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What is the Prettiest State in America?

No matter what kind of landscape or landmark you find appealing, you’ll find it in the state of California. Learn all about what makes the state so beautiful here.
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What is the Prettiest State in America?
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California is the prettiest state in America. Yes, it is a subjective question and many states have a legitimate claim of being the prettiest. But we say California is the prettiest state in the United States because of how diverse it is when it comes to visual appeal.

Generally, there are three qualities that make a state look appealing: Mountains and other natural wonders, bodies of water, and city structure.

Most states only contain one or two of these at most. If any state does possess all three of these, they are usually far between; a nice beach, river, or lake is hundreds of miles away from a mountain or nature trail which is also hundreds of miles away from a city that has historical landmarks and exceptional attractions.

You can easily come across all three of these qualities in one day if you live in California. That is what makes it far and away from the prettiest state in the United States.

California is a very appealing state no matter where you are in the state. Let’s take a look at some of the places that make California so appealing.

A Wealth of Beautiful Landscapes All Around California

No matter where you find yourself in California, there is plenty to see. The state is famous for hundreds of places that are so appealing that no other state comes close. Let’s take a quick look at a small sampling of just a few of these to give you a flavor of why we chose California as the prettiest state.

1. Mountains and valleys

California is known for Mount Shasta, which rises a whopping 11000 feet higher than the valleys that surround it. It is a landmark of California that is so significant that it encompasses its own city. Indeed, it is possible to physically move to Mount Shasta if you so choose. If you choose to do so, you won’t run out of beautiful places to visit.

The Cuyamaca Mountains east of San Diego is a less well-known but spectacular destination. There you will find spectacular hiking and skiing trails along with some quaint historic towns like Julian (with its famous and luscious apple pies!). A short drive east will take you down into the striking and unspoiled Borrego Valley with its unique Anza-Borrego Desert State Park.

Of course, there are the famous vineyards in Napa Valley. You’ll be very impressed not only with the quality of the wine but also by the natural beauty of the vineyards. And the beauty is not restricted to the vineyards; Lake Berryessa, Robert Louis Stevenson state park and many other valley destinations add to the one-of-a-kind beauty found in Napa.

2. Bodies of water and coastlines

The entire sweep of California’s coastline is very impressive looking, but the most appealing of all is the magnificent Big Sur area. Why is this? It connects the Santa Lucia Mountains and the Pacific Ocean and it is adorned with a road that will allow you to see all of this.

Lake Tahoe is easily the largest lake on the west coast, and it provides much more than just this one body of water. Over the years, Lake Tahoe has become its own city, offering not only the beauty of the lake itself but also dozens of other amenities that you would come to expect from any given city.

Moving to California

If you are lucky enough to move to California, our choice for the most beautiful state in America, you’ll need to determine what is the best way that you can move there.

Generally, there are three different ways that you can move to California, each with its own sets of benefits and challenges as it pertains to the time and money you will need to spend. Additionally, these methods also favor certain lifestyles, household sizes, and similar qualities.

This is something that you should not ignore. A method that would be beneficial for one person or family may present a significant challenge for another. Keep this in mind as you explore the three different ways that you can move to a different state.

1. Hire a professional moving company

This method is by far the “easiest” in that you physically do not need to move anything yourself, but it is also by far the costliest, especially considering how much everything in California already costs.

However, hiring a local or out of state movers will also save you all kinds of time that you would spend on loading everything yourself and then driving your own moving-related vehicles. You should consider this option if you know that you would spend a lot more time and possibly money by doing everything yourself or renting moving equipment.

In fact, it is possible to save money as well as time by hiring a moving team that fits your budget and offers promotions and other ways to save money. This is especially true if you have a large household to move.

2. Do everything yourself

This method is also self-explanatory; in this method, you take the place of a mover, loading every last item you own into a vehicle that you have designated for moving, then driving this vehicle completely by yourself or with the help of the members of your household.

You will save a lot of money by deploying this method, but it will come at the sacrifice of time and energy. Doing everything yourself can also prove to be physically demanding. If you or the members of your household are not as youthful or as energetic as you used to be, you’re going to need to pace yourself – which does take extra time.

However, doing everything yourself is ideal if you already own a vehicle or two that is designed for moving and if your household is small. Moving everything completely by yourself is not only possible but it is recommended if the home you live in does not contain any massive appliances or other belongings that might require a moving team.

3. Rent moving equipment but load everything in it yourself

This method combines the last two and it is suitable for anybody who does not want to hire any movers but still needs access to the same kinds of moving equipment that a moving company uses.

You’ll spend less money taking this option than you would if you hired professional movers, but there is a good chance that you’ll spend even more time looking for moving equipment options.

Still, if you and anyone who lives with you know you can load all of your belongings yourself in a timely manner, you should take this option. This is especially true if you only possess one or two really large items that might require long distance movers.

You can also benefit from taking an option like this if you know that you could work faster than a local mover. Because you are essentially taking over the role of a professional mover with this method, there is a chance that it can save time in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average cost of living in California?

Because California is home to some of the most beautiful places in the United States, it makes sense that the average cost of living is much higher than the United States average. The average home in California costs nearly $600,000, but given how beautiful everything is in the state, that is worth it.

Does California have a high crime rate?

California used to have a high crime rate. Studies over the last three or so years, however, have indicated that crime rates statewide have decreased. Although they have not decreased significantly, crime rates in the state have decreased steadily, making California relatively safe.

Is there reliable public transportation in California?

Like New York, California is a very populous state and it relies on public transportation in much the same way. Not only does California offer generous public transportation in nearly all of its major cities, but the public transportation itself is also appealing. Buses and taxis in California seem to have a look to them that sets them apart in a good way.

The Final Word on the Prettiest State in America

California is appealing in more than one way. It is the state that you want to move to if you are the type who enjoys sightseeing, as the state not only contains beautiful outdoor attractions but also some of the more attractive bodies of water that you will ever come across. Some of the biggest cities in California also have endless aesthetic value.

This appeal is even greater when you combine this with all the opportunities that California has. Many who have moved to the state have been able to completely change their career and vocation, going from doing something they don’t particularly enjoy to something they are passionate about.

Don’t let California’s high prices intimidate you, as it is indeed the prettiest state in America no matter where in the state you are located.

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