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PODS Review: Costs & Service Options

Using moving pods is a surefire way to make moving simple. Learn what goes into the cost of pods to decide if they are the best option for you.
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PODS Review
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People working on planning out a move, whether it is local or cross country, have a lot on their minds. If you’re planning a move, you’re having to go through thinking about what all is coming with you, whether or not you’re planning on using the services of moving companies, and so much more. All of this can really build up to be quite a bit of stress, and no one likes that feeling.

One thing that is able to take a lot of things off the minds of people planning moves is the infamous “PODS” method of storing and moving things.

In most cases, renting moving PODS can be a cost-effective and simple alternative to many other ways of moving, like renting a moving truck or hiring a more expensive moving company.

If you think you’d like to rent pod storage of your own for your move, then one of the first things you will probably be considering is how much it is going to cost in comparison to other moving methods.

To properly understand how much moving with PODS is going to cost, you’re going to have to consider how the moving companies who provide PODS to customers calculate the total pod’s cost.

Thankfully, this isn’t as difficult as it seems. You can probably figure out how much your moving container is going to cost you by thinking about a few key factors.

What is the Average Cost of PODS?

The approximate cost of PODS for an average move is $3,160. A rental quote for PODS generally starts from $820 to relocate a small apartment a hundred miles to $5,850 to haul a big home to another part of the country.

The prices given by the company are five percent higher than the industry average (partially because PODS make use of top quality moving containers.

What is the Average Cost of PODS?

Home Size

100 miles

460 miles

1,760 miles

2,060 miles

One-room apartment





Two-room home





Three-room home





Five-room home





How much does PODS Rental Cost for a Local Move?

are three storage options available to you, whether for home staging or you have a gap between leases, or you just need additional time to move. These include:

Local storage unit rental:

You can get local storage rental everywhere, and they can offer highly competitive storage rates on a monthly basis. The major setback is that you will need to move all your belongings twice if you need to rent a storage unit. This is the most cost-effective option if you need a storage unit for over 12 months (long-term rental). 

Store your items with a moving company:

Lots of professional moving companies have warehouses where they store items at competitive rates for monthly storage. The major limitation is limited access to your belongings while in storage.

Rates for monthly storage can be higher than local storage centers, so this is the perfect option if you are looking to store for just a few months. 

Rent a PODS:

Rent a moving container and have it delivered to your house to prevent moving in and out of a storage center. This option is great if you are storing items while moving. 

Now that you know the options for some portable storage containers let’s check local moving pricing from PODS. There are three different sizes of containers available with PODS; each size varies in pricing. Charges like transit costs, delivery fees, and monthly storage rates are included.

The 16-ft container is the largest and the most expensive option. The majority of the rates are similar for all container sizes. The only noticeable difference is on the first-month rental fee, which is determined by the size.

You can easily obtain free rental quotes on the PODS website for local moves. And if you are moving many things, you can also get instant cost estimates from the website to rent many containers.

Consider the example below for the detailed pricing for a local move in Atlanta, GA.

Rent a PODS


7′ ft.

12′ ft.

16′ ft.

Container Delivery




First Month Rental Fee




Extra Months Rental Fee




Move Container to another location




Final Pickup





$10 to $450/month

$10 to $450/month

$10 to $450/month





Note: Insurance costs can be different based on the value of your items and the amount of coverage you choose. 

What is the Cost of Renting PODS for a Long-Distance Move?

The cost for PODS to move long distances or to another state can widely vary. Unluckily, you also have to contact the company to obtain pricing because PODS’ website doesn’t offer instant moving quotes for long-distance moves. Hence, it is difficult to predict the amount you will pay for PODS because even the cost of moving long-distance can vary.

However, check below for an example of their pricing for a sample move to Los Angeles from Atlanta. Also, you will need to contact them to get a clear idea of your interstate moving cost.

We suggest you obtain quotes from more moving container providers since interstate moving costs are not the same for all companies. 

What is the Cost of Renting PODS for a Long-Distance Move

Home Size

< 250 miles

Interstate Move


$450 to $800

$2,000 to $4,000

Two to three bedrooms

$750 to $1,900

$3,000 to $4,900

Four to five bedrooms

$900 to $2,100

$5,500 to $7,600

PODS Coverage Options

You can get coverage from PODS for your container as well as its contents. A monthly fee of $10/container will be charged by PODS for its container only. You will be liable for any damage to the container. PODS offers coverage up to $300,000 for your household items in its Contents Protection Plan.

Coverage pricing for PODS’ Contents Protection 

PODS Coverage Options

Declared value

Monthly cost













What Goes into Deciding Moving Container Prices?

When you are getting in touch with companies who provide moving containers (or pods) to their customers who are getting ready to move, you can expect the following important points to factor into how much it is going to cost you.

1. The number of pods

How many moving containers are you going to need to hold all of your stuff? 

2. The size of the pods

How big will your moving containers need to be to hold all of your stuff during the move?

