Residential Moving Services

Moving APT offers many services and will do most any type of move. Many people choose our residential moving services.

Whether you’re moving houses, or are apartment moving, we can help with anything you may need.

Residential Moving Services

Don’t doubt in calling us. Our reputation should tell it all – we do a great job. As an interstate moving broker, we actually choose AMSA and DOT approved carriers that can move your things securely from one residence to another, and work with the most professional and experienced moving consultants to make your experience moving home an excellent one.

Helping You When Moving House

When Moving APT helps you with moving house or moving apartment, we include all the services needed to get you where you need to be in the quickest, safest way possible.

Moving home is a huge change, but we want you to be stress-free and comfortable with our services. We will find transportation for your belongings, and pass you a flat rate quote for you to approve before starting.

This quote already covers tolls, taxes, fuel costs, and all other costs. We are transparent and won’t spring any last second fees on you.

Get a Moving Checklist for Moving Home

Part of our services when helping you with moving home is our moving checklist. We’ll help you think of it all so that your move goes smoothly.

When moving home we understand that there is a lot to think about, but we’ve got you covered, as our moving checklist is comprehensive.

We’ll give you guidelines for things that need to be done, such as a change of address, what to do before you move, and what to take care of on moving day and delivery day, as well as tips on what time of year to move or book your move.

Get a Free Quote

Enter Moving Details and Get your Moving Quote in Seconds.

Any Packing Material for Apartment Moving You Could Think Of…

We really do have it all thought out when you’ve got to move homes or are in the middle of long-distance apartment moving.

Packing materials can be one of the most essential items needed in a move, as they keep your belongings safe. We offer boxes, bubble wrap, blankets, tape, and more.

You’ll be able to pack more effortlessly and confidently, knowing that all your goods and belongings are properly prepared for the drive.

Trust us to help you with your packing material needs when it comes time to do your home or apartment moving.

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