Top 5 Neighborhoods In NYC?

Get info on the top 5 neighborhoods in NYC and learn what you need to know before calling NYC movers and moving to the city.
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Top 5 Neighborhoods In NYC
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If you have a family, the best place in NYC is located in the Upper West Side in Manhattan, though this area is on the expensive side. For others, the West Village and Chelsea in Manhattan are fantastic options.

Finding the right home in New York City can be a demanding task because of how many options there are – even with help from moving companies NYC. You can look for information on neighborhoods on search engines, but it’s difficult to really get to know the neighborhood simply by looking at its statistics. We’ve made things simple by breaking down the top 5 neighborhoods in NYC, so you can find the right place and start contacting NYC movers.

Before getting into the specifics of our top 5 New York City neighborhoods, let’s look at some things you should know about the city if you plan to make a permanent move.

Things to Know About Moving to NYC

It’s Expensive

New York City is usually at the top of most lists of the most expensive places to live in the United States. This is one of the reasons it is so common to see individuals with roommates. Bills, groceries, and activities are all a bit more expensive than you’re likely accustomed to (unless you’re moving from a city like San Francisco).

There Are Broker’s Fees

When renting an apartment in NYC, you will come across something known as a broker’s fee. This fee is equal to a portion of your rent each year, but you can avoid this fee by moving in with someone else living in the city. There are apartments available without a broker’s fee, but competition is extremely fierce.

Downsizing is Necessary

If you plan on having NYC movers haul a bunch of furniture and belongings to your apartment, you’re going to be disappointed. NYC apartments are typically on the smaller side, so you will either need to get rid of many things you don’t need or put them in a storage unit until you move into a larger space using national moving companies.

Cars Aren’t Necessary

More than half of the people living in NYC don’t own a car, and there’s good reason for that. State-to-state movers will tell you that moving around the city in a car is often tedious, as there is a lot of traffic and parking in many places (if you can find it) will cost you. Most people walk, use a bike, or take advantage of public transportation like the subway.

NYC Has 5 Boroughs

The five boroughs of NYC are Brooklyn, the Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island, and Queens. Every borough is filled with its own neighborhoods and has its own culture and quirkiness. The largest of the boroughs is Queens and the most expensive is Manhattan. Staten Island can only be reached by boat from Manhattan, but a bridge connects the borough to Brooklyn.

With all of this information in your brain, it’s time to look at the top 5 neighborhoods to live in NYC.

1. West Village

The West Village in Manhattan is one of the best places to visit and establish roots in NYC. Even though the area is known for celebrity sightings and chic boutiques, you’ll find that it’s still low-key and relaxing. Taking a walk down the streets cobbled in stone and gazing at cafes as you pass by gives you a sense of being away from the city.

This quiet little neighborhood is a bit of a break from the city without ever leaving it, which is great for those who crave quiet without sacrificing access to all the fun and excitement NYC has to offer. Things are quite active during the day, so there’s a lot to do, but things get quiet at night – this means a lot of good sleep for you.

2. Chelsea

Chelsea is one of the best places to be if you enjoy places with a lot going on. The Manhattan neighborhood is filled with spots to explore and just hang out, like antique shops and art galleries. There are also great restaurants and lounges to enjoy, not to mention dive bars and even a speakeasy for those that love the nightlife.

The Chelsea Market is another fascinating find in this area, where you can search for whatever you’d like. If you like walking, take a trip to the High Line, which is a park that was previously an old train track. There’s no shortage of activities to fill your days in Chelsea.

3. Williamsburg

In Brooklyn, you’ll find a neighborhood called Williamsburg. It’s a bit of a hipster hideaway, with plenty of interesting restaurants to try as well as coffee shops and unique clothing stores. Much of the appeal of this neighborhood comes from its vibe, which is a bit eccentric.

Williamsburg is located pretty close to Manhattan, is on the affordable side, and there are lots of bars and highly rated restaurants to try. The Smorgasburg market is also in the neighborhood and music shows can be seen throughout the year.

Fun Fact: The cost to move out of NYC is often more expensive than living in Williamsburg.

4. Upper East Side

If you’re looking for a family friendly area, Manhattan’s Upper East Side is the place to be. Although generally not known for being affordable, it is a hugely desirable area of the city to live in with top-notch private schools, playgrounds and any number of museums to visit, which means there’s no shortage of knowledge and art right at your doorstep.

Because of the young adult scene in the area as well, the nightlife is quite active and the restaurants are something you just have to try.

5. Harlem

Harlem is one neighborhood that, like NYC itself, has gotten a bad reputation. However, this doesn’t represent the modern city – it’s one of the trendiest neighborhoods in NYC. The culture is deeply rooted in African American history and the live music is something that can only be found in Harlem.

Frequently Asked Questions

What NYC neighborhood is best if you’re just visiting on a budget?

If you’re visiting NYC but have a strict budget, some of the most inexpensive places are located outside of Manhattan. Astoria and Williamsburg are two of the best places for budget travelers, but you can also find affordable housing during your stay in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

Do I have to use the subway in NYC?

While it’s not required that you use the subway, this mode of travel is often more convenient than driving to a location and most New Yorkers are perfectly comfortable taking the subway. Just in case you ever need to use the subway, it’s a good idea to get familiar with subway maps. You could also take the bus to your destination, ride a bike, or walk.

Is New York City dangerous?

While some parts of the city get a bad reputation from TV shows and movies, it’s actually quite safe. The city has a lower per capita crime rate than the national average, so you should feel safe going about your daily life. There’s no need to constantly worry about muggings or anything of the sort. In fact, it may be safer there than in your own city.

Make NYC Your New Home

Moving is a big decision, but if you’re ready to take the leap then go for it! We’ve provided you with all of the information you need to know when moving to The Big Apple and outlined some of the best features in the top 5 neighborhoods to live in the city – the rest is up to you.

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