3. The distance you are moving

This is one of the most important factors that go into your moving cost since fuel isn’t cheap. Keep this in mind, since you’ll be paying much more for a long-distance move than you would for a local move.

4. The time frame and season of your move

Consider the time framing of your move. Depending on the time of year you have chosen, you may be paying more or less for your move.

Let’s explore each of these factors with a little more detail so you have a better understanding of how each of these things plays such an important role in figuring out how much you’re going to have to pay if you plan to move your things “pods style.”

5. The Number of Moving Containers You’ll Need

You should begin by considering how many moving containers you’re going to need. Carefully go over all of your stuff, and try to come up with a rough estimate of how many moving containers you think it may require for you to fit all of your things for the upcoming move.

If you aren’t sure, you can always call up the company you plan to use and ask them if they have any recommendations.

Coming up with a rough estimate of how many pods you might need for your move shouldn’t be too difficult. If you have fewer things to move, you may only need one pod container, while if you have a lot of things to move, you might need upwards of three or more.

The Distance You Are Moving

Of course, the distance you are planning to move is going to be one of the main factors that help decide the final price you pay for moving using pod containers.

Local moves will always be cheaper, because you are not going very far, and are therefore not paying as much for fuel and the movers’ time.

If you are planning to move cross country, though, you can expect to pay quite the heftier sum. In some cases with long-distance moving, your final price will help cover the fuel for the move, as well as paying for the time spent on the move.

The Time of Year You Are Moving

The time and season of the year you are moving is another one of the biggest factors that will come into play when deciding how much it is going to cost you to move using pod containers. Why is the time of year such a big deal when it comes to moving?

Well, this is because a good majority of people looking to move do so during predictable times of the year, which is usually in the late spring or in the summer, and on weekends all throughout the year.

Your best bet for saving some money on your move is to get in touch with the moving company and trying to schedule your move during their offseason.

Not only will you not have to wait as long to get a spot booked with the movers, but you will also not have to pay as much.

Many people planning moves are surprised to learn just how much extra they might be spending by choosing to move during the peak season of the year.

If at all possible, try to plan your move around the moving offseason. If your moving time is beyond your control, just keep in mind that you may be spending quite a bit more if you plan a move during a weekend or in the summertime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now you know some of the biggest factors that go into deciding how much your move is going to cost you when using pod containers. They can be a lot more convenient than other methods of moving, and can also be cheaper in some cases.

Do you still have questions about them? Check out some of these common questions from people planning moves just like you.

Working with PODS or another moving container company usually has a more inexpensive price, but U-Haul’s U-Boxes service comes with an attractive feature:

Customers have a range of more flexible payment options. If you’re referring to a standard U-Haul truck, though, then you should be aware that a moving truck of any kind is going to be vastly cheaper than using pods or moving companies, but you’ll be doing most of the work when it comes to the moving process.

Most container companies will not charge daily for using their moving containers. Instead, you can expect to pay a monthly fee for your pod.

You could expect to pay about $110 a month for a 12-foot container or $120 a month for one that is 16 feet, but you should keep in mind that prices for your containers could vary widely depending on where you live and the availability of pods in your area.

It is super easy! You leave your pod outside and move your stuff into it at your leisure, paying for it by the month. When you’re ready to get your move underway, you simply get in touch with the container company, and they can come and pick up the pod and move it to your new home for you.

When you have everything unpacked from your pod, simply call the company again and they will come and remove it.

Moving can be a very exciting prospect, despite how stressed out the moving process might make you feel. With some of the information you have just learned, however, you should find it relatively easy to find a moving pod suited for your move and your budget, allowing you to get your stuff loaded up and moved to your new home easily and at your own pace.

Although PODS might offer a cheaper price, the flexible payment option by U-Box makes it a great option for some people. Moving with a moving container is almost usually less expensive than hiring a full-service moving company (even though not as cheap as a moving truck rental).

Is it compulsory to rent storage for a certain length of time? The least storage rental duration with PODS is a month, whether the container is kept on your property or at a PODS storage facility. Storage rental with PODS begins exactly the day the unit is delivered to you and ends after the next 30 days.

The company picks up your PODS rental container loaded with your belongings when you are ready and transport it back to one of their secure facilities, where they then move it to a large moving truck for moving to your new home. You will receive a call from your PODS driver on the pick-up day when they are in transit to deliver your moving container.

Cancel your order by calling us on (800) 776-PODS. Cancellations must be done by 4 pm local time on the day before your expected delivery date, or you may be charged a cancellation fee. It would help if you talked to an agent to cancel your container booking.

Moving blankets are available for rental or purchase from all PODS storage locations. They are also available online at for delivery to your house. Ask about moving blankets from your PODS customer care representative when you book your container for delivery.

You can track your drivers and deliveries and also assign new jobs with the web dashboard of their delivery software. You can get a scheduling tool that features a drag-and-drop option with Track-POD.

Yes, you can get portable storage from PODS. Aside from the portable storage services available in over 20,000 cities in 44 states, including Washington DC, PODS has 230 portable storage centers.

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