International Moving Companies
To get a trustworthy mover for your move, not minding the size and your location, the company with the most reputation is the better moving company to hire. We put together a list of our best recommendations for your use.
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International Moving Companies of 2020
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Trusted International Moving Companies of United States

Moving to another country can be a tremendous life-changing adventure. But sometimes, it can get out of our control just like many other life-changing experiences, and we shouldn’t hesitate to get help from others.

Nowadays, there are many national movers and long-distance moving companies all across the US in different sizes and shapes. Family-owned-and-operated moving companies are commonly known in small towns and counties.

This is major because they know the owners and know that they won’t regret trusting them with their moves. 

Top 3 Recommended International Moving Companies

Allied Van Lines - Top 3 Recommended International Moving Companies
Pricing Van Lines - Top 3 Recommended International Moving Companies
United Van Lines - Top 3 Recommended International Moving Companies
Allied Van Lines - Top 3 Recommended International Moving Companies

Allied Van Lines

Pricing Van Lines - Top 3 Recommended International Moving Companies

Pricing Van Lines

United Van Lines - Top 3 Recommended International Moving Companies

United Van Lines


However, many of us have to face the challenges that come with finding highly reputable top-rated national moving companies to hire.

Check the list of international movers that have managed to hold their quality services and maintain a positive reputation by providing top-notch country to the country moving services at Moving APT. 

10 Best International Moving Companies of 2021's

These companies make sure that your international move runs smoothly by keeping your stuff safe and making sure they have the necessary customs forms.

We will talk about the strengths and weaknesses of these top-rated international moving companies. You will be able to concentrate on more important things when you hire reputable movers.

Below are the best 10 international moving companies that will handle all your heavy lifting.

1. Allied Van Lines

This complete moving company has many years of experience that makes it a beautiful option for big international moves. Allied sits at the top of the list of best full-service moving companies in the US because of its great professionalism, experience, and varieties of services.

The company’s international relocation services also enjoy these qualities, and this makes it a brilliant choice if you are financially capable.

The team of international movers at Allied is ready to offer you guidance on planning and customs. The company can provide a unique and customized service at a wider range because the customers will deal with one point of contact each.

Allied Van Lines - 10 Best International Moving Companies of 2021

Overall Rating 4.9 / 5

Allied Van Lines - 10 Best International Moving Companies of 2021



2. Pricing Van Lines

If you’re moving overseas, Pricing Van Lines will connect you with the most reliable international movers around. They are equipped with professional movers who are knowledgeable in planning international moves. Pricing Van Lines is highly connected with reliable agents across the globe to make your national move stress-free. They will send professional packers to your door to provide you with excellent packing.

When compared with other brokers in the industry, it was discovered that their movers are second to none in offering excellent and affordable national moving services.

Not only will they give you excellent service, but they’ll do it for a price that’ll never be beaten! If you are planning your international move, let Pricing Van Lines plan with you.

Pricing Van Lines - 10 Best International Moving Companies of 2021

Overall Rating 4.8 / 5

Pricing Van Lines - 10 Best International Moving Companies of 2021



3. United Van Lines

United Van Lines’ headquarters is in Fenton, Missouri, and is one of the biggest national movers in the United States currently. It has a large network of cross country and long-distance moving companies’ services over 400 agents in different places around the United States.

This cross-country moving company specializes in different types of moves which include storage services, moving containers, full-service moving, corporate moves, as well as international moving.

Check out United Van Lines for every of your move such as learning a new language, finding a new, good school for your children, and so on, if your plan is to leave everything to your mover’s hand.

United Van Lines - 10 Best International Moving Companies of 2021

Overall Rating 4.7 / 5

United Van Lines - 10 Best International Moving Companies of 2021



4.International Van Lines

This moving company can save you a few amounts of dollars on your international move. Check out international Van Lines.

International Van Lines is not as big as other international moving companies, but it does focus on its specialization and manages to keep its international moving prices below average. The company is indeed a full-service mover that offers shipping of boats, cars, containers, and other shipments through air freight or ocean transport.

All these are in addition to its normal moving services such as long-distance home and business moves. International van Lines is able to stay ahead of the competition because of this flexibility and also attracts different sizes of businesses and individuals all across the globe.

