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2024 Best Movers from Texas to California

Over 400,000 Texans left in 2021 alone. If you’re joining the Texodus and want to head to the West Coast, read on to find movers from Texas to California.
Best Movers from Texas to California - Moving APT

At Moving APT, we have over 22 years of face to face experience with the professional movers in our network. We used our background and authentic customer feedback to bring you a list of the best Texas to California movers of 2024, along with industry insider info you can’t find anywhere else.

In this article, we’ll walk you through your best options for a move from the Lone Star State to the Golden State, California. We’ll also answer some frequently asked questions and give you an inside look at what it takes to make an out-of-state move.

Read on to see what Texas to California moving companies are best for you, and see how you can prepare for your move to the West Coast, including all the essential information for moving to California.

Our Top Recommended Movers from Texas to California

Delta Moving Systems - Best Movers from Texas to California

Delta Moving Systems

Native Van Lines - Best Moving Companies in Dallas, TX

Native Van Lines

Adams Van Lines - Best Moving Companies in Dallas, TX

Adams Van Lines


In this article

How Much Does it Cost to Move from Texas to California?

A Texas to California move will set you back anywhere from $1200 to $9000, and sometimes more.

The price of your long distance move depends on the weight of your stuff, and how far it needs to travel.

The Cost of Moving from Texas to California

Distance 1 Bedroom 2 – 3 Bedroom 4 – 5 Bedroom
Dallas to San Diego $1200 – $2400 $1800 – $3500 $3900 – $7000
Dallas to Los Angeles $1400 – $2700 $2100 – $4000 $4300 – $7200
Dallas to San Francisco $1600 – $3100 $2400 – $5000 $5200 – $9000

A move from Brownsville to Redding is going to cost a lot more than a move from El Paso to Riverside. Similarly, moving a five bedroom home is going to be much more expensive than a one bedroom or studio apartment. 

It’s important to go over the details with your state to state movers so you can get a better idea of how much your move will cost.

How Long Does a Texas to California Move Take?

Moving from Texas to California can take you between 1 and 21 days, and sometimes more. Like the price of your move, the amount of time it takes to move depends on how much you’re moving, and how far it’s going.

Distance Days
Dallas to San Diego 1-4 days
Dallas to Los Angeles 2-5 days
Dallas to San Francisco 3-10 days

People are usually surprised to learn this, but a lighter load may actually mean a longer wait. Interstate movers don’t like to send half-empty trucks across country. Instead, they’ll wait until a truck is full before sending it on its way. 

This means your stuff gets hauled with someone else’s, and there may be delays for pickups and drop offs before you get your delivery.

On the other hand, if you’re moving a lot of stuff, your stuff may actually get hauled immediately. A full truck means no need to stop for other shipments, and your movers may be able to transport everything directly.

Our Top 3 Texas to California Moving Companies

If you’re making the move from California to Texas, you’ll need some professional help. Fortunately, Moving APT did the research and put together a list of the best movers in our network. Read on and find the moving company that’s best for you.

Delta Moving Systems - Best Movers from Texas to California

Delta Moving Systems


Licenses Info:

DOT#: 3516000

MC#: Non

Delta Moving Systems is provides a whole range of moving services from long distance moving to storage and beyond. Their staff is experienced, professional, and timely – and as an added bonus, they also specialize in moving apartments of all sizes.

DMS may know their way around apartments, but their knowledge and expertise doesn’t stop there. They can work closely with you to develop a completely personalized moving experience, whether you’re moving house, moving offices, or just looking for movers who can pack and transport your stuff with extra care.



Why we recommend Delta Moving System

Delta Moving Systems is a great option if you’re looking to move out of Texas. We appreciate that they always send at least three movers per job, so you know you’ll have enough hands to help out with packing, loading, and unloading. 

We’re also big fans of their dedicated customer service. They’re always ready to answer your questions.

Native Van Lines - Best Movers from Texas to California

2. Native Van Lines


Licenses Info:

DOT#: 3586586

MC#: 01213334

Native Van Lines is an award-winning company. They have tons of positive customer reviews, and their solid reputation makes them an easy choice for customers who are on the fence about booking full service movers. Aside from coming highly rated, Native also boasts a wide variety of moving services.

