What to Put in Rolling Storage Bins?

Discover how you can make it so much easier to transport your belongings by placing clothes, tools, cleaning supplies, and other possessions in rolling storage bins.
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What to Put in Rolling Storage Bins?
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The uses of plastic have continued to expand throughout the years and many homeowners use plastic in their everyday life. One of the most common uses of plastic is for containers, which can be almost any size and strong enough to accommodate just about any item.

Plastic containers are more durable and longer-lasting than cardboard boxes, so you may consider using rolling storage bins instead of going out in search of boxes.

Once you’ve received moving quotes from professionals and have decided on which out of state moving company you’re working with, you’ll need to start getting your household belongings organized and packed.

Rolling storage bins are an excellent option to make sure that your home stays organized and that moves are quick, easy, and painless.

So, let’s look at the advantages of rolling bins and what household items they can be used to store.

How To Use Rolling Storage Boxes

Your space gets a practical touch with rolling storage boxes, baskets, bins, and buckets. They are easy to transport because of their wheeled design, and they are available in different styles to help with storage needs in your home, office, or other space.

Be sure to utilize the empty space under your bed by keeping some of your occasionally used clothes and decoration in a box that fits under-bed.

Larger belongings like your lawn décor should be organized and stored in a wheeled storage bin that has many interior rooms and very tight lids.

Rolling storage bins and baskets provide useful storage for different kinds of belongings and are perfect for moving supplies from one place to another.

You get more space for your home, office, and classroom from these types of wheeled storage bins.

Check Wayfair online for all storage containers as the company has many options that will satisfy anyone shopping. We have different styles of bins, boxes, buckets, and baskets, and if you want to filter your options to a specific item, then the “wheels” included in your current filter, such as specifying the exact brand of all storage containers you need, you can do so. 

Your best stop online for where to purchase all storage containers is Wayfair. And note, they ship about every order that exceeds $35 for free, so get all storage containers now and have them shipped to you free of charge.   

Below Are The Uses of Rolling Storage Boxes:

1. General Clothing Storage

You can also use these locking lid bins for basement, kitchen, attic, or garden alongside clothes storage.

You only need to be sure your plastic storage is stored away from anything that has excessive heat, such as a stove or a furnace.

They are very fragile for lower pods and ends because they have a 15-quart size. 

2. Garage and External Spaces

These plastic containers are heavier and should be used in your garage, shed, on patio, as well as any other external space in your home. They are ideal for:  

  • Tools
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Sports equipment

3. Holiday Decoration, Outdoor Entertaining, as well as Large Kitchen Stuff

The 22-gallon plastic storage container is great and popularly used for these purposes. They have enough room to contain more items, and they are small enough to move around easily.

The size also ensures that you won’t be overweight the container to a point where you cannot place it on a high shelf. 

Pro Tips

Pro Tip

Purchase in bulk to make sure you can stack these containers nicely and neatly. They are built to fit together. 

4. Accessories

You can store gloves, small jewelry, scarves, hats, and hosiery in accessory boxes, but you can also consider something else from your home. Below is some potential storage you can choose for your smaller accessory box: 

  • Tools
  • Toys
  • Desk accessories
  • Travel toiletries
  • Cables and wires
  • And many more

5. Papers and Crafts

These flat, small boxes are ideal for storing documents, papers, and crafting materials and will fit in any storage space. Use them for the following: 

  • Files
  • Gift wrapping materials
  • School supplies
  • Accessories like gloves, hats, and scarves.

6. Sweater and Large Clothing Items

The art of storing sweaters is very delicate. Sweaters are usually made of wool, cotton, or cashmere and are not something that can just be kept in any old box in the hot summer months.

They must breathe and be protected from the elements. With deep, plastic boxes, they will be surely protected from the cramming on each other to fit them, and the fabric will also be protected from dust and humidity. 

Pro Tips

Pro Tip

Since sweater boxes are usually large in size, avoid storing them in height greater than yours. It could be dangerous to pull them down from a high shelf.

7. Organizing Files

This is a very large file tote box that should be big enough to contain files for two people’s homes. Immediately you start adding new household member; you will then need to upgrade to file cabinet

8. Example of Rolling Storage Containers

Rolling storage boxes, baskets, buckets, and bins are good choices for your office, home, business, and classroom. They simplify storage by providing you with designs that can be easily rolled.

9. Under-bed Boxes

The under-bed boxes have a slim profile feature and are just perfect for slipping items under your bed. You get spacious storage with large storage boxes with wheels for seasonal clothes, unused décor, holiday decorations, and so on. Their snap-tight lids ensure the security of your valuables.  

There are smooth-rolling wheels on the under-bed rolling storage boxes and maintain a low-profile design, making them perfect and efficient to roll under the bed. They are ideal for storing holiday decorations, off-season clothes, as well as blankets, 

10. Wheeled storage boxes

When searching rolling storage boxes, baskets, bins, and buckets, you will find a lot of wheeled storage boxes. They are ideal for storing seasonal outdoor decorations, out-of-season clothes, and so on.

They have many rooms in their interior and snap-tight lids to keep your belongings away until you are ready to access them. 

11. Rolling Baskets and Bins

You can perfectly store craft items like crochet and sewing supplies in rolling storage boxes, buckets, bins, and baskets.

Go with rolling baskets and bins for storing home cooking essentials, office supplies and toys for easy access.

