What Happens If You Don’t Pay National Movers?

A complete rundown of what happens if you don’t pay national movers, what to know about estimates, and general cancellation information you need to know before your move.
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What Happens If You Don’t Pay National Movers?
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The bill for a big move can be quite large, but the final total shouldn’t come as a surprise. Proper planning can keep the costs of a national move down, but you could end up in hot water if you can’t pay the movers. If you do not pay the agreed-upon amount, moving companies have the right to place your belongings in storage until they have been paid.

Did we mention that you would be the one footing the storage bill? Not only would you have to pay the moving company for their services but you’d also have to pay for your items being kept in storage. Getting a moving quote or estimate can save you from excess costs and the temporary loss of access to your household items and furniture.

Types of National Moving Estimates

Before signing any contracts or booking moving services, you should do ample research on different cross country movers in your area and get several quotes or estimates on your move. There are two different types of moving estimates to look for – binding estimates and non-binding estimates.

Cost Estimates that are Binding

A binding estimate is an estimate of the total amount you will pay for your move which clearly outlines services rendered as well as details about your shipment. When you receive a binding estimate you cannot be charged more than the amount of the original estimate unless you add additional services after the estimate has been given.

Cost Estimates that are Non-Binding

A non-binding estimate also outlines details of your shipment as well as the services being rendered, but these numbers can change. Your final costs when you have received a non-binding estimate cannot, however, exceed more than 10% of the original estimate. Any additional charges will need to be paid within 30 days of delivery.

What If I Need To Cancel Movers?

If you decide for any reason that you no longer need the services of a moving company, you can contact the company to cancel your moving services. This is easily done if no paperwork has been signed, but both you and the company will need to agree to cancel services if you have already signed a bill of lading.

The bill of lading is a document that outlines the payment agreement for moving services as well and acts as a contract between you and the moving company. This document is extremely important and should be kept in a safe place so that you have all of the information needed to cancel, or facilitate, your move.

While it may seem surprising that you can’t simply cancel your move on a whim without the agreement of the moving company, this is to protect all parties involved. If you wish to cancel your moving services after they have already begun, you would be breaching the contract you have signed with your movers and can be subject to penalties of the law in your area unless the moving company also agrees to cancel services.

How Much Does It Cost to Cancel Movers?

If you’re planning on cancelling moving services, it’s best to look into the cancellation policy of the national moving company you are working with to see what their terms and conditions are. Many companies charge cancellation fees and sometimes other fees may be incurred depending on their policies.

As soon as you have made the decision to cancel moving services, you need to let the moving company know. The sooner movers are made aware of your cancellation the lower the costs of any fees you incur will be. If you cancel early enough you may even be able to cancel your move without incurring any fees at all!

Paying a fee for cancelling may seem shocking but this is because moving companies put a lot of planning into the logistics of moving their customers’ belongings from place to place. As soon as you have agreed to work with movers, the company factors you into their complex plans and figures out how to best facilitate the move in question.

How much you pay for cancellation will depend on your moving contract, which should be read thoroughly and carefully before signing. In general, cancelling at least 10 business days before the date of your scheduled move is the best way to avoid fees.

Cancellations made any time after the 10 business day timeframe may be liable for paying up to 60% of the total costs of the move. You may even be responsible for coughing up an amount up to 75% if you cancel within 48 hours of your move. If you try to cancel the day of your move, the moving company may charge the total moving amount!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be present when movers are in my home?

Movers cannot start the move until you have been given the proper paperwork and all documents have been signed. Though movers can handle things on their own, you will still need to be present in case movers have questions or to make sure certain items are loaded if all of your items are not in a central area.

Do movers get paid before they move my items?

Typically you will not pay national movers until your items arrive at their destination, but this will depend on the moving company you have chosen. Some companies require a deposit, which should be a reasonable amount that is usually no more than $500. Make sure you have done your research and know what to expect when it comes to payment.

Should I use cash to pay national movers?

Some companies may accept cash payments, but this could leave you at risk of not being able to provide proof of payment. You should set up your payment agreement with the moving company before signing any contracts and oftentimes movers will ask for a credit card or some other form of secure payment.

The Costs of Not Paying National Movers

If you plan on moving, the first thing that needs to be figured out is your budget to avoid storage fees, cancellation fees, and legal issues due to nonpayment. If anything changes with the status of your move, let your national moving company know immediately so that both you and your mover can plan accordingly.

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