What Services Do Long Distance Movers Offer in 2019?

Long-distance movers put a lot of time, energy, and effort into offering moving services to their customers. These long-distance moves could be to a different state somewhat close to the one that they are currently in, or they could be across the entire country.

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Top 10 Long Distance Moving Companies

Some moving companies will even take care of international moves of all lengths, working with other international companies in order to accomplish their goals in an effective manner.

While some of these companies differ from local moving companies, they may also offer local services to their customer base. They typically have a number of resources and services available that are focused on long-distance moving needs. Their movers are specially trained so that they can take care of long-distance moves without too many complications or concerns. They have various sized trucks and plans in place that allow their movers to take care of multi-day moves.

Along with moving, many moving companies also offer freight moving services and storage options, in case you may have some sort of delay or your items need to be held in storage for one reason or another. Long-distance movers also offer many of the typical services that are associated with moving companies, including packing services, unpacking services, moving supply sales, and more. When you search for a moving company with the help of Moving APT, you can feel confident that you’re getting all of the information about the companies that you get quotes from.

The Top 10 Long Distance Moving Companies Located in the United States

1. Atlas Van Lines 

It’s been said that more people use Atlas Van Lines than almost any other national moving company that is out there. During the mid-20th century, a network of small moving and storage companies decided that their businesses would thrive if they joined together to make what is now Atlas Van Lines.

Now, their central offices are located in Indiana, but they have several hundred different franchises that are located throughout the United States and into Canada. The different agents that fall under the Atlas Van Lines umbrella can take care of van and truck rentals, storage facilities, residential moves, and business moves.

Website: www.atlasvanlines.com

Top Long Distance Movers - Atlas Van Lines

2. Allied Van Lines

Started in 1928 in the Eastern United States, Allied Van Lines is a company that was originally situated to help reduce the amount of “dead heading” (sending trucks without anything being loaded in them) in the moving industry at that time. It started as a nonprofit organization, and then became a business in the 1960’s, adding stock options and running as a for-profit corporation.

The company is often ranked among the best in the country when it comes to cross-country moves, and has gotten a lot of recognition over the years as it has expanded to most of the lower 48 states.

Website: www.allied.com

Top Long Distance Movers - Allied Van Lines

3. Arpin Van Lines 

Most people have, at the very least, heard of Arpin Van Lines. Long-distance movers from Arpin Van Lines are easily recognizable, due to the unique logos on their worldwide network of trucks, tractor trailers, and moving vans.

Arpin offers both moving and storage for their customers, and their reputation is one that is well-known throughout the United States and even around the world. Arpin’s local moving professionals from your local area can talk to you about your moving needs and work out the details so that your move goes as smoothly as it possibly can.

Website: www.arpin.com

Top Long Distance Movers - Arpin Van Lines

4. Bekins Van Lines

Bekins is a long-distance moving company that has their main offices in Indianapolis (IN) and currently has 300+ locations that you can find throughout the United States and all over the world.

The company has been around longer than any other long-distance movers that are in the United States, and they also offer a variety of other services alongside of their moving services. They take care of storage and logistics for multiple companies that are based in the USA. Bekins Van Lines is able to assist with any type of move, both local and long-distance, hence why they have gained such a positive reputation over time.

Website: www.bekins.com

Top Long Distance Movers - Bekins Van Lines

5. Black Tie Moving 

Black Tie Moving refers to itself as a “luxury moving and relocation concept” that works hard to help its customers with every aspect of their long-distance move. The center of Black Tie’s program is their 24/7 concierge service, which allows them to sort out every aspect of their move while also feeling safe and confident about everything that needs to happen for their move to go smoothly.

Homeowners of all backgrounds can work with Black Tie, and they are known for working with top celebrities, athletes, musicians, and politicians because of their commitment to luxury and to their customers.

Website: www.blacktiemoving.com

Top Long Distance Movers - Black Tie Moving

6. 2 Men and a Truck 

With locations in 43 of the 50 states in the United States, this Michigan-based company (Lansing area) was started by two brothers that wanted to make some extra money during college. Their desire to get some extra cash started with a $300 truck and then ended up becoming one of the biggest, most respected long-distance moving companies in the United States.

Using a franchise model, 2 Men and a Truck is continually growing and expanding to add more locations, which makes it easier than ever for consumers to connect with this company and get the long-distance moving help that they need.

Website: www.twomenandatruck.com

Top Long Distance Movers - 2 Men and a Truck

7. Mayflower Transit

Made up from independent contractors from every part of the United States, Mayflower Transit is known for their point-to-point moving services and they are able to help with a variety of tasks related to moving and storage. International and interstate moves are possible with the help of Mayflower Transit due to the network that they have built.

The independent contractors that work with Mayflower are known for being committed to customer service and are able to take care of their local customers in a manner similar to what you’ll find from a local moving company.

