Where to Find Large Storage Facilities Near Me?

Storing stuff is easy when you have access to the right storage facility, but where to find them and what to look for? Those questions and more answered here.
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Where to Find Large Storage Facilities Near Me?
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Storage units are areas in which you can put all of your excess items and belongings, clearing up space in homes, offices, and apartments. You can store a vast variety of items inside storage units, though you’ll need to know what size you need.

Sizes will depend on what things require storage and how large or small they are, as space will need to accommodate your needs. Once you’ve determined the right size for your needs, you can begin looking for storage facilities near me.

Types of Units

National moving companies often offer storage services for households that require it during their move. There are several types of units, though, so it’s good to know what you want beforehand and prepare accordingly.

Let’s look at some specifics about different types of storage units you may be able to rent for your belongings.

1. Climate-controlled

Climate-controlled storage units are a great choice when you have delicate items that need to be kept at a certain temperature to avoid damage. Units will not exceed temperatures above 85 degrees or lower than 65 degrees, so you don’t have to worry about fluctuations.

Some of the items you may want to keep in a climate-controlled unit include books, antiques, wooden furniture, artwork, electronics, instruments, wine, and more.

2. Indoor

Indoor storage units are inside a building, which means they are not exposed to outside temperatures and elements such as high humidity or snow. Buildings can be several stories tall, so you may use an industrial elevator to access your unit or move items in and out.

If you’re storing larger items, the facility may provide carts or dollies to assist you in moving items. Though these units are indoors, they are not the same as climate-controlled units and do not offer the same stability in temperatures.

3. Drive-up

Drive-up units are ideal for individuals that are looking for quick access to their stored items at a moment’s notice. All you have to do to access your unit is drive up to it and unlock it, adding or removing items at your leisure.

These units are convenient, but you may encounter issues due to the lack of protection from natural elements. However, they keep items safe from pests, water damage, and dirt, so you may still consider them a good option.

Key Qualities of a Good Storage Facility

Though you may be eager to get your items placed somewhere safe, there are some things you will need to keep in mind when searching for a storage facility.

Specifically, there are five key characteristics, or qualities, that you should look for in a storage company or facility – accessibility, convenience, security, climate control, and cleanliness.


Accessibility is one important factor to consider when you’re thinking of moving your belongings into a storage unit.

Assess the items you want to store and figure out how often you’ll be accessing the unit – will it be on a weekly basis or seasonally? Depending on the storage facilities you choose to work with, you could be limited and only be able to access units during certain hours, though there are also facilities that allow access to units 24/7. 


Storage facilities near me offer various features that enhance the convenience of accessing and controlling units. Units with drive-up access are highly convenient, as you can load and unload with no delays, and you may also be able to manage your account using an online portal or app. You can also inquire about boat, vehicle, and RV storage options.


Security is highly important when it comes to storage units, as your items need to be protected and kept safe from harm and nefariousness.

A good, strong lock comes in handy, but you should also look at how the facility itself works to keep your items protected.

Some facilities have walls around the perimeter, electric fences or gates, video surveillance cameras, and more.

Climate Control

As mentioned above, units with climate control are ideal for individuals that wish to store items that are sensitive to temperatures and fluctuations in humidity.

You should look at the items you wish to keep in storage and figure out how susceptible they are to damage due to temperatures – books and wooden items, like instruments, may require climate control while some items may not.


If you are storing your items in storage facilities near me, it’s essential to look at the level of cleanliness the company upholds.

You can view units before signing any agreements or contracts, so ask to view empty units and inquire about cleaning and maintenance schedules that are in place for these units.

Once you know that the facility keeps its units clean, you can feel a bit more confident leaving your belongings in their hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who else is able to enter my storage unit?

The storage unit that you rent will be yours to lock and unlock – you control the lock as well the key, so only you can enter and exit the unit. Some storage facilities will only give access to individuals that are included on your rental agreement while others may require you to fill out a form specifying authorization to access your unit. You may also give your unit information and key to someone you trust – they will then be able to enter your unit.

How long can I rent a storage unit?

At most facilities, you can rent a unit for as long or as little as you’d like unless you sign a contract of some sort. Many facilities offer month-to-month storage options while others allow you to rent a unit for several years at a time, so you don’t have to worry about your items. If you’re done using your unit for storage, simply give the storage facility a heads up before you vacate so that everything can be taken care of efficiently.

Last Thoughts

Moving is a journey and finding quality storage facilities near me can feel like another long stretch you have to conquer. However, this information should help make finding a storage facility easy and effortless. Once you know what you need, everything can be taken care of smoothly so that you complete your move successfully.

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