How To Find 24 Hour Self Storage Companies

Storage units are convenient, but what good are they if they aren’t available 24-7? Here’s a look at how you can find 24-7 self-storage units in your area.
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How To Find 24 Hour Access Self Storage Companies
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Sometimes, it can be difficult to find storage companies that offer 24-hour access. This is because most storage facilities open and closes on a schedule, and finding one open 24/7 has become harder.

That isn’t to say that facilities open 24 hours a day don’t exist. Many great storage facilities still offer 24/7 access so that customers storing their items there can have access to their stuff at any time.

If you’re a business owner or homeowner looking for a place to securely store your stuff while looking at getting moving quotes for a future move, or just need somewhere to keep excess belongings, there is surely a storage solution for you. 

The 4 Best Storage Companies that offer 24-Hour Storage Units Access

Although the storage center can be a franchise of a nationwide brand, it might not operate on the same level as other facilities from the same company, and this implies that not all storage facilities offer 24/7 access.

Below are some of the storage companies offer 24-hour access if you would like to work with a popular name for your self-storage needs:  

1. CubeSmart - Best For 24 Hour Storage

This company has over 800 facilities across the nation and is one of the common self-storage brands in the country. CubeSmart offers residential, business, and auto storage solutions for customers. The storage unit from this company is climate-controlled with easy access for customers.

CubeSmart also offers unobstructed video surveillance, electronically gated access, and a safe environment for your belongings. With CubeSmart, you can get convenient monthly storage rentals. 

CubeSmart - Top National Self-Storage Companies that offer 24-Hour Access

Overall Rating 4.9 / 5

CubeSmart - Top National Self-Storage Companies that offer 24-Hour Access



2. Extra Space Storage

Extra Space Storage has become one of the common self-storage providers in the United States, with its climate-controlled containers and modern-day security features.

The storage center offers more than 1,500 locations across the nation with flexibility in monthly contracts.

Extra Space Storage - Top National Self-Storage Companies that offer 24-Hour Access

Overall Rating 4.8 / 5

Extra Space Storage - Top National Self-Storage Companies that offer 24-Hour Access



3. Public Storage

You can easily find a Public storage location if you need a self-storage unit. The company has thousands of storage locations across the nation, and most of it offers drive-up, walk-up, and elevator access to the storage facilities.

Storage units from Public Storage are also climate controlled. The company also offers convenient monthly storage plans.

Public Storage - Top National Self-Storage Companies that offer 24-Hour Access

Overall Rating 4.7 / 5

Public Storage - Top National Self-Storage Companies that offer 24-Hour Access



4. U-Haul

Alongside moving truck and trailer rentals, U-Haul also offers safe and affordable self-storage units to clients. All of their storage locations are safe, climate-controlled, and provides unrestricted access to customers.

U-Haul offers full-service storage options for those who would prefer to have their storage unit picked up by someone else from their house. Storage units are available to customers on a monthly basis.

Uhaul - The 4 Best Storage Companies that offer 24-Hour Access

Overall Rating 4.6 / 5

uhaul - Top National Self-Storage Companies that offer 24-Hour Access



The Following Table Displays The Best Storage Companies:

No. Best Self-Storage Companies of 2022Website
2.Extra Space

Why Is It Difficult to Find 24 Hour Storage Facilities? 

Sometimes, many storage companies that do offer 24 hour access may not properly advertise the fact, meaning some customers may not be aware that they are a 24 hour access facility. Many facilities may not have information related to their hours and schedule.

One of the quickest ways to find 24-hour storage facilities is simply to open up your favorite web browser on your computer, tablet, or smartphone and type self-storage near me in your preferred search engine. This will give you a list of 24 hour storage facilities in your local area.

If hours of operation aren’t clearly listed on-location or online, don’t be afraid to call the facility and inquire about their access hours. They may allow 24-hour access and not have it clearly marked as such.

However, if you’re unable to find a storage facility in your area that advertises itself as open 24 hours a day, then all hope is not lost. Some facility managers will be happy to work with customers who have special requirements.

If you work late and need to access your unit during the off-hours or have some other special circumstance, you may be pleasantly surprised to find a facility manager who is willing to work with your needs

Pro Tips

Cost Saving Tips

Make sure you carefully screen each storage center that claims to offer no-restriction access. You will realize that the deeper you research, the clearer it became that not all of these storage companies that pride themselves on offering 24-hour access actually do.

What Do I Look For in 24 Hour Storage Facilities? 

