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The Best Time to Move: A Comprehensive Guide to Timing Your Relocation

Moving is always a challenge no matter the season or reason. Whether it be a long distance move or just a change of scenery down the street, there are a few factors to keep in mind to save you time, stress and money.
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What is the Best Season to Move?

If you have the liberty of a flexible moving date despite work, school and just everyday life there are a few pros and cons to each season.


The winter season will always be the cheapest option for moving as it is less popular and less clients are in demand of popular dates leaving moving companies wiggle room to bargain down prices. Despite the savings, a winter move can be quite a headache. 

If you are moving to a location with harsh weather conditions such as snow storms or torrential rains, a change of weather may throw off your entire schedule and end up costing double. 

Verify your mover’s cancellation policies and keep this in mind when choosing “the one”. As well, ensure to avoid moving too close to Christmas or New Years as the prices tend to double due to the holidays.


Peak moving season also means peak prices. Since the weather is sunny and bright, prices also will be higher than at other times, but with schools on break as well as it being a “seller’s market season”, the extra costs might well be worth it for your family.

Spring/ Fall

Comfortable temperatures while still technically remaining in the “off-season” makes these months the sweet spot for a frugal yet comfortable move. 

(Pro tip: In a college town this is the opposite as semester begins prices tend to sky rocket.)

When is the Best Time to Move?

Mid September all the way through to April during week days mid-month is proven to be the cheapest with most moving companies as demand is low. 

(Memorial Day and Labor Day excluded). If your schedule allows a mid week move despite work, you could potentially save hundreds of dollars.

The early bird gets the worm as they say! Plan your move for as early as the moving company allows in the day as the first client is less likely to experience delays due to another client’s unexpected errors. 

As well, workers will be less tired after their morning coffee and prone to want to finish the job as quickly as possible. Starting early means more time to settle into your new home.

Make sure to take traffic into consideration to make sure the day is as stress-free as can be!


Moving with the family brings all types of new challenges of acclimation. Schooling of children as well as new job contracts will likely determine the move date you will book despite drastic price differences. 

Whether you are moving in order to begin a new dream job, or just to take the family for new surroundings, likely you will prefer to allow the children to finish up their school year around June and move between then and August where they will begin in a new school system if jobs allow for such.

Move on Time

Ultimately your priorities will determine where and when you will make the move, but we hope these small tips allow you to make an informed consumer decision! Ensure to schedule your move-date as in advance as possible and best of luck from all of us at MovingAPT!

Happy Moving!

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