Why Are Californians Moving to Texas?

Californians are heading to Texans en masse, but what is causing this trend? Learn about why the Lone Star State is drawing the attention of folks from the coast.
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Why Are Californians Moving to Texas
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It is no major secret that California residents are beginning to flock to Texas. This is a trend that has been increasing steadily ever since the recession of 2008. People who haven’t seen the numbers might believe that the exact opposite is going on, since most people hear about people moving in, instead of leaving the Golden State.

Many factors come into play when people from California make the decision to leave and head for the Lone Star State of Texas. Things like California’s higher cost of living, housing costs, availability and prices of real estate, and much more are things that influence people to leave the Bay Area and Southern California.

If you are one of the Californians moving to Texas, then you might be looking at options and considering your plan carefully. When you have all of your ducks in a row and you are ready to get things rolling, then you should find cross country moving companies in your budget to help you find your new home in Texas as quickly as possible.

With California becoming more expensive to live in and jobs in the state becoming more and more scarce, here are a few things that are making Texas a popular destination for displaced Californians.

Real Estate Options

In California, unless you have a large budget, it can be difficult to buy some land and a home of your very own. A good majority of Californians are renting homes or apartments for exorbitant prices compared to other places in the country.

Many of them want to escape the rent cycle, save up some of their hard-earned money, buy some land, and build a home of their own.

This is much easier to do in Texas than in California. Californians moving to Texas will find a huge abundance of land on sale in the Lone Star State. They will also find that Texas’s construction laws are a lot more lenient than those in California, giving power to the people who wish to live the American dream and build their very own home.

If you’re having trouble finding a house to call your own in California, then these lucrative real estate options might be a great option to check out options in Texas.

The Cost of Living

It is no secret that California’s cost of living is much higher than that of Texas. Some residents moving from California have noted that the thousand dollars (if not more) that they paid per month for a very small one-bedroom apartment in California can rent them a three-bedroom house in Texas.

Other options go into play here, too. Grocery prices, gas prices, utility bills, and more are much lower in Texas than they are in California, by a long shot. It is simply much more affordable in Texas, and much easier to get every penny out of your paycheck.


Taxes are another factor that is influencing many of the Californians moving to Texas. California is known for having high taxes, while Texas is much laxer on its tax policies. In fact, Texas is unique among other states when it comes to state income tax.

One reason for this is that residents of the Lone Star State don’t actually any personal state income tax. There are other taxes, however, but they are noticeably cheaper than not only California but many other states in the country, as well.

One that should be mentioned in particular is Texas’s lower property taxes. Paying lower taxes (and not paying any money at all out of your personal income tax) will help you save more money.

The State’s Political Climate

Many people in California might feel displaced in the current political climate that it is exhibiting. For example, people who love a trip to the shooting range every now and then will love Texas much more than California. Ironically, Texas is not well-known for being a liberal climate but is much more liberal than California in the old-fashioned sense.

This is because Texas is a “live and let live” kind of state. People in Texas mostly take care of themselves and tend to stay out of other folks’ business.

There are many activists for the First and Second Amendment in Texas that are proud to be doing everything they can to help uphold the values of the Constitution, and some Californians moving to Texas may just find the political climate in the Lone Star State a breath of fresh air.

That Texas Weather

Speaking of climates, Texas has one that many Californians desire. While some folks might think that California has the most desired climate in the country, many people leaving California are in search of the type of climate you might expect to find in the Texas city of Austin.

Austin usually offers 300 days of sunshine out of the year. This means folks can enjoy being outside much more often, having family cookouts and barbecues in the backyard, or hosting block parties for all the neighbors to attend and have a good time.

The winters in Texas are generally quite mild, and the Texan summers are known for being warm. This isn’t a problem, however, since Texas is home to many gorgeous lakes and beaches when you’re ready to beat the summer heat with your family.

If you’re planning a move to Texas, looking forward to year-round sunshine might be something to help motivate you even more, because there is plenty of it to go around.

Texas Has Something For Everyone

Californians moving to Texas aren’t a new phenomenon in this decade. Sure, many people dream of moving out to California, but they may be surprised to find out just how many people are actually leaving the Golden State.

The truth is, Texas has something for everyone, including easier ways to access these things thanks to its lower costs of living and abundance of employment opportunities.

No matter what you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it in the Lone Star State. Texas is very friendly to new faces, and it is waiting to welcome you with open arms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about moving from California to Texas? You’re not alone! Here are some commonly asked questions by people who are getting ready to make their move:

What is the average cost to move from California to Texas?

Various factors can influence your final price, such as how many things you need to move and whether or not you need special services. On average, though, most Californians making their move to Texas can expect to pay around $4000 for their move.

Why are Texan homes so much cheaper than in California?  

The land is a lot cheaper in Texas than in California, and the average wages in Texas are also lower than the Golden State, which means lower prices for housing in most of Texas.

Why are so many people leaving California? 

Many people polled have said that they have left California due to a few reasons, such as the high cost of living and the higher average taxes paid by Californians.

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