Ways To Relocate Heavy Furniture By Yourself

Is there no one to help you move heavy furniture? We have the best ways to relocate heavy objects alone to help you come up with a plan.
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Ways To Relocate Heavy Furniture By Yourself
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You likely have local moving companies who can help you move those furniture items that give you a nightmare. However, if you don’t know how to get the right moving help, or if you feel you can handle the task, continue reading as we reveal the technical-know-how. Would you not love to have the help of a professional each time you want to move? 

Although this may be perfect for you, it is possible that you find yourself tackling a move with no help from professionals, and that may include moving your heavy and large furniture yourself.

You should know that relocating heavy furniture by yourself doesn’t imply that you are actually moving it on your own, it just means that no professional is helping you out.

You will surely get help carrying the old heavy furniture and other household belongings down the stairs to the moving truck. 

However, the differences between getting help from a moving company and handling a move yourself with the help of friends, family or partners are clear. You will need good planning for when you have to tackle the move that involves moving heavy furniture from your current home to a new home.

Tips for relocating furniture to your new home, apartment, or just another room  

Get Help

You first need to know that you want to protect your furniture, household, and yourself. Begin to contact friends and family and check if you can get additional help. A huge difference can be made by an additional pair of hands. In case there are no volunteers available, consider searching through Moving Help to see the list of moving companies near you.  

Assess and Develop a Plan

The goal of moving heavy furniture is to do it as efficiently as possible. Create a list of every heavy object that needs to be loaded onto the moving truck and then find out what you need to load when, and where.

Generally, heavier items should be loaded toward the back of the moving truck bed and toward the sides to keep the load balanced and your household items safe.

That implies that you may be facing the heavy lifting from the start, and then use lighter boxes and small-sized items to fill in the spaces. Set priority on order; you will approach the items, keeping in mind that the biggest items are loaded first in the truck.

Although planning how to approach the task may be one of the recurring tasks on your list, it will save you enough time and effort than it would later when arranging all the heavy stuff on the truck. 

Gather your Equipment

Get plastic sliders to place underneath your furniture legs for easy sliding of a couch, table, or chair across the carpet or hardwood floors. You can also make use of moving straps to lower the weight strain.

According to Jade Phoenix of Severn, he said sliders are perfect for couches and dressers, and you can make lifting of the large chair easier by looping the arm straps below the seat of the chair, placing your arms through the holes to slide the chair by lifting adequate weight. 

Disassembling Furniture

Fortunately, many cross country moving companies will offer to take apart any furniture that might require it before moving. You just need to ask your local mover if this service is available. There are many basic things to know if you are handling the disassembling yourself.

Here are the essential things to know when disassembling furniture: 

  • When disassembling table legs: Reattach the bolts and nuts that were holding the leg in place after disassembly. This prevents missing screw cases.
  • Always make use of a screwdriver that has a magnetic head when removing the screw of flat-screen TV mounts as you can easily lose important screws.
  • Properly remove and pack up dresser mirrors. Special attention is required by irremovable dresser mirrors.
  • Dining room chairs are usually designed in a way that is easy to remove if needed. But if you have exposed screws or bolts on chairs, you may be able to take them apart. 

Protect Doorways and take off molding if needed

You can easily bump on doorways when moving big furniture items. Additional space can be created when you remove molding on the doorway so you can easily maneuver and also help against possible damage to the doorway. Using pads to cover furniture pieces will also help protect doorways. 

Moving up and Downstairs

Carrying large furniture items, especially heavy items down flight stairs, is very dangerous and, if not done properly and smartly, can damage your item or back. 

  • Be sure two or more of your strong friends are available to hold the item on the lower end of the stairs. Take each step at a time. Take time to rest if needed, just by laying the furniture item down on the stairs. Just be sure the furniture item is not sliding.
  • Be careful with walls, hanging light fixtures, and banisters.
  • You can easily forget everything while watching your feet. And that can include your knuckles.
  • Place a blanket below your furniture items when sliding it around floorings and corners.
  • Place a blanket on the floor to make the sliding process easier and avoid damage to the furniture item and/or the floor. For the carpeted floor, if the furniture item is heavier, or if the resting surface is not balanced, endeavor to walk the item forward with slowly and easily.  


Begin by looking at the wide network of local moving companies on Moving APT to see the list of furniture moving companies nearest to your location to handle the big item. You need not hire a full-service moving crew if you are moving your most heavy belongings. You will be charged with normal moving rates, which often start at a few hundred dollars for two expert movers for 2 hours. They will often come with all the relevant equipment. In case you are not sure you want to tackle moving of your heavy home furniture, hire professionals, and sit back while they handle everything the right way for you.

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