When you have found a facility that allows 24-hour access, you might be wondering how you know you’ve found one that will meet all of your needs.

The first thing you need to know is how big of a storage unit you’re going to need. Prices are going to vary depending on the size of the unit you require. If you just need to store a few extra things from around the house or office, then a small 10×10 should be all you need.

If, however, you need to store a lot of things, then you’ll need to look at bigger units. You should also be thinking of your unique needs when you begin looking for options for storage facilities. For example, some facilities will offer benefits like these:

  • Climate control: If you are storing electronics or other belongings that are sensitive to certain temperatures or need to be kept in a certain climate, then a climate-controlled storage unit is going to be right up your alley. In many units, you can set your desired temperature that you wish the unit to remain at. 
  • Vehicle storage: Many storage facilities take things a step further and give you room to store your boat, RV, or even your car. 
  • Gate access: For added peace of mind, many storage facilities offer gate access, meaning no one can enter the facilities without the assigned gate code. Only facility employees and facility customers will have access to the gate codes.

How To Avoid Storage Unit Scams

The design of storage units differs from one to another. Keep the following red flags in mind when researching nearest 24-hour storage centers in your area: 

1. Poor security:

Security is very vital in keeping your belongings safe while in storage, especially in storage facilities that offer 24-hour access. Your unit is exposed to a high risk of being burgled due to the number of people entering the facilities daily.

Make sure there are proper security measures in place before you decide to choose a 24-hour storage unit.

2. Bad customer service:

Placing your possessions in the hands of someone else when you rent a storage unit is not advisable. Proceed with serious caution if the people that attend to you are rude, dismissive, or not interested in your questions or refuse to grant you a tour around the property.

You should consider other places if you are not satisfied with the customer service as the safety of your belongings will be in their hands. 

3. Unreasonable high prices:

Although high prices are not always a bad signal, it may be a bad thing if charged for no good reason. It would help if you were careful of a storage unit provider that offers higher rates than others in your area and with no major benefits to the higher rate or any sign that the higher rates will be reduced.

Administration fees or deposits are also required by some storage facilities, which can be expensive and should be compared as well. 

4. Poor reviews:

Online reviews are a reliable resource for consumers in any type of market, including storage solutions. Read customer reviews across many available sites before you commit to any facility.

Google, Yelp, and other sites are there to ensure other customers don’t fall into the trap. There are customers that leave negative reviews for minor issues, so be sure to read all reviews with an open mind, but if there are too many negative reviews about a company or its services such as poor communication, make sure you factor this in your decision making.

5. Contract:

Although it is helpful to get a contract for storage units, they are generally drafted to drag customers into making a long-term rental commitment than they actually need.

If you find a contract to be too long for your need, like more than a year, you may end up paying for a time longer than you need.     

What's The Difference between Indoor Storage, Drive-Up Storage, and Climate Control?

The majority of our storage facilities provide unique storage sizes and types. Popular types of unit are:  

1. Climate-Controlled Units

This storage type is ideal for items that react to unstable temperatures. These storage units never go below 650 or more than 850F.

Although it is a bit costly than indoor or outdoor storage units, the little money you spend in additional rent could save you from spending thousands of dollars on damage in the future.

Popular items that are reactant to hot and cold weather include vintage drum kits, books and comics, wooden furniture, electronic, valuable instruments, antiques, wine, artwork, and so on.

Contact one of our facilities if you are not sure of the storage type required by your belongings. Our storage reps are always available to ensure you get the right unit for your need.   

2. Indoor Storage Units

Indoor units are kept inside a 1, 2, or 3 story building, to offer limited exposure to harsh elements. You can access units through industrial elevators and storage facilities that usually have dollies and pushcarts to help you transport larger items.

However, you cannot take this storage type for a storage unit that offers climate control. The indoor storage unit offers protection from when the temperature begins to fall but cannot offer stability like climate-controlled units. 

3. Drive-Up Storage Units

This type of storage unit is best for those in need of quick and easy access to their belongings. Drive your vehicle straight to your unit, park, unload, and leave the facility. Accessing your unit becomes easier with our roll-up doors and also helps you save space, unlike the swinging doors.

Although this is usually the most convenient storage type, it doesn’t provide much protection from the elements like the indoor and climate-controlled units. However, Drive-up is the most common type of storage unit majorly because of its easy and instant access, and the nice protection from dirt, water, pests, and other unwanted elements.

