche (NHL), and the Nuggets (NBA) are located. It is also a destination for arts and culture in Colorado.

There are 7 arts districts in Denver, and each organizes its own First Friday art walk. Also, the beautiful, totally outdoor Red Rocks Amphitheater is only 15-miles west and hosts some of the place’s best concerts. It is no wonder it is a strong contender as one of the best places to live in Colorado.    

If you are moving to Denver, check out our list of the Best  Moving Companies in Denver

5. Castle Rock

This city is home to 59,337 people, and it is found in Douglas County, not far from Denver and Colorado Springs. Lots of schools, two libraries, the Castle Rock Historical Museum, as well as the Sri Venkateswara Temple make the culture of this town and education amazing. Castle Rock has won a lot of great awards as one of the best places to reside and start a family in the country, and many other categories.

The amazing town of Castle Rock offers a lot of things to love about living in Colorado to newcomers. The city is famous for its leading shopping and dining, including its lots of outdoor recreational opportunities and great parks. The affluent town scores high marks from AreaVibes for its varieties of amenities, much lower crime rates, and good household income. 

6. Littleton

This is another suburb of Denver and is a nice place to settle down roots. The city is far from the stress and bustle of downtown Denver but still desires a short commuting distance. This makes it a brilliant location for young families with parents who work around downtown. As regards commuting, the RTD light rail travels to Denver much easier.

Downtown Littleton offers a different look and feel. This area will accept you back to another time with its historic feel. The shops and restaurants are perfect for the ambiance too. Boutique clothing, great eateries, and antique stores filled the streets.

It wouldn’t be a city in Colorado if the outdoor activities were nothing to write about. Roxborough State Park is the ideal location to be for a hike or run. This state park is made of 4,000 acres of trails and nature bordered by great red rock formations.

7. Lakewood

This is one of the best cities in Lakewood and is just a brief drive from Denver and offers an amazing outdoor escape from the city. It is home to one of the coolest regional parks (Bear Creek Lake Park) you will ever find. Imagine this: 2,600 acres of large open space with campgrounds, a lake for swimming and floating, and hiking and equestrian trails.

Add the amazing view of the surrounding mountains to that and you will obtain a feel for what Bear Creek Lake Park is offering. The Belmar Downtown Shopping District was completed in 2004 and is where Lakewood residents storm for shopping, entertainment, and dining options. The development contains 80 shops, 20 bars and restaurants, and music, art, and seasonal festivals.

Lakewood is also filled with few well-kept golf courses and is a brief, 20-minute drive to Golden, Colorado, where Coors Brewery is located. Make sure you watch a show at the Red Rocks Amphitheater; which is located in Lakewood.

8. Greeley

This is where the University of Northern Colorado is located, and the town’s economy is deeply rooted in the agriculture industry, with about 30% of jobs in the nearby economy tied to agriculture-related products. While it is one of the cheapest cities in Colorado, the secret about cheap living may be exploring outdoor.

Greeley was as of 2019 the third fastest-developing metro area in the country, as contained in the Census Bureau data. Greeley’s cultural scene is not as mature as other cities on this list, but it offers its signature flavors.

The city prides itself on a collection of over 500 pieces of public art, and the Greeley Creative District is offering arts in the city. The city is also famous for celebrating the yearly Greeley Stampede, which plans to make a comeback this summer after it has been canceled in 2020.

9. Longmont

This is a suburb of Boulder County and it has a lot to offer. Boulder receives so much love in the media; Longmont is surely on the rise. Many mentioned that it is turning into a sister city to Boulder. If you just graduated and hunting for a carrier in tech, a lot of startups have relocated to Longmont. Those that major in STEM will especially find numerous opportunities here. As regards tech, if you are a gamer or an internet user, this is the perfect city for you.

Longmont’s internet speed is one of the fastest in the country, ranked by PC Mag. It has NextLight; its personal fiber option internet service. This is something you possibly won’t find everywhere. Longmont also has a lot of outdoor recreation to explore. For hiking, residents of Longmont go to Robert Mountain.

You will find many trails of all difficulties in this place, which makes it a nice destination for experienced hikers and families. Rocky Mountain National park is also not far. This world-famous national park is one of the most scenic and fascinating locations in the United States.    

10. Louisville

Located in Boulder County, this city continues to tell the story of nearby towns and cities on this list. It is home to 21,224 residents and one of the least populated places on our list. However, this did not stop it from a lot of awards as one of the best 100 places to reside in the country for many years within the past 10 years.

Quality education and employment opportunities make this small town much attractive for all young couples. It is indeed worth considering when considering the perfect place to begin a family. This Denver suburb offers the ease and amenities of the big city to families residing in a small, safe environment.

Louisville is one of the best lacs in the United States for parents of school-age kids. Public schools are top-rated, parks are in abundanc, and entertainment options are first-rate. The suburb is given high marks by AreaVibes for its plentiful amenities, low crime rates, great schools, and high household income.


Together with the above cities, there are many other smaller cities in Colorado where you may find your unique definition of an ideal home with great mountain air and a small-town feel.

If you decide to make one of the cities your next home, you may need to hire professionals to take care of your move. Luckily for you, the extensive network of moving companies from and its reliable movers make a booking of the best moving company easier for your job.

All long distance movers in our network are perfectly insured and licensed so you can be certain that your move will be handled properly.

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