What Should You Move First When Moving State to State?

If you are relocating to a new state, you want to learn about your new home and get ready for your move. Our guide offers tips so it’s less overwhelming.
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What Should You Move First When Moving State to State
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You’re getting ready for an interstate move and you’re trying to get all of your ducks in a row. What are you supposed to do? What steps should you take? Your décor and other items that you don’t need immediately should be what you move first, but there are some other steps to consider too. Let’s look at what you should do first when moving to a new state.

Learn About the State You’re Moving To

First off, you want to be sure that you learn about the state that you’re moving to. The more you know about where you’re going, the more comfortable you will feel when you get there. Here are some of the things you want to learn about before moving day.

1. Cost of Living:

The cost of living is definitely an important consideration to explore because you don’t want to move to a new place and end up not making enough money to survive day in and day out. Take a look into the cost of living info and make sure that whatever job you have can cover that cost.

2. Healthcare Options:

What are the hospitals like in the state you’re moving to? Is the healthcare system affordable? Are there high-end hospitals you can go to in case of a medical emergency or bad situation? Do some research and learn what you can about the healthcare the state offers.

3. Culture of the Area:

Every state is a little bit different. For example, you have likely heard the phrase “everything is bigger in Texas” – and that’s fairly accurate, even when it comes to personalities. Or, “people in the South are friendly”, and so on. Learn a bit about both the stereotypes and the culture so that you can fit in a little better when you arrive.

4. Employment Opportunit5. ies:

What sorts of jobs are there to choose from? What are the major industries and big companies that you may find there? Are there opportunities for you to move up in the career you’re already in or change careers without too many problems? Look into the job market in detail before you make a change.

5. Things to Do:

Everywhere has different things to do. If you have kids, you want to explore the area and see what they have for family events and entertainment. If it’s just you and a spouse, you may want to see if there are communities you can connect with related to your hobbies and interests. Either way, you want to know that there are places to go and things to enjoy in your new home.

Start Packing ASAP

You want to be sure that you start packing as soon as you know that you’re going to be moving somewhere new, especially if it’s an interstate move. You’ll have to ask a lot of questions about what you’re taking and what you’re keeping as you pack, so the earlier that you get that going, the better off that you’ll be.

Start off packing in any storage sheds or rented storage units you may have. Then, be sure to start packing up stuff you don’t use – seasonal clothing, décor, and other items. If those are packed away early on, you’ll have a much easier time taking care of packing everything else when it comes time to do so. 

Schedule Your Movers

Interstate moves often take several days, and your moving company is going to need to be able to carve out the time to send a crew to take care of it for you. Companies that offer long-distance moves often have a team for them, but they get booked up quite quickly.

Your best bet is to start searching for a moving company as soon as you have an approximate date to work with. That way, you can find the company that you think will do the best job and make sure that they’re booked for your move.

Ship Your Vehicles

Are you taking a flight or driving the van to your new home? Then you have to figure out what you’re doing with your car. You typically have the option to tow it with the van, but what if you don’t, or if you don’t like that idea? And, what if you have additional vehicles, like motorcycles, boats, or antique cars?

Vehicle shipping is an option to consider. There are companies that haul vehicles in large trucks and/or trailers so that they can get to their destination safety. This can get expensive, but it’s good to know that the option is there if you can’t find a way to do it on your own.

Change Your Address

Did you get your new address yet? Or maybe you’ve got a new PO box in the city you’re moving to? Either way, you want to start rerouting all of the mail that you have to your new address. Put together a list of everyone and every entity that you need to contact and then start the process.

Also, be sure that you file the appropriate paperwork with the Postal Service as well. They will forward your mail for up to a year after you move. So, you’ll still have to change your address, but it can at least help you in case you forget something in the meantime.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I do an interstate move if my budget is tight?

There are a few ways to go about an interstate move if you have a tight budget. Some individuals will just get rid of as much as they can so that they can load up their car or SUV and go. Others will put items into storage, relocate, and then come back when they have more time and money to do so. It all depends on your needs and how much you want to keep.

What challenges may I face moving to a new state?

Moving anywhere new is going to be an adjustment, and you need to be sure that you’re ready to take that on. You want to be sure that you’re familiar with the culture and the norms of the area that you’re moving to, and that you understand any laws that may affect you. If you have pets or plants, be sure that you read about those laws and take care of any paperwork before you move as well.

How long will an interstate move take?

If you’re moving cross-country, expect your move to take a week or so to complete. If you’re not moving too far, then you may be able to get it done within a day or two. Ask your moving company for a time estimate when they provide you with a cost estimate so that you can sort out how long you’ll need to get everything done.

Starting Your Interstate Move Correctly

While an interstate move can be stressful, preparation and organization can help to make things go much more smoothly. With the help of a trustworthy moving company, you can take care of all of the details and breathe easy when your interstate moving day comes around.

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