Website: www.mayflower.com

Top Long Distance Movers - Mayflower Transit

8. North American Moving Services

North American Moving Services (also referred to as North American Van Lines, or NAVL) started with just a dozen small companies in the early 1930’s. They merged to create this larger, now well-known corporation that is trusted the world over with moving needs.

The company’s 200+ locations throughout the United States and Canada mainly provide help for businesses and residential customers who are in need of relocation services. North American Moving Services has been owned by several larger companies in the past, but they maintain their commitment to being the best long-distance movers in the industry and they work hard to maintain that reputation among North American consumers.

Website: www.northamerican.com

Top Long Distance Movers - North American Moving Services

9. United Van Lines

A part of the corporation known as UniGroup, Inc, United Van Lines is a company that was started in 1928 in Cleveland, Ohio. It relocated to Fenton, Missouri when it came under the UniGroup umbrella.

The company was originally developed in order to help independent moving companies with return shipments of their vehicles and equipment. But, as time went on, the company ended up expanding to take care of long-distance moves throughout the United States. United Van Lines also offers logistics services and storage services for both residential and commercial customers throughout the United States and Canada.

Website: www.unitedvanlines.com

Top Long Distance Movers - United Van Lines

10. Upack

Upack is a moving company that is doing things a little bit differently. Instead of sending movers to your home to load and unload your items, you’re the one that is packing things up. They bring you an empty moving crate, similar to what you see on the back of a tractor trailer. You fill it up with your packed items and then let Upack know that your trailer is ready to go. The company then sends movers to come and pick up your trailer, and they’ll drive it to wherever your new home is – it’s pretty simple.

It’s a different way to move, but it has become quite popular and it’s a really reliable option for people who may not be completely certain as to when they’re moving. 

Website: www.upack.com

upack - Best Cross Country Moving Companies

The following are the best long distance movers of 2019

No. Top Long Distance Movers of 2019 Website
1.Atlas Van Lineswww.atlasvanlines.com
2.Allied Van Lineswww.allied.com
3.Arpin Van Lineswww.arpin.com
5.Black Tie Moving www.blacktiemoving.com
6.2 Men And A Truckwww.twomenandatruck.com
7.Mayflower Transitwww.mayflower.com
8.North American Moving Serviceswww.northamerican.com
9.United Van Lineswww.unitedvanlines.com

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How Much Does it Cost to Hire Long Distance Movers?

Long-distance movers have a variety of criteria that they utilize in order to determine how much your move is going to cost. While local moves are usually calculated by the hour, long-distance moves are usually calculated by how much stuff that you’re going to be taking with you to your new location. Usually, they will send someone to your home to take a look at everything that you plan on bringing with you in order to put together a quote that makes sense.

Long-distance moves take a lot of time, effort, and logistics in order to ensure that everything is taken care of properly. With the help of your movers, you will be able to determine a lot of information around your move and you’ll work to take care of a variety of needs and concerns related to your move. Because of that as well as travel time, fuel costs, wear and tear on the trucks, etc., your long-distance movers are going to be putting much more effort into a long-distance move than they would if they were dealing with a local move, hence the higher price tag associated with it.

A move that is within your state is going to cost much less than a cross-country move will. If you’re looking at moving your apartment across the country, it’s going to have a different price point than if you’re moving a 5 bedroom house two or three states over. This is because of how much stuff you’re going to be taking with you when you move.

Here are some numbers to consider based on historical data. An average one bedroom move can be anywhere from $500 to $3500 depending on how far you’re going and how much you have. Two to three bedroom homes can go from $1000 to $7000 (based on distance), and four and five bedroom homes can be $2000 to over $8500 based on how far you’re moving.

Additional services are also going to cost you additional money to take advantage of as well. If you would like a moving company to take care of packing and unpacking for you, it’s going to come with an additional cost. Also, if you are going to need storage for any period of time, you will need to consider the costs that will come with that.

When all is said and done, the final cost of your move is going to be calculated by weight and then any additional services are going to be added to that cost. The quote will often have a minimum and maximum associated with it based on how much they believe it will weigh, allowing you to put together a budget that makes sense for what it is that you need to do and take care of.

Budget-Friendly Options for Long Distance Moves

Moving long-distance can be a really big bite out of your budget, and you want to be sure that you can do whatever is necessary to save a little money here and there. So, how are you supposed to save money on a cross-country move? Here are a few tips that you can utilize to make the process a little bit more affordable for your family.

  • Find free or low-cost moving supplies

Moving supplies – like boxes – can cost an arm and a leg if you aren’t careful about what you’re spending money on. Many local stores and other businesses are usually willing to put aside boxes if you ask them to. You can also get some pretty good discounts for tape, markers, and other supplies around back-to-school time.

