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What Is The Cost of National Movers?

The national average cost to hire movers for national moves is about $2,000 - $5,000, depending on option and other factors. Make sure you get an accurate cost estimate from your movers and compare to choose the best that fit your budget and moving needs.
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What Is The Cost of National Movers
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If you are getting set for a national move, you will need to contact a national movers,to determine the amount it will cost to move across the country. Each move is different, with no general price. The cost of your move will base on several factors, but there are lots of steps you can take to reduce the cost. National movers are not that expensive, if you choose the right mover and know how to handle the process properly.

Don’t forget that while local movers charge per hour, national movers charge a flat price based on different price factors, such as move distance, the weight of belongings, and extra services.

The good news is that as soon as you are aware of the factors that determine the moving price, you will be in control of it since you will be able to influence the price factors.

In this post, we are going to discuss how much do national movers cost, and share help tips to calculate your move.

How Much Do National Movers Cost?

The cost of national movers is in the range of $1,000 to $7,000, based on the size, moving options and other factors of your move.

We often get asked ‘what is the cost of hiring a national mover?” Hence, we took time to answer the question to help you budget right for your national move.

When you are moving cross country, you have three solid options. You can rent a moving vehicle, use a portable container service, or hire a professional moving company to help.

Note; all costs given in this guide are estimated for relocating a three-bedroom, fairly furnished home on 1500 miles. Perform the move yourself by renting a moving truck or trailer for around $3,000. Container services are better options for DIY moves and cost around $4,500.

Professional moving companies cost about $1,000 for each room, but this majorly bases on the weight of the belongings in each room. Some people will have a few light furniture items and others will fill up the entire room. The only way to obtain an accurate estimate is to talk about your inventory with a professional mover.

Cost of Do-It-Yourself (DIY)

Renting a moving truck can be a cheap alternative (around $3,000) to container services or a professional moving company. If you don’t have many belongings that need special care, a self-move might be a viable option. You should understand that you lose the coverage and peace of mind offered by professional help.

Moving can be stressful, and partnering with an experienced team can reduce stress or take it off your shoulder, provide extra moving and packing resources, arrange storage for you upon arrival, and handle most of the heavy lifting.

Also, if you perform a DIY move to another state, you should note the type of protection your shipments will have if anything happens to them on the move.

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Cost of Moving with a Container Company

Moving container services are a common alternative to DIY move, and for almost $4,500 you have some of the advantages of professional movers without the expensive final cost. Packing and loading are often done by customers, while transport is taken care of by the company. Since these services don’t have the same offerings and price, they may not be a perfect option if you have fine artwork, TVs, or special moving needs.

Since these services consider a budget-friendly, hands-off method, you may discover that these moving services are not as helpful as a full-service long-distance moving company.

How much do Professional Movers Cost?

Professional moving companies can cost up to $7,500 based on the size of your house as well as the number of shipments. It often costs about $1,000 per room, and that comes with full-service experience from planning to your moving day. Most national moving companies will offer moving checklists and planning resources, and some will give additional hands or packing supplies to help get ready for the move.

National movers offer protection for expensive and valuable items in transit, and they are often ready to move shipments that need special transport or handling instructions.

Some may even provide storage options to prevent clutter when you are unpacking. Generally, hiring a national mover may cost a bit more as regards money, but the peace of mind together with commitment to quality service that comes with it all through the moving phase is worth it. If you are moving to a new home that is 1,000 miles far from where you currently live, here is the approximate cost you should expect national movers to charge you.

  • Moving out of a studio apartment (around 1,800 lbs.) will cost around $1,200 with no extra moving services.
  • Moving out of a one-bedroom apartment (around 2,200 – 3,200 lbs.) will cost around $1,500 – $2,200 with no extra moving services.
  • Moving out of a two-bedroom apartment (around 5,000 – 6,000 lbs.) will cost around $3,500 – $4,200 with no extra moving services.
  • Moving out of a three-bedroom apartment (around 9,000 – 3,200 lbs.) will cost around $6,300 with no extra moving services.

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Factors that Determine the Cost of National Movers

The question to begin to ask yourself till the end of your moving preparation is why should I spend so much money on relocating when I can spend not up to that? Below are the factors that dictate the cost of your national move:

  • Distance: There is a significant difference whether the distance of relocating between two places is 50 miles, 1,000 miles, or 5,000 miles. Greater distance costs more money since transportation costs automatically.
  • Shipment weight: Moving more belongings to your new home also gets expensive moving to the weight increase. The good news is that you have control over the weight of your shipment by determining the number of belongings you decide to move to your destination home, unlike distance that remains constant regardless of what you do.
  • Extra services: Your moving costs can so much increase if you request additional services from your national mover, like furniture disassembly, packing, or temporary storage. In addition, the benefit here is that you can choose to perform a common extra moving service (packing) and thereby save more money in the process.
  • Specialty items: You will get charged an additional fee when you are moving items that require any specialty by your national moving company due to the rise in the complication of the move as regards the specialty items you are moving. For example, moving a pool table long distance can be charged at $100 – $2,000.

Timeline for Moving Cross-Country

  • 12 weeks: Select your moving method, and choose how you’d like to travel to your destination. Buy any plane tickets or hotel lodging in advance to reduce costs, and begin to handle any professional services, vital paperwork, and special moving considerations
  • 8 weeks: Make a list of your highly valuable items and discuss valuation protection with your movers during the move. If you own any grandfather clocks, heirlooms, expensive electronics, or fine art pieces, find out about specialty moving to determine if additional protection could provide you the peace of mind you require.
  • 4 weeks: With just a month left, host a garage sale for the things you aren’t moving with you. Post flyers, make signs and advertise on social media for more turnouts. Arrange disconnection and transfer dates for phone service, internet, utilities, and other similar services. Pick a date for mail forwarding to start, and change your address with bank accounts, online services, and other bills.
  • 2 weeks: Confirm everything. Ensure your moving boxes are labeled for convenient moving and unpacking, with instructions for special handling pasted on the outside of the box is necessary. Thoroughly clean your house and begin to use food from your pantry. Bring in friends and family to share the food that won’t make the move with you, and spend more time with them before you depart.
  • 1 week: By the final week, you must have felt prepared and set to move long distances. Fill all prescriptions for your household members or pets and ensure your pack your first night bag for the move.
  • Moving day: the big day. Greet your movers welcome and show them to your shipments. Sign your inventory document and talk about any last-minute questions or concerns. Ensure you do a final walkthrough before you leave and inspect to be sure all windows and doors are locked.


Hiring a mover for your next national move is truly a wise decision. If the cost is worrying you so much that you hardly sleep at night, we suggest you reach out to some movers to obtain moving quotes. Even if you pay expensive costs to finish a move, you will truly appreciate that you allow a professional moving company takes care of your household move.

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