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Best Moving Companies in San Francisco

Choosing the right moving company in San Francisco can be challenging considering the number of movers in the city. We researched and recommended top moving companies with information about the city. Check them out!
Trusted Movers in San Francisco

Find the Top San Francisco Movers of 2022

If you had been to this bustling city before, you can easily forget your heart in San Francisco.

The beautiful landscape, vibrant atmosphere, and cultural diversity are why the Bay Area is one of the highly exciting and irresistible places in the universe. Food lovers will locate more restaurants per capita than in any other city in the United States. Not to talk of the city’s closeness to wine, which makes it a favorite choice among vino connoisseurs and enthusiasts?

Moving can be a daunting task that can cut off the excitement that comes from moving to a new space like San Francisco. The transportation of heavy items and valuable possessions can be tricky and may get damaged or lost during individual moving.

Fortunately, there are household moving companies in San Francisco that are ready to help with the smooth transition of personal belongings to your new addresses at affordable rates and with great care.

This article will discuss five (5) reputable moving companies located in San Francisco, CA that can help simplify the move. Also, you will get the needed information that you desire to make a decision on which mover best suits your relocation and budget needs.

Top 3 Recommendations From Moving APT

iMoving - Top 3 Recommendations
Gentle Giant Moving Company - Top 3 Recommendations
Jay’s Small Moves - Top 3 Recommendations
iMoving - Top 3 Recommendations


Gentle Giant Moving Company - Top 3 Recommendations

Gentle Giant

Jay’s Small Moves - Top 3 Recommendations

Jay’s Small Moves


In this article

Our network of moving companies you can rely on is carefully recommended by our team based on years of experience, awards, professionalism, accreditation, and reviews from the past customers.

We also dug further into their reputations as well as reliability in delivering their services and they were referenced as the best. We are ready to guide you through loads of information provided by the web about this great industry. You can rely on the movers listed here to help you and your family move into a San Francisco safely.

List of San Francisco Movers Based on Reviews and Ratings

Our team arrived at these top 5 movers in San Francisco based on a number of factors. We looked into many criteria, such as reliability, cost, service delivery, customer reviews, availability, and much more and discovered they are the best for the job. These moving companies were discovered to delivering top-standard long-distance moving services that ensure a hitch-free moving experience.

Having looked into over 100 moving companies, we selected these top 5 moving companies for you:

1. iMoving

Packing, storage, special handling, commercial moving as well as moving quotes are some of the moving services you will receive from long-distance movers on iMoving. No matter your moving requirements, they have the ideal knowledge and skills to handle them all at iMoving because their working relationship with top movers in San Francisco is best described as excellent. Regardless of your moving needs, iMoving has the perfect knowledge and skills to handle them.

The great working relationship with top interstate moving companies in the moving business is one of their huge strengths. iMoving is far from the competition to its great business experiences, which include top quality delivery of moving service.

iMoving - List of San Francisco Movers Based on Reviews and Ratings

Overall Rating 4.9 / 5

iMoving - List of San Francisco Movers Based on Reviews and Ratings



2. Gentle Giant Moving Company

This is a highly popular and interstate moving company that services the entire 48 states across the United States. Established in 1980 by Larry O’Toole to help people with their business moves and cut most of the moving stress as possible, this professional moving company has today become one of the highly recognized commercial and household moving companies in the nation.

Gentle Giant also has won many awards from various institutions in the moving industry. This company is so much dedicated to offering the best moving services to each of their customers. One significant thing about this company is its commitment to the environment. They have a lot of initiatives in place that focus on reducing waste and reuse and recycle lots of materials.

Gentle Giant Moving Company - List of San Francisco Movers Based on Reviews and Ratings

Overall Rating 4.8 / 5

Gentle Giant Moving Company - List of San Francisco Movers Based on Reviews and Ratings



3. Jay’s Small Moves

This is a professional moving company whose main focus is to bring in great customer service to the moving industry. They are a properly licensed and insured company available in the San Francisco Bay Area. The company is locally owned and operated and is usually available to serve the area all through the day.

Jay’s Small Moves prides itself on courteous service delivery, reasonable prices, and honest hard work to each of its customers. They can also handle any size of moves, from local moves to long-distance moves inside Northern California. Jay’s Small Moves performs greatly in residential and commercial moving services in the San Francisco Bay Area.