International Van Lines - 10 Best International Moving Companies of 2021

Overall Rating 4.6 / 5

International Van Lines - 10 Best International Moving Companies of 2021



5. North American Van Lines

This company is your best option if you do not want to take chances with the safety of your valuable items. North American is a respected brand both at home and abroad. The company has representatives both in America and also in over 175 countries across the globe.

Customers of North American praised the company for the excellent long-distance moving service it offers. Many of their previous customers still hire the company’s service over and over. It is normal to feel nervous when allowing strangers to handle your valuable things.

However, even though North American movers are also strangers, you at least know that they’ve gone through relevant to carefully and safely handle your belongings from the start of the move up to completion. And if accidentally something unexpected like damage happens to your items, you know quite well that North American has got you covered.

North American Van Lines - 10 Best International Moving Companies of 2021

Overall Rating 4.5 / 5

North American Van Lines - 10 Best International Moving Companies of 2021



6. Mayflower International Moving

Mayflower International Moving is one of the leading international movers in the country with its moving experts that take care of immigration, logistics, and housing. Moving experts answer your questions related to local culture and customs of the destination country.

The company has been in the moving business for over 8 decades and has been moving families and individuals nationwide since 1927. Mayflower is widely known for offering excellent services at competitive and reasonable prices.

With over 500 representatives and 650 locations, the company currently offers top-notch moving plans for safely packing and shipment loading. The Precise Track and MayTrack from Mayflower enable customers to keep stock and track their belongings. The company’s online claim process is also one of our favorites.

Mayflower International Moving - 10 Best International Moving Companies of 2021

Overall Rating 4.5 / 5

Mayflower International Moving - 10 Best International Moving Companies of 2021



7. Arpin Van Lines

This moving company is privately owned and focuses its operation on internal and international moving and storage services.

Born out of the Arpin Group, Arpin Van Lines has its headquarters located in Rhode Island and has more than 330 local agents and service locations all around the world.

With its existence in the moving industry for over 10 decades now, Arpin’s customers’ testimonials of their expertise and passion for the moving job are encouraging.

Arpin Van Lines services Germany, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Australia, India, China, Singapore, the United States, and the Middle East. It charges many thousands of dollars for international relocation.

Arpin Van Lines -10 Best International Moving Companies of 2021

Overall Rating 4.4 / 5

Arpin Van Lines -10 Best International Moving Companies of 2021



8. Atlas Van Lines

This company is a subsidiary of the Atlas World Group which specializes in delivery and transport services across the whole world. The headquarters of Atlas Van Lines is situated in Evansville, Indiana with its number of agents over 500 across the globe.

Atlas Van Lines personalizes its services to cater for its customers’ needs by giving more focus to details to make sure their household goods are successfully moved to their destination address.

Atlas Van Lines also offer transportation services of items like exhibitions, fine art, store fixtures, electronics, and other valuable items.

Atlas Van Lines also perform well in specialized Transportation Services which involves hauling special products such as electronics, fine art, store fixtures, exhibitions, and many more aside from its moving services.

Atlas Van Lines - 10 Best International Moving Companies of 2021

Overall Rating 4.3 / 5

Atlas Van Lines - 10 Best International Moving Companies of 2021



9. FlatRate Moving

FlatRate was established in 1991, and is the most experienced and recommended mover in New York. It started the comprehensive moving pricing system, which has influenced the way you relocate across the town, country, and the whole world.

The company now controls 9 franchises found in major cities across the United States and the whole world. They provide their clients with a personalized moving plan and send a highly-trained team of moving experts that are ready to take charge of every aspect of the move.

Some of their services include local moving, long-distance moving, cross-country moving, packing and unpacking services, office relocation, international relocation as well as elite moving. This company is one of the best movers we have in the country.

FlatRate Moving - 10 Best International Moving Companies of 2021

Overall Rating 4.2 / 5

FlatRate Moving - 10 Best International Moving Companies of 2021



10. Bekins

Bekins Van Lines was started in 1891 and is a moving company that centralizes its services in various kinds of moves including international moves. Bekins has partners in other countries that can simplify your residential moves to various international borders.

The company will arrive at your home or business and conduct an on-site estimate of your international move free of charge. Their employees speak more than 37 different languages and have lived in over 50 countries of the world, so they offer experience and expertise with their moving services.

Bekins develops a comprehensive plan to make sure your moving experience with them is as smooth and sweet as possible. They appreciate you informing them to begin taking an inventory at least three to four months before your big international move.