Native specializes in helping you plan out your long distance move. They’ll walk you through the services you may need, and they’ll simplify your move with a custom-tailored package. Their teams are experienced, and you can be confident that your stuff is in good hands if you decide to move with Native.



Why we recommend Native Van Lines

Out of all the movers in our network, we’re always surprised by the variety of moving services Native offers. Car shipping, corporate moves, storage – you name it, they’ve got it. 

Native also has a great reputation for excellent customer service, and their experienced moving teams can make your Texas to California move simple, smooth, and efficient.

Adams Van Lines - Best Movers from Texas to California

Adams Van Lines


Licenses Info:

DOT#: 2886867

MC#: 969195

Adams Van Lines is one of our top choices for Texas to California movers, and they always rank high when we make lists of long distance moving companies

They have a great reputation for customer service, and they offer a whole variety of different services so you can personalize your move.

When it comes to customer support, Adams Van Lines specializes in keeping things streamlined and simple. 

They provide you with a single point of contact so you don’t get bounced around between different departments, and it makes life much easier if you have any questions and need to get in touch with someone quickly.



Why we recommend Adams Van Lines

We’re big fans of any company that sticks with their customers before, during, and after their move – and Adams’ approach to customer support means they’re always within reach. 

Aside from their customer support, we really appreciate their range of services. If you’re moving from Texas to California, they’ll help you customize your move.

The Factors Behind the Cost of Your Texas to California Move

It’s important to budget appropriately when you’re planning a move, especially a big one that’s halfway across the country.

Moving from Texas to California is a new beginning – and that’s all the more reason to make sure there are no hidden costs or surprise fees when you’re trying to start on the right foot.

Here are some factors that may affect your final price tag:

  • Distance and weight. The price of a long-distance move is determined by how far you’re going, and how much you’re hauling. Once distance and weight are figured out, you can start a rough budget.
  • Shuttle fees. Unfortunately, most cities don’t allow movers to park entire semi trucks on their streets. Instead, movers have to leave the semi in a safe location and shuttle your stuff back and forth in a smaller truck. This takes time, and definitely money.
  • Specialized moves. Do you have a piano or a pool table, a sectional, or any other large, cumbersome item of furniture? Your movers will have to plan out the logistics well in advance, and the extra effort and navigation may cost you extra.
  • Access fees. Access fees are usually charged when there are additional challenges for your movers. Stairs, elevators, and long carries (anything over 75 feet from the truck to your front door) are all extra hurdles for your moving team.
  • Insurance. Movers are legally required to provide a minimum of 60 cents per pound of broken, lost, or stolen belongings. Many movers also offer full coverage insurance, but you’ll have to pay for their packing services, too…
  • Packing. Whether you want to avoid the hassle, or you want the benefits of full coverage insurance, movers charge extra for packing. It’s worth the money if you’re trying to minimize your stress.
  • Waiting fees. When your movers show up at a given location, you need to be there, too. And, unfortunately, if a customer shows up late, it can disrupt your mover’s schedule for weeks and even months. Being late to your own move can carry a hefty penalty.
  • Peak moving season. Moving is the most in-demand (and the most expensive) between June and August, and around any other major holidays. If you want to save, aim for a mid-week, mid-month move, away from summer and other vacation times.
  • Tips. Don’t forget to tip your movers. They’re doing the heavy lifting for you (pun intended), and in the moving industry, tips are usually expected. Plan to tip about 10% – 15% of the total cost of your move, to be distributed amongst your moving team.

Here’s How We Rank Our Movers

Moving APT has 22 years of experience in long distance moving, and we do real business with movers to get data that’s more in-depth and reliable than anything else online.

Our rating methodology is based on the following:


  • Reputation: Reviews and profiles show if movers are highly-rated and experienced.
  • Industry-Insider Info: We see what the best companies in the industry are doing.
  • Mystery Shopping: We call and pose as complete strangers to keep movers honest.