They offer a wide range of services, such as packing, loading, assembly, as well as the removal of unwanted furniture. They boast of themselves in their highly competitive pricing. Jay’s Small Moves have a minimum two-hour charge but their service features many freebies. They do not charge additional money for long carries, stairs, assembly, and disassembly of furniture. The company doesn’t also charge for double drive time or overtime.

Jay’s Small Moves - List of San Francisco Movers Based on Reviews and Ratings

Overall Rating 4.6 / 5

Jay’s Small Moves - List of San Francisco Movers Based on Reviews and Ratings



4. Two Men and a Truck

This company is a large established moving company that attends to customers from various states of the United States, including San Francisco. They begin as a local moving company over three decades ago and are now one of the top moving companies in the country. Two Men and a Truck had from the beginning, prides itself in their professionally trained workers that are polite, courteous, responsible, and highly capable of relocating your possessions to anywhere you need them, safe and seamless.

This moving company has received numerous awards for their great service delivery from prestigious institutions like the Franchise 500 of Entrepreneur magazine.

Two Men and a Truck - List of San Francisco Movers Based on Reviews and Ratings

Overall Rating 4.7 / 5

Two Men and a Truck - List of San Francisco Movers Based on Reviews and Ratings



5. Larro’s Moving Services

For over a decade now, this company has been gladly helping people in San Francisco with their short-distance commercial and residential moves. There is no asking if this is a professional moving company that you can rely on. Their long distance movers are professionally trained and can provide different kinds of relocation services you may require. Whether you are just relocating your business to another floor in the same building or moving your household many miles, Larro’s Moving can assist you. The company doesn’t reject any size of the move.

Being a family-owned and operated franchise, they add a unique touch with each move they perform, ensuring that they deliver only the best quality of service in each part of the move.

Larro’s Moving Services - List of San Francisco Movers Based on Reviews and Ratings

Overall Rating 4.5 / 5

Larro’s Moving Services - List of San Francisco Movers Based on Reviews and Ratings



Checklist: Top 5 Moving Companies in San Francisco of 2022

No. Top 5 Moving Companies in San Francisco 2022Website
2.Gentle Giant Moving
3.Jay’s Small
4.Two Men And A
5.Larro’s Moving

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What is the Cost of Living in San Francisco?

San Francisco is by all standards one of the most expensive cities in America. The cost of living index as of December 2019, according to the Council for Community and Economic Research, shows that San Francisco is only behind Manhattan. The total cost of living in the city is 97.6% above the national average. Expensive housing is one of the important indicators that afford ility in the city.

The United States Census reported that real estate costs are more than twice the national average. The recent and latest Census also shows that the average value of homes in San Francisco is above one million. The average rent in San Francisco per month is $1,805.

Below is how San Francisco compares against other cities as regards the cost of living:

What is the Cost of Living in San Francisco


San Francisco

New York



Cost of Living





Average Salary





Home Price





Median Rent





Below is some important information about the median cost of living to remember:

  • Rent prices: The cost to rent a one-bedroom apartment on average is $2,680 and a two-bedroom is $4.400. These rates have been consistent, even though they are still the highest in the country.
  • Utilities: Utilities for a 915-sq-ft apartment cost an average of $109, and internet services start from $40 to $80.
  • Transportation: Monthly commute start from $73 to $91 for adults, based on the distance they traveled.
  • Food: Those living in San Francisco spend about 13.2% of their budget on food, a little more than the national average. 49.7% of this food budget goes on meals at home while 50.3% goes with dining out. When placed beside the rest of the nation, San Francisco residents usually eat out, with its great food scene, one can easily see why.

For more information about San Francisco living cost, read What is the Cost of Living in San Francisco?

Great Neighborhoods of San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the Top 10 Best Places To Raise A Family In USA. With different areas to choose from, choosing where to reside in San Francisco is not so easy. Fortunately, we are ready to support you. We think that these 7 neighborhoods are a perfect representation of the San Francisco blend: hip Lower Haight, historic Nob Hill, family-friendly Noe Valley, and foggy Inner Sunset. Home prices can be expensive just at any location in the Bay Area, and these communities are not exempted.