Bekins - 10 Best International Moving Companies

Overall Rating 4.1 / 5

Bekins - 10 Best International Moving Companies



The Following Table Displays The Best International Moving Companies:

No. Best International Moving Companies of 2021'sWebsite
1.Allied Van
2.Pricing Van
3.United Van
4.International Van
5.North American Van
6.Mayflower International
7.Arpin Van
8.Atlas Van

Average Cost of International Move

We understand that question of how much your international move could cost probably needs an urgent answer.

Your savings will be put through many risks as you have never experienced during your international move.

So you definitely need to figure out how international moving costs are being calculated as that is when you can know what steps to take to reduce the moving costs possibly.

You probably know how to get cost estimates from the best international movers, so we will go straight to the major factors that affect the price you are being quoted by your movers and what you can do about it.   

Factors that affect the Price of an International Move

Below is a list of major factors influencing the international moving price from or to the United States:

1. The mover itself:

Each international mover provides its independent rate, so you have to request moving quotes from four to five different international movers to understand the basic charges.

You may not be able to make effective price comparisons when you opt for the international moving company that gives you a quote or the first mover that conducts an in-home estimate for you.

This may deprive you of getting the right mover that works for your specific international moving needs. 

2. The Distance to the other Country:

The distance of the destination country to your origin country will make a great difference in price. Generally, the greater the distance moving, the higher the moving cost should be based on the increasing costs of transportation.

However, the distance between the two countries is constant, so your cost-saving effort should be concentrated on moving fewer household items. 

3. The Weight and Cubic Measurement of Your belongings:

Just as mentioned earlier, you should be realistic with whatever items you plan to move with you to the overseas country.

Typically, moving bulky and heavy household belongings internationally is never a good idea because of the cost of their move, which might cause a major blow to your finance.

Instead, purchasing that stuff is way better and cheaper once you get to the overseas country and settle into a new home.  

4. Extra Moving Services:

Every additional service you choose will cost you extra. Talk to your international moving companies with additional moving services that may be required and the amount they charge for each service.

Some international movers offer discounted packaged services, for instance, free packing supplies when you add packing services, so ensure you get everything in writing when requesting cost estimates from the international movers.

Services that can influence your International Moving Cost

The averages, as mentioned above, are just to give you a general clue on what you might be charged on your international move.

There are some factors that may affect the overall cost of transportation. We strongly advise that you speak with an agent to get more details of the breakdown of your charges.

Check the load sizes of various containers here. 

  • Packing: You can choose to pack yourself or hire professional packers at a cost. Packing can play a major role in the entire cost of your international move. Read articles on tip to pack for international relocation.
  • Self-loading: If you are transporting your household items in a container then you can take your time to load the container yourself on your property to reduce the cost of shipping.
  • Service: Shipping from port to port will not be as expensive as a full door-to-door service, but we still suggest you speak with a representative to make sure this is the right service for you.
  • Size: The amount of stuff you are bringing with you on an international move has a great significance on the average cost of your move. You can reduce your belongings’ size to save costs. Read about charity organizations that will pick up your donated stuff for free.
Pro Tips

Pro Tips

Make sure your international moving cost is estimated correctly to get the best relocation price. Get in-home moving estimates from several best international moving companies.

Choosing and Hiring the Best International Moving Company

An international move can be really adventurous, whether it is being done for your business or home. Regardless, it is important to choose the right moving company as your partner for your international move as it involves many challenges.

Even though there are many international moving companies out there that could handle your move nicely, choosing the wrong mover could cause more problems on the move than normal.

Below are some tips for finding the best and right international mover for your family or business to move to another country: 

Reputation Matters

You have to consider the reputation of an international moving company before you hire for your move.

The Better Business Bureau and some genuine online review sites are a good starting point for finding out the reputations of a moving company among previous customers.

These online resources can help in making a well-informed decision. Ask for reference for someone who has made an international move in time past.  

Get a Head Start

International moves are more complicated than domestic moves due to numerous reasons. You will need to schedule shipping for all your household items, whether by air or sea aside from customs and much paperwork to attend to.

The arrangements involve a long process, and that is why we advise that you start planning your international move as early as possible.

Avoid thinking you have all the time in the world and thus plan to start just a few weeks to the big move to hire a mover.   

Look for Certain Experience

Even though many moving companies will apply for your international move, almost all of them have the required experience for your specific move.