  • Be particular about moving day

There are certain times of the year that are a lot cheaper than others for your big move. Summer and December/January are pretty popular times to move, so try to avoid those periods of time if you can. Also, if you can move during the middle of the week – which is the slowest time for long-distance movers – you’ll also have a better chance at getting a discount.

  • Moving for work? Get relocation assistance from your company

If you’re moving for work, you have a right to go ahead and ask for some relocation assistance from the company you work for. Many times, the company will be able to give you some sort of stipend for your relocation. And, if you relocate for work, you can usually write some of those expenses off as a tax break.

  • Consider shipping some items

There are some items that may add a lot of weight to your truck, so you may find it cheaper to ship them or bring them with you. Books are one of the biggest culprits, but there are some other heavy items that could be problematic as well. Look into USPS, UPS, and FedEx prices and compare to see if shipping could end up saving you a bit of cash.

  • Freight haulers

Nowadays, there are a lot of options for people who want to take care of most of the move on their own, and freight haulers like Upack can be a really big help in this regard. It allows people to pack their freight at their own pace and then the company hauls it to their new home. It ends up costing quite a bit less than other options.

  • Do it yourself options

Many people will tell you that it’s cheaper to do it yourself. And while that is, at times, true, it’s not necessarily going to be that much easier for you to try and take care of everything. Hiring a long-distance moving company to take care of everything for you can save time and effort. And, if something breaks when you’re moving it, you’ll have to pay out of pocket to replace it; if it breaks when a moving company is dealing with it, the insurance will cover it.

Cross country moves can be quite a financial situation, but if you plan things out correctly and you know what you’re getting into financially, you’ll find that you can save a bit of cash here or there.

7 Things to Know Before Hiring Your Long Distance Moving Company

  1. How are estimates calculated for a long distance move?

Knowing and understanding estimates are a big deal when you’re trying to ensure that you can budget for your move. As discussed earlier, estimates are based on how many bedrooms of items that you’re moving and how far that you’re moving. Your quote could be based on that alone, or you may need to have someone from the company come in and check out your home to see how much you’ll be bringing with you.

  1. How much stuff is coming with you?

This is partially because of your estimate, but it’s also because you should know in order to ensure that you can arrange your new home as well. You may be looking at a lot of your stuff and wondering if it’s worth taking with you – so a purge is probably a good idea. You can separate out your items and start determining what is going to come with you and what is likely going to be given away, donated, or sold at a yard sale or something similar.

  1. Will you pack boxes yourself or do you need packing and unpacking services?

During the estimate process, you will also be asked about any sort of additional services that you’re going to need in order for your move to go smoothly. One of those options is packing and unpacking services, and many people consider these because they help to save a lot of time and effort. Professional movers know the ins and outs of packing and unpacking, but it is going to cost an additional fee if you decide to go get this done.

  1. Where are you headed and when are you leaving?

Knowing where you’re going and when you’re headed there is also an essential thing that you need to consider. Not only is your moving company going to need to know that in order to provide an accurate quote, but it can help you when it comes to scheduling family members and friends who may be looking to assist you with parts of your move. Get your times, dates, and places sorted out and scheduling your move will go more smoothly.

  1. What background information do you need to know about the long distance movers?

The internet has really made moving a lot easier for people. Mainly, because choosing the moving company is also easier because of the ability to do some background checks before you make a final decision. There are a lot of different sites you can go to in order to compare and contrast the moving companies that you’re considering, and you can check out user reviews and other details to ensure that you are picking the right company for your purposes and what you want to be able to accomplish.

  1. Do you have any questions you want to ask your movers?

We all have questions about what we’re doing and how we want to accomplish the goals that we have for our move. Do you have questions about what services they offer? Maybe you’re concerned about an antique, or a piano, or something else in your home that needs to be moved with care? If you have any sort of question related to your move or moving company, feel free to call them and ask – they’ll be glad to answer questions, because they want to be the moving company that you choose for your move!

  1. What’s the difference between a license and a bond?

A license is something that is granted to the moving company from their state (or other jurisdiction) that says that they are able to take care of moving people, either local or long-distance. A bond, on the other hand, is another layer of insurance. Moving insurance protects you and your items. Bonds are something that the moving company pays for to insure the company against any material losses, whether due to insurance claims, accidents, or other issues that may come up.

Let’s Get Moving!

Now that you have a better understanding of what it is that you need to know and understand about a long-distance moving company, you will be in a much better position to get estimates and work out what may be necessary in order to decide which company is going to give you the best help for your moving needs.

At Moving APT, we want to assist you with finding the right company for your move. We’re affiliated with a number of long-distance moving companies and can help you by providing moving quotes and helping you to sort out the details so that you can learn as much as possible before scheduling a mover. You can use the tools we have available here on our site to connect with movers that care about your needs and how you want your move to go.

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