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About Moving APT

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Every move comes with its own pains and pleasures. In simple terms, moving can suck. Or it can be a simple success.

Everyone’s experienced a moving horror story: movers ditched you last minute, ripped you off, or broke valuables – the list goes on.

What makes your cross-country move easy and actually fun? A truly excellent mover. A reliable, trustworthy, and experienced moving company can make your move a success and joy.

Our Story


One day, in the middle of winter, five men sat down and realized that they wanted to transform the American interstate moving experience. They brainstormed and thought of ways they could make moving much more than a positive experience for Americans moving cross country.

And so, the concept and business model for Moving APT was born.

The dream team that now delivers interstate moving services to Americans with outstanding customer service is the original team of experts behind the Moving APT operation. Our research provides Americans with lists of the best interstate movers in the industry.


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The Moving APT Magic Touch: Our Offering

While some websites only promote movers paying to promote their business, Moving APT provides lists of the best interstate moving companies based on their team’s research, profiling the absolute top rated cross-country moving companies. Every mover listed on Moving APT’s site is reviewed by real customers and rated highly for their service. Expect a terrific overall move, as our crew analyses and processes real review data to deliver the leading movers based on your needs.

Growing from a 5-person crew to a team of thirty men moving Americans with pride, Moving APT operations are headquartered in Florida, and extended to New York shortly after the company was established. 

We stand proud as one of America’s best cross country movers, bonded, insured and licensed by the Department of Transportation.

Want to gain confidence in our services?

Try us out and move now.

Moving America for 20 Years
and Proud

Business milestones should be celebrated like successful moves. Cheers to making cross country moving fun for over twenty years in America, with steady and strong growth. We’ve become one of the most trusted names in American interstate moving - reliable, honest, and experienced.

The insights we deliver are based on researched reviews of satisfied customers nationwide. Get a free quote or a list of the best cross-country movers. Moving APT: your best-in-class move is here.

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The Best Licensed Interstate Movers


Keeping up with local, state, and federal license and insurance standards is critical for any mover. As an industry leader in cross country moving, we comply fully with industry regulations, registered with the FMCSA. 

Our team can arrange the transport of goods with partnering moving companies that are all FMCSA authorized. 

The cost of your move depends on the contractor we bring on board to relocate your home or business.

Ask us about carrier tariffs any time.

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