Hiring them without finding out is a huge risk to your entire move. Ensure your preferred company is experienced in handling and completing international moves.  

Mandate Customs Expertise

Make sure the international mover you are hiring is well experienced and knowledgeable in terms of customs formalities and regulations of your destination country.

You will be given all the expected charges, which include custom duties, and port fees, and the paperwork needed for a hitch-free custom clearance by a reputable international moving company.

However, you may also need to speak directly with the local agent who will take care of the customs clearance of your belongings. Make sure you check very well with your local consulate or embassy. 

Get a Free Quote

Enter Moving Details and Get your Moving Quote in Seconds.

Get at least 3 International Moving Estimates

You may enjoy your international moving experience with the first international mover that comes your way. However, this can only be determined when you compare that mover against other moving companies.

Get a minimum of three international moving quotes from reputable international movers before your conclusion.

Your international home or business move might be the most significant changes you will ever experience in your life. We understand you want to be sure of the smooth execution of the big change.

You will be left with no anxiety on your moving process when you hire an experienced and reputable international mover.  

Know-How to identify Red Flags

Any size of a move can go wrong because of the unprofessional act displayed by a mover. International movers are also caught in this act, and you need to know how to identify warning signals that will indicate that you take your moving elsewhere.

Do not hire any international mover that requests for a large advance cash deposit or the one that arrives at your home with a rented moving vehicle. Lastly, avoid any international mover that present fake performance records. 

Benefits of hiring an International Moving Company

Benefits of hiring an International Moving Company

What exactly are the features that make a moving company one of the top ten reliable nationwide movers? Trust is a major factor that grows over time. Credibility can only be established when a moving company offers significant and excellent customer service for many years.

Moving companies that handle personal belongings with care also earn customers’ recommendations. 

Below are some other benefits of hiring one of the reliable national movers:

1. Pack it up:

You should know that packing alone takes about 25% of your relocation expenses. You will buy packing supplies and pay the moving company to pack your belongings, thus, significantly affecting your moving budget.

Knowing that you have to choose a reliable international mover that has a good reputation for packing and organizing customers’ belongings.

A reliable nationwide moving company will have the relevant and required resources as well as the experience needed for its team members to accurately pack and store your items if needed.

2. Modern Tracking Systems:

National movers often install the latest tracking systems to make sure every move can be tracked for timely completion.

The companies not only keep a close tab on the progress of the move but also send real-time alerts to customers to notify them of the current location and status of their belongings as well as the estimated time of delivery.

Communication is very important for the successful completion of a move, as well as an effective tracking system that ensures client receive their part of the information.

3. Familiarity with the National Road and Highway System:

Let us consider that you are trying to save money by hiring a local moving company for an interstate or international move.

Can you be certain that the local mover is familiar with the roads and highways that lead to the destination state you are moving to? It is not really certain that a local mover in Hawaii knows how to navigate New York roads and highways in the middle of rush hour.

The ten top-rated 2021 nationwide movers go through local maps to find out the easiest route to move from one point to another. Alternative routes give you the opportunity to skip traffics and get to your destination in time.

4. Peace of Mind Insurance:

Even though your hired international mover doesn’t aim at damaging your household belongings, there is still the chance of an accident during the move.

To avoid being left to face the consequences alone, we suggest you hire a reputable international moving company that offers affordable insurance coverage.

Big movers that service every part of the country are capable of offering comprehensive insurance coverage on damage or loss to your stuff financially. International moving companies also take some measures to protect your items from impact damage properly.

5. Responsive and Friendly Customer Service: 

Your customer service option gets limited when you hire a local mover for your national relocation. Many of the local movers don’t have what it takes to offer instant online customer support.

Our top ten trusted international moving companies have the financial capability to develop modern customer support web pages. They also spend the necessary money to give proper training to their customer service employees.

Get a Free Quote

Enter Moving Details and Get your Moving Quote in Seconds.

Who are the People that use International Movers?

International Students

Students that need to move their items to another country need international movers that can handle their belongings safely and deliver them to another country timely. 


Families who need to relocate to another country will basically decide whether to go with all their household goods or downsize a bit to purchase new items overseas. They also require an international mover that will gently treat their belongings and keep them organized for an easy move. 

Art dealers

Art dealers need to partner with sophisticated movers that are able to handle fragile and highly-expensive art pieces without bringing any damage to them. These are majorly specialized moving companies. 

