How To Get Free Moving Quotes From Professional Movers

Professional movers are essential to a move, but can get costly. Learn about types of estimates and how to get them for free before choosing a moving company.
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How To Get Free Moving Quotes From Professional Movers
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You’re sorting out all of the details as you get ready for moving day. You want to be sure that you’ve got everything in order and ready to go. You’re trying to get your budget together – but how do you know how much to put aside for the move?

If you take some time to get moving quotes, you can definitely put yourself in a better position than you may have expected otherwise. How can you be sure that you get accurate numbers? Free quotes can be a huge help – and many companies offer them. How can you be sure to find them? Here’s a quick look.

Use the Internet to Find Several Moving Companies to Get Info From

The internet has all sorts of different options available when it comes to figuring out exactly what you want from a professional moving company. You can learn a lot about what companies are out there and what sorts of services they offer to people like you.

On top of that, you can often get the information that you need in order to get in touch with them and/or to schedule a time in which you can talk to them. This makes everything much more streamlined and allows you to start getting everything in motion.

Use a Facilitator or Broker Website

In some cases, you may find that it’s better to go with a facilitator or a broker in order to get your move taken care of. These companies do the hard part – sifting out what out of state movers are worth your time and money and which ones you may want to avoid. As a result, you get a curated list that you can choose from.

Facilitators and brokers are, for sure, a “middlemen.” But, they often have rules and regulations associated with the moving companies that they connect you with. In short, you can feel confident that you’re going to be working with cross country moving companies that are trustworthy and able to help you with whatever you may need.

Send an Email with any Questions You Have

Once you figure out who you want to consider, your best bet is to get in touch with the people that you may be working with. Put together a list of all of the questions you may have (it may vary, based on what info you could find on the web) and send it to them in an email, if that’s an available option.

Another consideration is calling them. You can talk to someone on the phone and get your questions answered. Either way, you may be told that you can get your questions answered with their free quote, and they may be able to give you some sort of a ballpark figure as to what you may expect to pay for everything. But, don’t take that as Gospel – wait until they come to you.

Schedule Your Movers to Come and Take a Look at What They’re Moving

Now that you’ve talked to them and gotten some of your questions answered, it’s time to make sure that you get all of the details that you need in order to get an accurate estimate. The fact is, you’ll want them to actually come in and do an in-house estimate.

In-house estimates end up being a lot more accurate than other options. On top of that, you may notice that it’s easier to ask them about specific issues that you are concerned with because they can actually see what is going on with it. The more they know, the more accurate of a number they can provide.

Also, be sure that you get everything written down as a part of the estimate process. If you have it in writing, not only will you be able to keep track of things better, but you’ll have something to work with if the company tries to change something about your move at the last minute.

Get Estimates and Compare

Now that you’ve done all of that work, it’s time to get your results and see how much that your estimates are for. In many cases, you’ll be able to get multiple quotes and make sure that you have all of the information that you need in order to make a good decision. While it took some work to do so, the result will be that you get the best move for your budget and needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I negotiate with movers? 

Yes. Not everyone knows how to negotiate nowadays, but learning how to do so can be really, really helpful for you. You could save some cash and feel a little less stressed out about how much that you’re going to need to spend when moving day comes around.

How soon should I schedule my movers?

The sooner you know about when you want to move, the easier that it’s going to be for you to actually get everything schedule exactly how you want it to be. If you have to wait until the last minute, it could result in you missing out on the best prices or the best-case scenario for your situation.

How do I know if a moving company is legitimate? 

Look into their licensing and bonding. They should be able to provide you with numbers that have been given to them from the state(s) that they are able to do work in. Look into it if they can’t – in some cases, they may still be legitimate, but it’s definitely a cause for concern.

Your best bet is to look up that info or talk to the state agency in charge of licensing your state’s movers about the moving company in question.


The sooner that you determine all of these details, the easier it will be to organize, and the faster you’ll be able to work out what it is that you need to accomplish. Explore what you can learn and, in the long run, you’ll be able to achieve your goals and get your move executed quickly and properly.

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