Simply because this unit doesn’t offer control over temperature like other types of storage doesn’t make it less secure, reliable, and clean.  

Frequently Asked Questions About 24-hour Storage Units

Still, have questions? Here are a few answers to some of the most common self-storage near me inquiries:

Yes, once you have moved your stuff into your unit and squared everything away with the facility manager, you’ll be given keys to your unit, a gate code (if applicable), and will be able to come and go anytime if the facility is truly 24/7. If not, you’ll have to come during business hours.

Not all storage facilities offer electrical hookups in storage units, but many of them do. If you need electricity in your unit and aren’t sure if your chosen storage facility offers this amenity, simply check their website for specifics or give them a call to ask if they offer any units with electrical hookups.

You don’t want to forget paying for your storage unit. If you don’t properly back out of your agreement with the facility and don’t make your payments on time, you could see your belongings being seized and the facility ruling your unit as abandoned.

If this happens, your belongings may be sold to make up for the loss of your missed payments.

A 24-hour storage unit is a unit that can be accessed during the day or night, not minding the office hours. This storage option makes everything easier for those who may require access to their belongings after office hours or weekends. It also offers them a peace of mind and more convenience alongside the unrestricted accessibility.

Renters of the 24-hours storage unit are usually given other means of identification that functions beyond a unit key.

This could be in the form of a swipe card or a key pass to easily access the facility from the locked gateway, or a way to prove authorization to a guard at the entrance.

Human monitoring may or may not be required at facilities that offer 24-hour access. Although some storage companies employ security guards to monitor cameras and go round the premises, others do not. In some storage centers, an employee will be asked to follow customers to their units after office hours.

The first step here is to restrict your search to the city or area you work or live in. Just supply a city name or zip code into the search bar and press enter. You will see the entire nearby storage facilities on the map as well as in the listings.

We provide you with the option to make amenities, prices, and other specials comparisons alongside rankings of storage facilities made by previous renters.

You can make a free online booking without any deposit or credit card information supplied immediately you screened the storage facilities to the one that matches your needs.

No. you provide the lock to the storage space you rent, and only you possess the key. Company only sells locks on their facilities through the main office in case you need to get one.

Only when you move in you can discover if you need more or less space for your belongings. But they allow flexibility to accommodate your needs. The facility manager will be ready to help you with your needs, whether a small, larger, or extra unit for your belongings.

Most of storage facilities offer climate control features. This implies that their temperature is regulated as well as their humidity levels all through the year.

Not all the storage units you find at the facilities are climate controlled as it depends on the size of the unit you need for your belongings.

The climate control unit is suitable for stuff that reacts to a temperature such as artwork, furniture, documents, electronics, and wooden items.

Do storage units always have electrical outlets on them? Even though electrical outlets are unusual in most storage units, some storage facilities offer them as a feature for certain units. Electricity will be listed on any storage units that have electrical outlets on it at the features and amenities section of their listing.

A 5 by 5 storage unit is similar to the size of a small closet. It accommodates a dresser, a set of mattresses, and many small to medium-size boxes. You can also use this space to hold garden tools, sports equipment, and seasonal décor.

The majority of these drive-access storage units are positioned in a climate-controlled building. With Wi-Fi internet access available at some locations, you can stay connected to our storage facilities with great Wi-Fi access to our clients. You get every advantage possible for your self-storage needs at any life Storage center.

The 10 by 10 unit, which is about 100 sq-ft, is perfect for holding a 2-bedroom worth of contents. It will perfectly hold a king-size mattress, dining room, entertainment center, large appliances, furniture, and other items usually found in a two-bedroom space.

5 by 10, almost the size of a huge walk-in closet, 10 by 10, similar to the size of a kid’s bedroom (10 by 10s are the most popular size of the storage unit as of 2015, constituting 16% of the units in the United States). 10 by 20, similar to the size of a 1-car garage, 15 by 20, similar to the size of a large master bedroom.

The size of the storage facility starts from 10,000 sq0ft to 100,000 sq-ft or more. The median self-storage facility has 46,000 net rentable square feet (the quantity of space that can be rented by tenant). About 2.5 to 5 acres is generally covered by a facility.


If you have found a storage company in your area that seems like it might be a good match for you, don’t hesitate to call in and ask any questions you may have, and try to see the unit in person beforehand so you can make sure it meets all your expectations.

When you find the storage unit that meets your needs, you will be able to rest comfortably knowing that your stuff is stored away, safe and sound.

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