Which Type of Moving Company Should I Choose for Overseas Move?

Moving internationally requires a lot of time and patience, but can be made easier with the right moving company. Find the right movers for you with these tips.
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Which Moving Company Should I Choose for Overseas Move
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Want to know which international moving company to choosing for your overseas move? We will help you decide after weighing different options available to you.

If you’ve received a moving allowance or cash lump sum from your company as part of an overseas moving package or you are relocating abroad as a total change in lifestyle, moving your household to a new country will be one of the significant tasks in your life.

Moving to a new country is a new chance and should be a sweet experience. So how do you make sure that the required support is what you get from a moving company?

We have advised many clients on their household belongings moves as well as personally overseas moves countless times.

We will share our experience in this article to guide families who are relocating to another house in a new country and give them an idea of each option’s expectations.  

What are the Available Types of Moving Company?

There are different types of moving company services you can choose for your international move. With just 5 minutes spent on a search engine, you will get numerous options to choose from.

There are many of them; you may feel overwhelmed spending time to find the right candidates to move you. To save your time, we’ve compiled the major categories of moving companies you may find. 

1. The DomesticInternational Moving Company

There are moving companies within your country. Some are popularly known nationwide brands, and others are locally based moving companies you may know or have used to move around town.

Even though they may offer a nice nationwide moving service, overseas moving is different. The process involved is complex, like crossing international borders, scheduling transportation over thousands of miles, and passing through customs borders and immigration.

Although these moving companies may perform a great job in your country, they may not have the appropriate network and contacts as well as the necessary experience to perform these entire processes and assure you a great moving experience at the destination country.   



2. The Internet-Based Website for International Moving Quote

The presence of quote comparison companies is growing by the day. They help customers to find different quotes from various international moving companies from one quote request form.

These are usually the first to come up in the search engine results, all due to their investment in online marketing adverts. These websites can provide you different quotes from different moving companies, which can be attractive to many.

But what credentials do these companies possess?

How do they pick the moving companies to present to you?

Is this a genuine market representation?

They provide a model to sell your lead to their numerous client companies, so make sure you are satisfied with this. If anything goes wrong, who will be responsible for you? Who will you directly work with?

You need to ask yourself these questions before you decide to proceed with this type of moving service.  However, they have been found reliable and cost-effective in moving home and office overseas.



3. The Baggage Transport Company

These are companies that are established to relocate smaller items. For instance, if you plan to ship a few moving boxes, then you can consider these companies as they offer great value via a very simple process.

However, if you are moving more complex items or delivery time is very important to you, you may try looking at other options. These companies are also not perfect for moving full residential belongings. 



4. The Specialist Overseas Moving Company

This type of company can offer relocation services to various countries with the use of their employees. This category of a moving company can provide full moving services needed to perform a successful international move.

When going through the capabilities of an oversea moving company, asking them if they use their professional packers, the protection method they will adopt for your home and belongings during packing, if they have trained and experienced employees who can coordinate the international move, and how they handle customs process is very important.

In this category of specialist country-to-country moving companies, there are certain considerations to concentrate on:  

  • The personal office global network overseas moving company: These companies may be large companies, with many of their own offices represented by dots on the map. They believe in having a single company brand name at each location performing moves. This is perfect in terms of promising a reliable brand service, but there are few questions you need to ask.

I have never seen a company that has its own office in each country across the globe. Does answering the same brand name deliver reliability, and are services at each location of the same quality as the services at the origin? Will you be assigned a point of contact you ask all your questions, or will you be passed one to another often between various move coordinators in different countries?



  • The independent country-to-country moving company working as a part of an official global network: An example of this is FIDI.Choosing a verified moving company is a substitute to an own office model as part of an approved worldwide network.

There are not many global networks to pick from, like ERC, IAM, and Harmony. However, to be certain of a high-quality move, we recommend finding a company accredited with FIDI.

This accreditation denotes a legitimate and established global moving trading history, which FIDI auditors have approved. The FIDI organization is created mainly to define the top quality assurance standard for the overseas relocation industry and to give access to the best country-to-country movers in every city across the globe.

So, it is a brilliant idea to take a look at the FIDI certification before you decide on your international moving company. This method will enable you to choose only the best international mover at origin and destination countries.

Some people may not like the idea of having two companies giving them support, but your mover at your home country would normally be your hired company, and they will be responsible for your door-to-door relocation.

A reliable, independent international moving company will assign a primary point of contact and be responsible for the service you receive. 



Conclusion on choosing a Mover 

Finally, there are many choices for your full household belongings international move. The domestic movers, online quote websites, and baggage transport companies have their advantages but can offer less quality and capability.

The more suited option to relocate home to another country is the specialist international moving companies. They will have the right skills, resources, and worldwide network, which should ensure your move goes smoothly and successfully.

If you want the same brand at each location, then consider the own-office model.

If you need more flexibility and the best at each location, then consider the independent international moving companies as your better option but always check their FIDI certification if you desire the best experience ever.

A good international moving company will take full responsibility for your move and give you a designated point of contact for the door-to-door moving process. 


Immediately you locate the ideal international mover, you will surely discover that the relocation process will be completed easily.

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