Where To Locate Used Furniture During Move

Used furniture is a great option for those on the move. Find the best places to buy vintage, antique, or new & gently used styles with our guide.
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Where To Locate Used Furniture During Move
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So you’ve completed the entire preparatory tasks and are ready to relocate. Congratulations! You can now look for the perfect furniture to fill your empty rooms.

If the house you are moving to is larger than the current one, you may need to buy a few extra furniture to furnish the new space.

Yes, not everyone needs or desires of brand new furniture. Usually, looking for a unique old piece or a used but quality furniture item over an expensive one is more satisfying.

You are asking where I can get that used furniture. Fortunately, we are here to help. There are many verified places to get used furniture when you relocate. Read on to discover!

Where can I locate Used Furniture Online?

You don’t have to take lower quality furniture even though you are buying used one, even at cheaper prices. You surely know that they are not made the way they used to.

This is right, and that is the reason you can usually buy used furniture at a cheaper price than you would have to pay to get a new one.

Note that the condition of the vintage furniture is very important. There is nothing wrong with getting a piece that is not as strong as a new one, but the price should not be costly.

Whether you need modern, consigned furnishings, or old, vintage finds, you can search these websites for them:  

1. Chairish

To get the best-used furniture and décor, we recommend you check Chairish’s great selection of used items. It is a great online marketplace where people who love good design, as well as chic furnishings, can get varieties of high-end, vintage furniture to buy.

Customers on Chairish can also return items they are not satisfied with. The website states that when customers received a used piece bought from the website, they have a two-day grace period to return it.

While going through used furniture, you will discover many different vintage furniture styles, which include Mid-Century, Regency, Art Deco, and more. 

Website: www.chairish.com

2. 1stdibs

You can get all the unique used or a real antique furniture piece you need on 1stdibs. The online marketplace says it works to connect buyers, curators, designers, and collectors to the best dealers, finest shops, and galleries.

You will find a different selection of seating, storage cabinets, tables, dressers, lighting, and consoles, including many vintage décor items such as mirrors, decorative objects, and art online.

Website: www.1stdibs.com

3. Trove

If you are searching for quality, used furniture in your location, we recommend Trove for you. Users on the website and mobile app can purchase used furniture items from nearby sellers.

Sellers list items, photos, descriptions, and prices and they are ready to meet buyers, making the transaction particularly easy and fast.

Buyers can pay the seller immediately they have seen and are satisfied with the item in-person. The chance of getting modern, name-brand pieces from stores like Pottery Barn, West Elm, Rooms to Go, and so on is made possible through Trove.

Thousands of items, including living room furniture, bedroom furniture, garden furniture, home décor, and so on, are sold in the online marketplace.

Website: www.usetrove.com

4. Apartment Therapy Bazaar

Vintage decor, antiques, and used designer furnishings can be bought directly from sellers through Apartment Therapy Bazaar.

Shopping for furniture is made quick and easy by the online marketplace through its user-friendly mobile app and secure payment processing. Those searching for used furniture will see many for sale items on this website, including sofas, cribs, armchairs, credenzas, dining furniture, and more. 

Website: www.marketplace.apartmenttherapy.com

5. Sotheby’s Home

Once known as Vivet, Sotheby’s Home is mostly liked among design lovers searching for luxury, used furniture items, and accessories. As stated by the website, high-end furniture owners can easily sell their furniture.

Buyers also gain by receiving 50% to 80% lesser prices below retail and can get it for instant delivery.

The website allows you to locate a wide selection of furniture, including daybeds, sofas, dressers, lounge chairs, beds, sectionals, dining tables, desks, and so on.  

Website: www.sothebyshome.com

Where can I locate Used Furniture in Stores?

Local Furniture Consignment Shops

Love to shop in person? If you have time and energy to spare, we suggest visiting the local furniture consignment and antique shops nearest o you. 

Habitat for Humanity Re-stores

Need a bargain? You can’t predict what you will discover at a Habitat for Humanity Restore. It is a non-profit organization that sells many used household furniture as well as décor items. Go to the Restores and straight to the building homes and shelters in your communities and all across the globe. 


This is one of the most popular charities in the United States. It is a non-profit organization with 3,200 stores across the nation, many of which are filled with used furniture.

Even though bargainers will locate many pre-owned treasures in their local Goodwill, they may have to carefully look. Goodwill Industries International receives many items every day, the store’s inventory rapidly changes.

To get new arrivals, shoppers are advised to visit their local store every day.

Other Common Places to purchase Used Furniture Online

Here are many other places to check for used furniture online:

  • Yard sales: These are the major area for looking for furniture deals as well as one of the best places to shop. People relocating to Florida want to dispose of their belongings. They would love to make as much money as they can on the way. They cannot hold on till the right customer patronizes them. 
  • Facebook MarketplaceThis is a community-driven platform that enables buyers to locate furniture and other household belongings in their location. 


  • Craigslist: This is an online marketplace that gives local classifieds information for each location in the country. 


  • eBay: You will get all you need, which include custom-made furniture to old, vintage pieces to buy on eBay. The marketplace is easy to use for any user in search of unique items. 


  • Etsy: This is an international online marketplace where you can get used and vintage furniture items. Buyers will find different furniture items like custom-made furnishings, sliding barn doors, reclaimed wood coffee tables, and so on. 


  • Offer Up: This is a mobile app that enables users to purchase and sell furniture and other household items directly from their smartphones. Also, there are ratings for buyers and sellers, which enable shoppers to have a clear idea of the person they are dealing with when buying furniture.


  • AptDeco: This is an online furniture marketplace that gives an easy means to buy and sell furniture items in the NYC area. Pottery Barn, Room & Board, Restoration Hardware, Cb2, and so on are the brands sold on the website.

Where and how you can sell your Used Furniture During a Move

You can save yourself the stress of transporting your outdated furniture and also reduce the cost of moving.

Below are some great methods to sell your furniture before the day of your move: 

  • Yard, garage, and moving sales: Throwing a yard sale for shoppers is the best way to get rid of furniture and other household belongings fast. Although you cannot move all the tables, couches, and armoires into the yard, you could let people into your home and see it if you feel safe. The best method is to through a garage sale if you can arrange it during nice weather, before your move. Try to donate furniture and other belongings that are left unsold. 
  • Online classifieds: Take clearer pictures of each furniture item and write a captivating ad for the classified sites. Posting items for sale on websites like USFr or Oodles, always ensure safety when dealing with people who show interest in your ads.  
  • Invite an external expert: You could bring in a junk hauler or an antique showroom buyer as an expert. Be straightforward with the quality and resale value of the furniture pieces you are selling before your move. The age, quality, and condition of the furniture you plan to sell will determine the amount you can expect to make.

You can get the amount your belongings are worth as well as the best method to sell them from moving liquidators.

  • Local Selling Mobile Apps: Although you can check online classified websites as well as social media groups from your mobile device or tablet, many local selling apps are specially designed to sell off items directly. It is an added advantage if you can take quality photos with your phone. You can use any of OfferUp, Decluttr, Letgo, and Close5.


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