People on budget, who are prepared to live in a farther distance outside the city limits, will surely find cheap real estate inside the Inner Sunset neighborhood. All these locations have a lot of beautiful Victorian, great international restaurants, and walkable outdoor spaces that make the city of San Francisco indeed a great place to live.

Below is a deeper look into some of the neighborhoods of San Francisco.

1. Castro District:

This neighborhood is synonymous with LGBT culture, as is revealed by the crosswalks painted in the rainbow as well as rainbow flags flying from storefronts. Between a vibrant nightlife, closeness to Twin Peaks (two hills offering a great 360 views of the city), and upbeat happy hours, this neighborhood is a booming area with a lot to do.

2. Mission District:

This area has historically been crowded by a lot of Hispanic communities, and its culture is indeed the backbone of the neighborhood. The Mission contains almost 500 murals, making it the most crowded tapestry of street art in the country. Stores selling things like pinatas, fresh produce dot Mission Street, and young people relocate there in large numbers for tasty taquerias, bustling nightlife, and not far from Dolores Park. Locals here on weekends visit Dolores and lounge in the sunshine for a unique view of the city skyline, which is visible at almost all the spots in the park.

3. Noe Valley:

Families are in a larger population in this neighborhood. It is a kid-friendly area that boasts of many shops on 24th Street, a Saturday farmer’s market, as well as ever-sunny weather, great for playing all that at Douglass Playground perfect for kid and dog.

4. SoMa:

This beautiful neighborhood sits on 406 acres, one of the largest areas in San Francisco. South of Market (SoMa) is varieties of warehouses, upbeat nightclubs, and is where AT&T Park is located, where the San Francisco Giants play. It also contains a lot of museums of the city and SoMa StrEat Food Park where rotating food trucks are service locals.

5. Hayes Valley:

This is one other famous neighborhood among the young professional population and is filled with the latest restaurants, nice boutique shops, as well as dog-friendly Patricia’s Green directly in the heart of the action. It is just a walking distance to many other famous neighborhoods, such as Castro, which makes it a perfect location for people looking to go round outdoors of their hood.

6. Marina District:

This neighborhood is popular among recent college grads. The Marina is filled with boozy brunch venues, beautiful views of the bay, and almost every type of workout studio imaginable. If you need a car to commute, though, this is likely not the location for you; the neighborhood is situated at the exact northern end of the city, and traveling in and out of the city can be tough.

7. Richmond District:

Starting in the Presidio and extending the length of Golden Gate Park and to Ocean Beach, the Richmond District features 50 blocks. The Outer Richmond (the western part of the 50-block area) is near outdoor spots Lands End and Sutro Baths, while the other part (Inner Richmond) eastern 25 blocks is a choice of San Francisco’s residents for its number of Dim Sum restaurants.

Getting Around San Francisco

The San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency (SFMTA, or Muni) runs a system of interlocking transit modes regular buses, electric buses, historic streetcars, as well as underground and over-ground light rail trains.

The popular cable cars that ride the hills run on three beautiful routes, majorly focused on visitors than commuters (the enjoyment of the beautiful locations offered by the city is well worth the ticket cost).

With a prepaid Clipper Card, the fare is a bit reduced to all Muni transport and also provides discounts on buses to San Francisco suburbs, Caltrain commuter trains towards the South Bay and peninsula corridor, pedestrian ferries over San Francisco Bay, and Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) operating in the San Francisco and the East Bay.

Apart from the crazy hills, San Francisco is so much walkable (just prepare to work out your calf muscles).

However, as a resident, you will soon find out how to go round the steepest hills, because a little detour makes a significant difference. You are just a minute away from rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft if you decide to catch a ride.

In general, the median commute time in San Francisco is 34 minutes, with a developing plan of bicyclists and remote workers. The major downtown thoroughfare known as Market Street was in January 2020 converted to be car-free permanently.  

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Things to Do in San Francisco

In a large city like San Francisco, you will always find it easy to get something to do. Whether you desire to shop till you are tired, watch your favorite team play, or go round the beautiful outdoors, San Francisco offers it all.