Licensing and Accreditation

  • Arbitration Program: We ensure movers provide arbitration for lost or damaged items.
  • Active Claim Department: We monitor how quickly movers help with compensation.
  • Safety Record: We get up-to date safety information about accidents and inspections.
  • Moving Insurance: We make sure movers provide full or released-value protection.

Client Feedback

  • Video and phone reviews: Client testimony tells us which movers are worth your time.
  • Online surveys: We read about each completed move to see how movers perform.

As a moving broker, Moving APT deals with movers on a daily basis. We negotiate for our clients, and we ensure movers always honor their contracts. It’s how we help you get moved, and it’s how we maintain clear communication between clients and moving companies.

More customers for better movers If a mover is exceeding expectations, we send them more business. If a mover needs to improve, we don’t. It’s simple.

Texas to California FAQ

What is the cost of living like in California compared to Texas?

There’s no way to sugarcoat this: California is more expensive than Texas. If you move to California, expect to pay about $4.50 a gallon for gas, compared to around $3.20 in the Lone Star State. Housing is pricier, too: While the average cost of a home in Texas is about $300,000, it’s closer to $700,000 or $800,00 in California.

California is more expensive than most of the US. The plus side? Beaches, great weather, tons to see, and high-paying jobs that can offset the steep price of living. California has some awesome places to live, and you may find it worth the price.

What are the best places to live in California?

California has a little something for everyone: Big cities like Los Angeles, San Jose, and San Francisco are the perfect fit if you’re looking for something more urban, and more rural areas like Sonoma and Santa Barbara counties are great if you want some peace and quiet. California commands premium prices because the state has a lot to offer, and you’ll always be just a few hours from major cities or quiet countryside wherever you go.

What is the cheapest way to move long distance?

The cheapest way to move long distance is to DIY the whole thing. However, renting a truck isn’t always the price-saving measure people think it is. If you move all by yourself, you’ll have to pay for a truck rental, pay for gas, pay for packing supplies, and even pay for food and lodging over the course of your move. Most people forget to factor in the hours of work they miss during a DIY move, as well.

At the end of the day, you’ll still save – but only a little. If you’re feeling brave, by all means rent a truck and have at it. But, if you want to avoid some stress and make your life a little easier, renting a moving container is a solid halfway point between a complete DIY job and contacting professional movers.

How far in advance should I hire movers?

We recommend hiring your movers between three and six months in advance. This gives you more time to prepare, plan, and pack, and it also gives you plenty of time to contact your utility providers and tell your family and friends about your move.

If you absolutely have to, you may be able to book a mover about one month before moving day. Keep in mind your moving price may be more expensive to reflect a last-minute move, and you’ll have to compress all the stress and chaos of a major move into just a few weeks.

My movers offer a binding estimate. What does that mean?

A binding estimate means your price won’t change before, during, or after your move. When you request a moving quotes, your movers usually provide a few different options: binding, nonbinding, and nonbinding, not-to-exceed estimates. 

Binding estimates are set in stone, and won’t be changed unless you suddenly decide to throw in a surprise pool table on moving day (which would probably warrant a completely new contract).

A binding estimate is a flat rate for your move, but that also means you won’t get a discount if things go smoother than expected. On the other hand, nonbinding estimates are subject to change. 

Your mover may adjust your final price by up to 10% of your initial estimate to reflect any additional challenges that your moving team had to deal with on moving day. 

This may make your move more expensive, but if your mover issues a nonbinding, not-to-exceed estimate, it means they’ll only adjust the price downwards.

Head to Cali with the Best Movers in the Business

Texas is getting full, and California is emptying out. What better time to move to the West Coast? With the best Texas to California movers on your side, you can relocate with ease and start fresh in a brand new state. 

Check out our moving cost calculator to get started, and get in touch with one of our pro movers today.

Joey Sasson

Joey Sasson

Joey Sasson is an executive and author with over 30 years of experience in the moving industry. As president of sales and logistics at Moving APT, Joey’s been a driving force behind our company’s success. He’s known around the office for his expertise and dedication, and he’s probably working on another article right this moment. Joey has a lot to say about the moving industry, but he also writes about other elements of business, leadership, self-improvement, and more.
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