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16-Foot POD Moving Cost: Complete Guide

Moving pods have become a popular choice for moving cross-country or locally. What are the costs and the advantages of this method? Our guide can help.
How Much Does a 16-Foot Pod Container Cost?

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If you’re considering your options for an out of state move, it’s likely that moving pods, or moving containers, are one of the things that you’re considering. The cost of a 16-foot pod container is typically between $400 and $600 for a local move, and between $1,000 and $3,000 for a long-distance or cross country move.

What is a moving pod and why would you consider it for your move in the first place? Here’s a deep dive into everything that you need to know in order to determine if it’s the right option for you.

What is a Moving Pod?

A moving pod is, essentially, a large storage container. These are made out of steel and look like a storage unit that you’d see at a mass storage company. They can be anywhere between 6 and 16 feet in length, and they have a roll-up door that you can lock like a storage unit.  These containers are weather-resistant, and they can be transported anywhere.

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What Does the Process of Renting a Moving Pod Look Like?

The process of renting a pod is relatively simple. First, you will schedule a date for the beginning of your rental. The minimum amount of time that you can rent a moving container is a month, and you’ll be charged a specific rate every thirty days (we’ll get into costs in more detail in the next section).

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The company will bring the container to your property on the agreed date and time. You will need to let them know where to put it, because placement is a big part of the process. You, likely, want to have it on your driveway or in a parking spot on the street (at which point you will need to have a specific permit to do so).

Then, you have it for up to a month. During this time, you can fill it up with everything that you’re taking with you, and you pack it up as you please, just like you would if you were going to be loading up a moving van or some other moving vehicle.

When you’re all loaded up, then you schedule a date for them to come and get the moving pod so they can load it back up for you. At that point, you will also schedule the date in which you would like the pod to arrive at your new home.

Typically, a moving pod company is going to have a schedule of where their trucks are going, and they’ll use that schedule to tell you a range of dates that you can schedule. Then, you wait for your pod to arrive at your new home and you unload it according to your own timetable.

How Do You Calculate Costs for a Moving Pod?

There are a number of costs associated with your moving container rental, and all of them will come together for your final cost. Here’s a breakdown of some of the costs that may be associated with a pod rental.

  • Delivery cost – $100 to $150
  • 30 Days rental – $100 to $200 (depending on the size of the container)
  • Relocate Container Cost – $75 to $150 for local moves; $1000 to $2000 for long-distance moves
  • Return – $100
  • Additional Rental Time (if you need more than 30 days) – $150 to $200 per 30 days

Now, these are just the costs that are from the moving pod company itself. They will use all of this information to put together a quote for the entire time that you plan on having it.

You will, typically, put a deposit on the container so that you can hold your place and get it when you need it. After your move has been completed, you will have to pay the balance. They wait until after everything is completed so that, if you need the pod for a longer period than expected, you can pay those extra costs as well.

There are other costs that you need to keep in mind, too. One of the most important costs to consider is moving insurance. The moving pod company has base insurance available, but you want to get additional service so that you can get the full value of everything if something were to happen. This cost will vary based on valuation but could be between $25 and $400.

Lastly, you also want to be sure that you get a padlock for the container. This could be anywhere from $10 to $100, depending on how large and/or complex of a padlock you decide to buy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you put a moving pod if you live in an apartment? 

If you live in an apartment, you’re going to need to put the container on the street or in an alley. Typically, you will need to be sure that you talk to your locality to make sure that you don’t get it towed away or end up with a fine.

Can you hire someone else to load a moving pod for you?

Absolutely! Some companies that offer moving containers will also offer packing and loading services if that’s what you’re looking for. And even if the company you’re renting from doesn’t offer services, you can hire moving labor to assist you if necessary.

What if there’s a delay with your moving pod?

Many moving container companies have something in their contracts related to delays on either end of your move. Typically, you will get a discount on the final cost or you will get a rebate after your move has been completed.   

Finding the Best Moving Pod for Your Home

As you can see, a moving pod can be a pretty solid option to consider if you want to be sure that your move goes how you want it to. Do some research and find the company that makes the most sense for your purposes and gets things scheduled ASAP.

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