Below are few of the things to do in San Francisco if you finally move there:

1. Shopping:

If you are in for a home interior or complete makeover, visit Fillmore Street, where there is boutique clothing, skincare products, décor, and more. The Mission District is filled with vintage items, local art, and handcrafted products. For certain brand-name retail therapies, go to Union Square, the largest shopping district of the city, or go straight to the Westfield San Francisco Center. Other common destinations are the Marina District and the shops in Hayes Valley, which covers almost three blocks.

2. Sports:

San Francisco is a nice place to be a sports lover. There is at least one professional team in each major sport from San Francisco, including local collegiate and semi-professional teams. Baseball fans can enjoy a game of Oakland Athletic or San Francisco Giants between the start of April at Oracle Arena, where Oakland’s Golden State Warriors are cheered by locals.

If you are a football lover, you can root for the San Francisco 49ers at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara or cheer on the Oakland Raiders at the Oakland Coliseum, which they use with the Oakland Athletics.

To enjoy hockey and soccer, residents of the Bay Area can enjoy the San Jose Sharks as well as the San Jose Earthquakes, which play in the NHL and MLS, accordingly.

Also, 6 local universities play NCAA Division I Sports. You can cheer for the California Golden Bears (University of California –Berkeley), the San Jose State Spartans, or the Stanford Cardinals in the college football season. Locals also root for the Saint Mary’s Gaels, the Santa Clara Broncos, and the San Francisco Dons which are all Division I teams with no football programs.  

3. Art and history:

Art and history lovers will like the many museums and historical venues in the Bay Area. Some of them include the Legion of Honor, the Asian Art Museum, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA), the de Young Museum, Fort Mason, and the Cable Car Museum. You can also check the history of Alcatraz Island, the Golden Gate Bridge, Fort Point, Mission Dolores, and other attractions.

The maritime Historical Park of San Francisco is especially an impressive attraction, with an entire fleet of historic ships docked on-site. This fleet includes a steam ferryboat, a square-rigger, a schooner, as well as a scow schooner from the late 1800s.

4. Kid-friendly:

For some great fun with the kids, visit the Exploratorium, the Children’s Creativity Museum, the Bay Area Discovery Museum, or the Randall Museum. Children will also love Walt Disney Family Museum, the Julius Kahn Playground & Clubhouse, the Urban Putt indoor mini-golf, and the Presidio (a national park). Also with all these great activities and attractions mentioned above, there are hundreds of miles of natural beauty in San Francisco for the entire family to check, which include many parks and beaches.

No matter why you moved to San Francisco, it will only take few times for you to start feeling at home. You will become one of the bustling, diverse communities of people who have made the Golden City their home after a local, interstate, or international move. Benefit from the active social scene of the city to make new connections, enjoy the sights, taste the local brews, and go round your neighborhood.

Moving is usually related to stress, long administrative tasks as well as much waste of time and money. You can get all these problems solved in just a few clicks when you hire any of our best moving companies above. 

FAQ About San Francisco Movers

The harsh climate and closeness to everything make biking or walking better options, as well. San Francisco is one of the most walkable cities in the United States, so benefits from the great scenery anytime possible. On the contrary, having a vehicle in the city can be a good or bad experience.

The average income in San Francisco is $96,265 for homes and $74,841 for single persons as contained in data from the 2013 to 2017 American Community Survey, 5-Year Estimates of the United States Census Bureau.

Rates of moving services are often about $90 to $120 per hour for two workers. For example, charging $90 per hour, a six hours move involving 2 men would cost $540. You would then need to include insurance, gas, and tip.

Below is some sample move. Always ensure you get the right quote to plan the budget for your move, as each move is different.

  • 2-bedroom townhouse about $375 to $700
  • 3-bedroom house about $800 to $1900
  • 4-bedroom home for about $3,000.

Real estate cost is so much the highest expense for those residing in San Francisco. The average rent in San Francisco is $3,700 and is two and a half times the country’s average of $1,463. The only city that is more expensive than San Francisco of Manhattan with $4,210 as average rent.


With a trusted San Francisco mover at your side, you can guarantee that every move you make will be handled by professional hands. Make sure you hire the best movers for your move. iMoving, Gentle Giant, Jay’s Small Moves, Two Men and a Truck and others are our top recommendation. Have a stress-free moving experience!

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