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What are the Best Professional Movers in My Area?

When deciding which moving company is right for you, knowing what you need and researching are key. Our guide has the tips you need to find the best movers.
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What are the Best Professional Movers in My Area
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Hiring movers in my area is a commitment, and it’s going to be a large portion of whatever budget you’ve put together for your move. Whether you’re moving down the street or across the country, the right moving company is going to be well worth the money you put into it.

How do you know which professional movers are going to be able to provide you with the best results for your efforts? This is an important question to consider, and there are several layers you want to unravel before making a final decision.

In our guide, we’re going to help you determine which movers in my area are going to be best for your purposes – and it may be different than what a business or other family may need. Let’s explore which options are going to be the best professional movers for you and the move that you’re starting to plan.

Is it a Local or Long-Distance Move?

The first thing that you need to do before you start doing any type of research on local moving companies, is determining what type of move that you’re looking at. A local move is anything within a local area and can typically be done within a morning or afternoon. Most companies define local moves as less than 100 miles from your starting point.

Long-distance moves, on the other hand, are moves that are 100 miles or further. These could take a day – but many times, you’re looking at 2 days or more. Cross-country moves fall under the long-distance umbrella, and often have multiple layers of logistics you have to sort out before you even get started.

Because cross-country moves require so much more in terms of time and organization, it’s essential to know if your move will be considered cross-country. Some moving companies will only offer long-distance moves up to a certain distance from your home. Or, they may have different tiers of long-distance, and cross-country moves could be much more expensive per mile.

Knowing which one your move is can help with a variety of questions, including how much you can expect to budget, and which companies are even going to be able to service you. There are a number of companies out there that only do one type of move or the other, which will help to narrow the field of companies you want to choose from.

How Do You Know Which Professional Movers Are Best?

So, you’ve determined whether your move is local or long distance. Now, it’s time to start looking at individual companies in order to figure out which ones are even going to be worth contacting in the first place. Here are some steps to take in order to figure out the best moving companies.

Research your options

Do some background research on the companies that you’re considering. Figure out how long that they’ve been in business and how much experience that their teams have. The more you know about who they are, the easier it will be to choose which one is right for your purposes.

Know what you need

We all have different ideas of what we need to accomplish and take care of during the process of moving. Do you literally just need them to get your items, load them on the truck, and unload them? Or are you going to need extras, like packing services, white glove services, and/or a storage unit? Then you want to see if a company offers those.

Estimate how much you’re taking with you

Many moving companies will give you moving quotes based on how much stuff you’re hauling with them, especially for long distance moves. Look around at what is in your home and be sure that you know what there is that’s going with you and what you are going to get rid of, either by donation or dumpster.

Talk to friends and family

If you know someone who has moved recently, they may have some insight as to what companies you want to talk to about your move. They can give you ideas based on who they went with and who they considered, which can save you some time in your search.

Look at online reviews

Lastly, do a check with online reviews. You can learn about the best companies in your local area, and you can see what others outside of your immediate circle have to say about them. Ultimately, this should narrow down your list fairly significantly.

What Questions to Ask Movers in My Area

Now that you’ve put together a list of movers in my area that you can choose from, it’s time to ask questions of the companies that you’re considering. Here are some of the things that you’re going to want to go ahead and inquire about before you make a final decision about the company you want to hire.

Licensing Questions:

Are they licensed and bonded by the appropriate government authorities? Licensing and bonding is their way of showing that they have gotten all their paperwork in order and are seen as a legitimate moving business.

Cost Estimates:

Ask the company about the processes they use for their quotes. They should be able to give that to you in detail, so that you aren’t shocked by whatever price they give you during the quote process.

Fees and Taxes:

Can they give you an overview of any of the state and local taxes that may be involved when you hire the company? And, do they also have a fee schedule for fees that may be outside of the quote for whatever reason? This will help you get a better idea of what you’ll pay overall for their services.

Employees or Subcontractors:

Who is going to be moving for you? There are some companies out there that connect with several other moving companies in order to schedule all of the moves that they can, and will subcontract to do so. Both are acceptable, but you want them to be transparent about who is moving your items.

Insurance Offered:

Insurance is a must when you’re moving. Accidents happen, and some of your most valuable items could end up damaged. It’s unlikely (because movers put a lot of care into such things), but it can happen. You want to be able to get all-encompassing insurance that can cover whatever it is that you may need.


If you’re moving over a long distance, then you want to know all of the details, especially if your items are going to need to switch vehicles in the middle of your cross-country move. If this is the case, a company will typically use a moving pod to make that changeover easier.

Additional Services on Offer:

As previously mentioned, you need to know what other packing and moving services you may need assistance with for your move. Ask them outright, just in case their online information no longer matches what it is that they are able to provide.

Complaints and Claims Process:

While you hope that you won’t need to complain or file a claim with a moving company, it could happen, and you want to know how they would deal with such things. Look at their claims process and ask questions so that you can have a full understanding.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I choose movers in my area or where I’m moving to?

This is an essential question – and it honestly just depends. In some instances, it may be better to go with a company where you are now and have them take care of everything locally. In other instances, you may need help from someone at your new location to sort out logistical complications.

How long does a long-distance move take?

It depends on how far you’re going. A long-distance move is any move 100 miles or further away. So, some may only take a day to complete – but, since cross-country moves are also in there, they could take up to a week. Your movers in my area should be able to give you a general idea of the amount of time you’re looking at.

Why can’t I just move?

You can – but many times, people get really stressed out if they try to do it all on their own. More often than not, it’s better for you to get connected with a cross country moving company and let them do the heavy lifting (both figuratively and literally). Then, you can focus on other aspects of the move, like closing on your house or having a moving sale.

Scheduling Your Move Properly

Now that you know which companies are going to fit the bill, it’s time for you to go ahead and choose which company is going to be best. You can schedule a time and date and get started. That way, you’ll be working with a great company on moving day, and your stress will be a lot less.

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