6 Things You Need to Know When Moving Over Summer

Summer is a great time to enjoy yourself, but a busy time to plan a move. Simplify your move with our useful moving tips anyone can utilize.
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Moving is a task that can be demanding because of the many tasks that may be involved from sorting to packing, loading, unloading, and setting up your belongings in your new home among other things.

As a result of this, a lot of planning and strategizing has to go into the whole process and this is why it is important to always engage the services of professional out of state movers who can get the job done the best way possible.

If you hire the best moving companies to handle your move, you will have less to worry about and you will have time to handle other more pressing issues.

Moving can be done in spring, winter, summer, or fall but the season you choose to move is dependent on you and your household.

If you have school kids the best time to move is during the summer but this time might not be the best time for you if you are looking to cut or minimize your moving cost because the demand movers receive during this period is at the peak.

It is cheaper to move in the winter than when you decide to move in the warmer season. During this period, the kids are in school and you will have the opportunity to choose the best time for your move as movers are usually less busy during this period and they have less bookings.

Moving companies charge far less during the spring because the demand is less and most regions during this time do experience favorable weather conditions that is suitable for moving.

When you move during the fall, it affords you the opportunity to settle into your new home and environment during the December holiday season and by the new year you already used to your new home and the environment is a lot easier for you to navigate.

If you wish to buy homes, the fall is the best time to get them cheap because the demand for homes at this time of the year is low and as a result of this, the price is cheap.

Moving in the summer

Summer is a time when most people move and as a result of this there is high demand and the moving companies increase their rate during this period.

Over 70% of the move taking place during the summer occur from Memorial Day to Labor Day and moving long-distance may take a longer time for your belongings to be delivered because movers transport multiple households in their trucks at a time and this increases the number of places they will have to stop to offload other people’s belongings.

The best moving companies are less concerned about when and the time you wish to move as they are expected to be fully equipped in handling all types of moves at any season of the year; whether it is in the summer, fall, winter, or spring, it shouldn’t matter.

Summer weather affects moving

Another downside of moving during the summer that you have to put into consideration is the weather. The weather during the summer is usually humid and hot.

As a result of this working under the sun or driving through long distances in the humid and hot weather can be uncomfortable but that is not to say that it is completely out of place to move in the summer. As a matter of fact, more people move in the summer than any period of the year.

Moving in the summer means you will not have to bother about the effects of snow and the heavy downpour that tends to come with moving in the spring and winter.

Moving in the summer requires a lot of planning ahead because movers get more bookings during this time and you want to make sure your move is given top priority by your mover.

Why it is a good time to move in the summer

One major reason why it is good to move in the summer it’s because it is the season when home-selling season peaks in the summer, which makes it a good time to sell one’s home.

There is an increase in demand for homes in the summer which means houses will sell faster and at very attractive prices because of the high demand.

Summertime is also the best time to move for families with school-age children because school children are in their summer break. Hence, moving in the summer means the school year of children will not be disrupted.

Another advantage of moving during the summer is that there are longer days in the summers, which means there more hours to get a lot more done. Hence, you have more time and flexibility to do more especially if you are doing the move yourself.

Above all moving in the summer isn’t a bad idea and this is why most people tend to move during this period with the major disadvantage being the high moving cost during this time because of the high demand that the movers enjoy from their customers during this period.

Going by this, we will take a look at some of the major things that you need to know when you are moving over the summer.

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6 Things You Need to Know When Moving Over The Summer

The major things you need to know when you are moving in the summer in order to help you do it right and get prepared are as follow;

1. The summer weather

One thing you must know about or put into consideration when planning to move in the summer is the weather. Winter makes everything a little harder as it comes with lots of challenges like moving in the cold, driving on icy walkways, where a lot of sliding and slipping can occur on the road due to the wet ground. Dealing with snowbanks when you are trying to pull closer to the curb can even be more difficult.

The hands and feet are at freezing temperature and this makes carrying items after item back and forth a huge task as it can be tiring with the cold weather.

Hence, moving in the summer is a lot easier considering the weather condition as you do not have to worry about the road being slippery and the possibility of a heavy downpour.

The weather is dry and warm which means your items or belongings will not get wet, no freezing hands, and everywhere is dry and not moldy. This kind of weather condition is superb for moving items that are sensitive to the weather.

2. The ideal time to sell your home

The summertime is the best time of the year to sell your home if you wish to sell your current home and move into a new home. There is no better time to do this than in the summer and towards the fall.

The demand for homes at this time of the year is on the increase, the demand definitely will push up prices for homes. Selling and moving look more like two opposite sides of the same coin.

One side is the selling while the other is the moving part; most times you need to sell to move or you move to sell depending on your situation. There is no denying the fact that houses sell more and people move the most during the summer, the stats are there to establish this fact.

Hence, if you are looking to cash in on your current home, the best time to do so is in the summer so that you can get good value for your home.

3. The ideal time for garage sales

If people move the most during the summer, then it is logical that the ideal time to put up a garage sale should also be in the summer because as people are moving out of their home, they are putting together items they no longer need for sale in order to reduce the weight of items to be moved into their new home.

Hence, the perfect time to host a yard or garage sale is in the summer as this is the time when people are on the lookout for a garage sale in order to get items at cheap prices.

The idea of a garage sale is to cut your moving cost by reducing the weight of your belongings and also make money in the process through the sales of items that you have not used in a long time or that you will not need in your new home.

4. School resumption and students moving to college

It must also be noted when planning to move in the summer that the school year begins in the fall and as a result of this to avoid disruption in the studies of your kids, the best time to move will be just before the fall and this obviously has to be in the summer.

Moving in the middle of a term might affect the education of the kids and unsettle them, to avoid this, it is better to move to your new home or location in the summer.

For college students, they move out of their homes to go to colleges in the summer, and sometimes this can be across states. This also adds to the congestion in the summer with students moving from one part of the state to another or moving into other states other than their current state of residence.

5. Moving for work

Most people find seasonal work in the summer, and they need to relocate in the process at least temporarily if not permanently. Even if hiring in the summer is not as much as it used to be in other parts of the year.

A lot of people still schedule their move in the summer just before the fall so that they can easily settle as fast as possible.

6. Summer is the peak season for moving

From the foregoing, it is obvious that one major thing to know and put into your planning considerations is that the summer season is when moving is at its peak.

Movers are fully booked due to high demands from customers to move from one part of the country to another part of the country or cross country.

This high demand from customers drives up the moving rates and as a result of this, if you are looking to cut the moving cost to the barest minimum you might want to choose another time other than the summer to move.

However, if the factors on which you wish to pick your moving date is not just dependent on costs alone, maybe it has to do with avoiding disruption in the school program of your kids, and the ease to move during the dry period of the year in order to avoid slippery roads, then there is no other better time to move than in the summer.

However, it must be stated here that whichever time you choose to move, it will not be a problem as long as you do your due diligence to hire the best cross country movers around.

Hiring a good and reliable moving company will help you to be relaxed knowing fully well that every logistics concerning moving your belongings to your new home is being handled by capable hands.

The best moving companies are those that will offer you expert advice on the best way to move your belongings to your new location, offer you reasonable rates with other incentives among other things.

When you are hiring a moving company make sure you consider their antecedents, expertise, and years of experience as the way to predict future performance is to consider past performances.

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