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When Should I Start Getting Moving Quotes?

Learn when to start getting moving quotes, the types of quotes offered by movers, what services to expect from movers, and what goes into your moving quote.
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When Should I Start Getting Moving Quotes?
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Start getting several moving quotes no later than three months before the move if possible. Budgeting for a move can easily be one of the more difficult parts of a move, so do it early and take a weight off your shoulders. Also, by starting the process early you might be able to get a better deal.

Moving quotes are estimates of how much you can expect to pay on your move, but they may change depending on the type of quote you get as well as any changes you make to your move after booking moving services. There are two types of quotes to know about: a binding quote and a non-binding quote.

Binding Quote

A binding quote from a moving company is a price that the company is not allowed to go over unless there are added services when conducting your move. Any last minute changes will increase your price and charges that reflect those changes will need to be paid once the shipment is at its delivery site.

Non-Binding Quote

A non-binding quote or estimate is one of the most common types of quotes moving companies provide, especially when making long-distance moves. These estimates are dependent on the weight of your items as well as the moving company’s tariff, which includes all moving fees mandated by the company.

With a non-binding estimate, you’ll still need to pay if you add any additional services to your move at the last minute and may also be charged additional fees based on how these changes affect moving operations.

What Moving Services Do You Want?

Before you start calling movers and getting quotes and figures, you should consider your needs and what type of services you are looking for. Some of the options you have available include full service, self-service, and specialized services.

  • Full-service movers are popular because of how easy and convenient they make moving. Professionals will handle every facet of your move, including loading them onto the truck, transporting items, and unloading them. They’ll even pack up your belongings for an extra fee if you want them to.
  • Self-service moving companies are usually the most affordable option after a full DIY move, as you’ll be taking care of most of the move on your own. These companies give you a storage container or truck to load your belongings and then transport it to the destination you choose.
  • Specialized moving services are available if you have particularly heavy, awkward, large, or fragile items that need to be transported, such as a piano. These movers can handle all sorts of specialized belongings, such as antiques and hot tubs.

What Factors Affect Moving Quotes?

A common question people ask when they’re looking at moving quotes is ‘what goes into a moving quote?’ This is an excellent question and the answer is – there are numerous things that can influence your moving quote. Several of these factors are listed below, but remember that your specific movers may have other fees or tariffs that go into quotes.

  • The weight of your items is one of the determinants of how much your quote will be. Larger household moves require more storage, more labor, and more time to complete, so you’ll see a higher quoted price.
  • Distance from your old home to your new home is another factor, as mileage plays a role in your price. The longer the distance between destinations, the more likely you are to see it reflected in your quote.
  • Labor costs will depend on the state you’re in as well as the rates of the moving company you’ve chosen. Local movers typically charge hourly rates while long distance moves usually estimate labor costs in their quote.
  • Packing costs will be included in your quote if you are utilizing the services of a full-service moving company. Movers will pack your belongings and may also disassemble and reassemble furniture if it is necessary. These extras come with extra fees, though.
  • Liability along with valuation are other factors to consider. Moving companies are required to provide you with options for the coverage of your items during the move – full value and released value protection.
  • Storage may also be added to your quote if you are going to need items stored securely at any point during your move. The price of this will be added into the quote you receive and rates may vary, so be sure to review these costs beforehand.

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon do I need to schedule movers?

You’ll want to book your movers sooner rather than later, so most often the ideal time is some time around two months before the date of your move. Waiting too long, such as a month before your move date, will result in less availability, higher prices, and a bit more stress when it comes to getting everything prepared.

What do I need to do a week before moving?

A week before your move-in date arrives you should schedule utilities to be transferred, canceled, or activated in your new home. The fridge will also need to be cleared, the home cleaned, and any boxes you’ll need immediately should be kept in an area that is easy to access but away from boxes being loaded by movers.

How many moving companies should I get quotes from?

When you are in the process of looking for movers to handle things for your household, it’s a good idea to get no less than three quotes from movers. This allows you to gauge how much your move is going to cost and you can make preparations for what services you need and how to handle your move.

Get Moving Quotes As Soon As Possible

Earlier is better when you’re going to be moving into a new place, so getting quotes at least three months before you plan on moving is the most ideal route to go. Find the best cross country moving companies that provide the services you need and get started with estimates, booking, and scheduling in no time.

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