You can store your dinnerware in rolling baskets to easily move all you need to smoothly set the dinner table from the kitchen to the dining table without making several trips. 

The Advantages of Rolling Bins

The Advantages of Rolling Bins

1. Multi-Purpose 

There’s not much that can’t be kept in a storage bin for any purpose you desire or require. Rolling bins can be used to transport files, tools, books, irreplaceable valuables, miscellaneous items, supplies, and more.

Because plastic doesn’t become worn down as quickly as cardboard boxes and bins are versatile, allowing them to be stored almost anywhere inside and outside of the home, rolling bins are a great multi-purpose tool.

2. Higher Efficiency 

Bins can be large or small depending on their purpose, making it possible to increase the efficiency of everyday tasks and keep clutter to a minimum.

Clear storage bins make it even easier, as these allow you to see the contents of the storage bin without taking off its lid or looking through items to find what you need.

They can be placed on shelves, in closets, next to and under beds, in bathrooms, garages, and other areas of the home to enhance efficiency and productivity for the household.

3. Durable 

Storage containers are made using sturdy materials that are capable of holding both light and heavy items.

Depending on your needs, there are rolling bins with enhanced durability and strength to ensure that your belongings run no risk of overwhelming the container while keeping them secure from possible mishaps and damage.

If you’re looking for the most durable bin possible, you’ll be able to find what you require with a bit of research and fortitude.

What Can Storage Bins Hold?

1. Paperwork

Paperwork is something that can’t be escaped – over time, it’s going to accumulate. Using a rolling storage bin makes it easy to stack important papers and organize them so that your information is accessible whenever you need it.

You can also use folders to arrange documents by date, getting rid of old items that are no longer needed.

Along with paperwork and important documents, they can store seasonal wrapping materials, craft items, and school supplies.

By keeping all of these items in one place, your organization will be enhanced and finding what you need will only take seconds.

2. Clothing 

Clothing can take up a lot of room when you’re getting ready to move into a new house, which makes reducing the space they take up a priority.

Clothes, especially off-season clothing, can be stored in plastic bins and storage containers until you need them. Storing items in rolling storage bins reduce the chance of infiltration by pests and keeps them safe from the harmful effects of extreme temperature fluctuations and humidity.

For example, large winter coats and jackets can be kept safe inside of a container during warmer months.

3. Books 

Books, like clothing, can get heavy very quickly when stacked. However, you can make sure that your bins aren’t overloaded and difficult to transport by using rolling storage bins or luggage to keep them mobile.

Because you can roll your belongings, there won’t be as much strain placed on the back. Moving textbooks, novels, and other types of literature are much safer than it would be using a standard box.

4. Miscellaneous Items

Rolling storage bins aren’t limited to certain areas of the home – they can be wheeled just about anywhere to make reaching what you need fast and easy.

Wheeled bins can be used in bedrooms as a nightstand, bathrooms as an organizer, and even in closets and basements to clean up all of the odds and ends that accumulate throughout the years.

They’re ideal for smaller items, though some bins are designed to accommodate larger items.

Storage bins can also be used to pack clothing, computer parts, kitchen items, tools, and more. Almost any item in your home can be placed in a rolling storage bin to keep it in one secure, easy to find location.

Frequently Asked Questions

Moving can be a confusing process, so let’s go over some common questions movers are often asked.

What are some mistakes to avoid when getting ready for a move?

A lot of mishaps that occur during a move are the result of common mistakes. Some of the things you should pay close attention to include the size of boxes and bins, materials, timing, labels, and packing.

Avoid using damaged or improperly sized bins for belongings, make sure materials are high quality, label bins effectively, and pack items properly.

If you’re unsure of anything, speak with professional movers and get the help you need to make your moving experience as pleasant and efficient as possible.

How do I get appliances ready for a move? 

You won’t be able to store large appliances inside storage bins, so it’s important to prepare these items properly before movers arrive. Refrigerators, washers, and dryers will need to be disconnected and washers will be secured using a stabilizer.

These items may incur damage if you choose to move them on your own, so working with professional cross country movers that have experience and skill is often necessary.

Smaller appliances, such as toasters or microwaves, do not require any special equipment or preparation.

When getting ready for a big move, you can use storage containers of all kinds to pack and protect your items, including rolling bins.

Rolling bins provide households with a set of unique advantages – they’re durable, making it easy to organize items, can be used for several different purposes, and can be wheeled from place to place to avoid injury and strain.

Consider using rolling bins when facilitating your next move instead of traditional cardboard moving boxes.

When should you start packing before you move?

You need to give yourself adequate time to handle your packing and move if you plan to pack yourself just like most people do. About 6 weeks before your move is perfect, and make sure to plan very well. Planning and packing carefully is time and cost-saving and also reduces stress. 

How many days does packing a household take?

You can make use of the following timeframe as an estimate if you are relocating and you plan to pack yourself:

  • one to two days to pack a studio to a 1-bedroom apartment,
  • two to three days to pack a 2-bedroom home, and
  • four to six hours to pack a 4-bedroom home. 

What number of boxes do I need to move to?

With my number of rooms, what quantity of boxes do I need to move to? Generally, you need about 10 small, 8 medium, and 5 large packing boxes for each room.

Remember, this is an estimated quantity and that contents of each can be different in size and type.

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