Business Relocations

Many businesses decide to move their company to another country’s location. These types of relocation need special time consideration to avoid much downtime of the company during the move. 


Contact your international mover immediately you know that you are going to relocate to another country. Also, start thinking about sorting items to be disposed of, sold, donated, stored, ship by sea, moved by air, or sent to another family member before you leave.

You should determine these sections before you complete the pre-move inspection. Think about the goods that will make the move with you during the international move as the day draw nearer such as passports, valuables, medical document and record, medication, essential clothing, travel papers, school records, jewelry, and so on.

Verification of your moving company’s credentials is essential, especially for an international move.

Early preparation is the key element to a successful international relocation. You should be in contact with your international moving company at about seven to ten weeks before your desired moving date.

This will give enough time to verify paperwork requirements, advance booking of international shipping services, and advance talks with the agent at the destination country of the upcoming country-to-country shipment.

Apply common sense when determining the items to add in your country-to-country shipment. Do not pack perishable goods and any item that could leak during the move and cause great damage to other items surrounding it. Do not add any of the following: 

  • Paint, aerosol cans, canisters, matches, or other flammable hazardous materials
  • Materials like cement, wood, rocks, bricks, and soil of any type
  • Firearms and ammunition
  • Plants
  • Corrosive and explosives

Kindly consult your North American international moving agent as early as you can if you are not sure of what item to load and not to load in your international shipment.

This question when moving internationally can be answered base on your choice, and it will further lead to another question. Still, most often, customers are given choices to handle the packing of their entire belongings by international shipping and movers.

We always advise that you professionally pack your belongings as it will greatly help regardless of the moving method you choose. 

You may be sent a moving container at your residence for packing and loading which will be picked up thereafter if you are packing on your own, or have a local moving crew wrap, pack and pick up the shipment for you and hauled to your movers’ nearest location, or deliver your shipment to the warehouse of the mover that is moving your item to another country.

The last two options are most reasonable only if you are in close proximity to your moving company.

Answering your second part of the question, there is no actual need for special moving boxes; however, we recommend you use corrugated and sturdier boxes.

We recommend that you use new moving boxes if you are doing the packing by yourself because used or older boxes can break and expose the content to damage. You should also take caution when packing furniture if you are doing it by yourself as well.

All reputable international moving companies will be able to offer you coverage for your household and personal items during an overseas move. There is no standard coverage for international moves followed by international movers.

We, therefore, advise that you check any insurance policy to find out the level of the coverage, any exclusions, the number of deductibles, and the claim process in case there is a need for it.

Generally, you should consider the overall replacement cost of your household items and personal stuff in the destination country. The cost of living and price index data may be provided for you by some consulates and embassies for guidance.

Include as many as possible details in your international valuation document during filling. Make sure you note each item that has a high cost of replacement. It is better to have excessive information than not enough in this case.

Moving companies have created a large network of corporate international agents based on their service and experience quality. They have more than enough international representatives who work with them all around the globe. Their international offices and representatives provide relocation services and professionalism in these areas:  

  • Arrival port and procedures on custom clearance
  • Transportation from the port of arrival at the destination country
  • Short and long-term moving storage if needed
  • Delivery to residence
  • Full unpacking services
  • Removal of all packing materials as well as moving supplies.

Your international moving company should give you a contact sheet for the destination country before you leave. This will have information about who to contact upon arrival at your destination country on it.

They will give you the contact names and details of their office or agent in the overseas destination city when you relocate with them.

Usually, your information would have already been sent by them to their office or agent, and they will contact you upon arrival. Their online tracking tool is also perfect for real-time updates of your shipment.

We advise that you check your local embassy or consulate to confirm the documentation required to get a duty-free entry of used household belongings and personal items because the requirement usually change over time.

Although the list of recently updated documentation requirements will be available with a reputable international mover, you are still responsible for getting the accurate documentation for your specific situation.

This is determined by the type of moving services that you paid for. If you go for a door-to-door relocation, then you will have transportation charges on the estimated price given to you.

However, you will still be responsible for customs clearance charges as well as any relevant taxes or duties on your belongings even when you choose the door-to-door county-to-country move.

Go through your international moving quote with your mover’s agent to ensure you clearly understand the terms surrounding your quotation, especially when you are making a comparison between various service and price options.


We will be glad to share from your international moving experience, especially if you move with one of our top ten international movers listed in this article. Tell us how the move goes in the comment section provided below.

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