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What Do National Movers Hate?

It pays to keep movers on your good side. Find out what people commonly do that movers hate, what furniture movers hate transporting and other things that annoy movers.
What Do National Movers Hate The Most?

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It’s fair to say that most people hate something or other in the moving process, or the entire process as a whole. It’s also fair to say there are plenty of things movers hate dealing with on the moving day.

Some common annoyances include people trying to sneak restricted items onto trucks or not being on-site when the team arrives to load or unload.

Moving companies are responsible for getting your belongings to their new home in a careful and professional manner, but this doesn’t mean the experience is always pleasant for them.

If you want to keep annoyances to a minimum thereby encouraging them to do their best work, then you’re going to need to become familiar with what to avoid and how to make the moving day smoother for everyone.

How to Annoy Your Movers

National moving companies employ individuals that are professional, dependable, polite, and efficient. This doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to annoy them while they’re on the job, though, and there’s plenty you can do to annoy movers.

When movers are at your home it’s not the time to make changes to your move. You should avoid trying to alter plans for your move the day of, which could end up costing you more. If you really need changes made last minute, contact the moving company and they will handle things from there.

If you really want to annoy movers, hover over or around them as they are handling your items. Professional movers don’t need tips on how they should be lifting, the equipment they should be using, or how to handle boxes. They are professionals after all. Once movers arrive, leave them to do their job and trust that you’ve chosen an excellent company that will keep your belongings safe.

Another thing movers hate is when boxes that have already been packed must be reopened in order to retrieve something that shouldn’t have been packed. Keep all of your important belongings, documents, medications, cash, and valuables in a separate place where they can be easily accessed during your move.

What Are Movers’ Least Favorite Things To Move?

Professional movers will get the job done in just about any circumstance, though you may incur fees if they have to endure excess hazards or labor such as going up and down several flights of stairs or disassembling large furniture pieces.

While cross country movers can handle almost anything, there are still some items that movers would rather avoid loading. If you find any of these items on your inventory list, you may consider giving your moving team a bit of an extra tip.

  • Foam mattresses are bulky and heavy on top of being flimsy, making them awkward to carry. It gets even worse if your home or apartment has stairs that movers must climb!
  • Particleboard furniture is typically made to be assembled and kept in one place, so movers have to be extra careful with these less durable, budget-friendly pieces.
  • Sleeper sofas can be almost 100 pounds heavier than the typical couch and the bed can flip out while it is being moved, making this a groan-inducing furniture piece for movers.

Exercise equipment is awkwardly shaped, heavy, and difficult to disassemble and reassemble because they’re initially assembled by professionals.

How to Make National Movers Happy

While we’ve taken a look at what national movers hate, it’s time to explore what you can do to make national movers happy – let’s look at what they love!

  • Complete all of your packing before the day of your move arrives unless you’ve paid for full packing services. Loading is made a lot easier for movers when the entire home is ready to be loaded immediately. Keep in mind that you’ll be paying for any additional time movers must wait.
  • Pack heavier items into smaller boxes to avoid movers having to carry huge boxes filled with heavy items. Boxes may not be able to handle the weight of items and may burst while being moved Use several small boxes and save larger boxes for lighter items.
  • If you have any pets or small children, make sure they stay out of the way when movers arrive. Children or animals running around the home while movers are present create hazardous conditions that could result in damage to belongings, equipment, and people.
  • Remove all items from dresser drawers and bureaus. It may seem like a moving hack, but that’s typically not the case. The extra weight makes moving dressers exponentially more difficult and furniture may also break during transport.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I tip movers?

Many people aren’t sure how much to tip, but a good starting point is to look at the total amount of your move and dedicate about 10% – 15% of that value to tipping movers. Tips will depend on several factors though, including your overall satisfaction, length of time worked, and how difficult your move was.

What things should I not pack for movers to transport?

Before packing you should know that there are numerous items movers are not permitted to, or will not, transport. These items include, but are not limited to, household cleaners, perishables, car batteries, and more. Do research or ask your moving company about their restricted items policy.

Can I help movers during my move?

If you’re looking to lend a hand to movers, the best thing to do is speak with the moving company about it beforehand. They likely won’t need your help, but it’s a good idea to make sure they know if there are boxes or items you want to personally take care of.

Ready To Make National Movers Love You?

While some things may seem like a good idea on moving day, you’ve now got a pretty good idea of what movers love and what movers hate. When moving professionals arrive at your home, you’ll be ready to pave the way for a smooth move and avoid some sullen grimaces from movers.

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