US Best Interstate Moving Companies of 2021's

You are ready to move and looking for an interstate moving company. If you desire to get this completed in a smooth way where you don’t have to worry about how your goods will be moved, we suggest you contact a professional moving company to get it done. Else, you may have to struggle with the outcome on offer. 

Top 3 Recommended Interstate Moving Companies

Adams Van Lines - Top 3 Recommended Interstate Moving Companies

Adams Van Lines

Pricing Van Lines - Top 3 Recommended Interstate Moving Companies

Pricing Van Lines

iMoving - Top 3 Recommended Interstate Moving Companies



There are lots of people who end up going with the wrong interstate mover if they are not properly guided. We researched and handpicked the top interstate movers.

Let us go through the top ten interstate moving companies and the reason they are currently at the top.

Top 10 Trusted Interstate Moving Companies

We checked more than 100 interstate movers using their verified customer reviews, insurance data, license data, and federal complaint records to get you the most reliable, reputable, and best interstate moving companies in the moving industry.  

1. Adams Van Lines



Adams Van Lines is a highly professional interstate moving company that offers moving solutions to several companies operating in numerous states.

If you need a moving company that is well-experienced and offer moving services at an affordable price, we recommend Adams Van Lines.

This company understands the need to be professional in offering cross-country moving services due to the stress that can be involved and the amount of paperwork and legal compliance required before the service can be rendered.

They will take jobs like packing, unloading, transporting, unloading, unpacking, as well as storing your household items to make the move easier for you. 

Pros ✔

  • Smooth and timely service delivery
  • Trusted Flat-rate pricing with price matching
  • Customized moving service for each customer
  • Movers are professionally trained and Certified
  • Offers binding moving estimates
  • Follow-up phone calls

Cons ✖

  • Can’t think of one for interstate move

We love Adam Van Lines due to its professional approach to interstate moves, handling the stress involved and required documentation as well as legal compliance before they start moving your home or office.

Its unique offers to pack, load, transport, unload, unpack, and even store your possessions for you is also a good point.

Pricing Van Lines - Top 10 Trusted Interstate Moving Companies of 2020

2. Pricing Van Lines



This is a moving broker established about twenty years ago with limited resources, but has developed over the years to become one of the leading companies in the moving industry.

They are the top moving company with interstate moving services in the country by providing great services at competitive pricing. They provide services that cover the whole move, from the idea phase to the final moving of your belongings to its last destination.

Pricing Van Lines is always focused and put customers first. Their consumers can share with you more experience on what it is like to work with them on your moves.

Pros ✔

  • It gives free non-obligatory moving quotes
  • Personalized relocation plans and execution
  • Great moving resources on its website
  • Offers competitive moving cost system
  • Trained and well-researched movers

Cons ✖

  • Possibly none

Customers usually meet Pricing Van Lines for reliable online relocation quotes and estimates which they use to evaluate their readiness to move.

If you would like to get instant and free online moving quotes, contact us now and get it done. 

iMoving - Top 10 Trusted Interstate Moving Companies of 2020

3. iMoving



This platform is well trusted and respected in the moving industry. The interstate moving services offered by iMoving are properly arranged to provide consumers peace of mind that their household items will be carefully and properly handled by our professional movers.

They offer varieties of long-distance moving services that include packing, storage, unpacking, special handling, moving quotes, and commercial moving, etc. 

No matter your moving requirements, they have the right skill and expertise to handle them at iMoving.The unique working relationship with leading long-distance moving companies in the country precedes us.

The company’s experience on the job with their top-notch service delivery is why it is unique among competitions.  

Pros ✔

  • Availability of several add-on services
  • Delayed payment option
  • A lot of moving resources on its website
  • Increased online presence
  • Guaranteed moving services
  • Reasonable moving pricing

Cons ✖

  • You may encounter excessive options

iMoving gives you the chance to check quotes from numerous movers in their network, review their services, compare prices, choose your preferred moving company, and then you can submit a reservation online.

All the moving companies they partner with are insured, licensed, and secured to perform a great interstate move for you without you worrying about logistics. 

4. North American Van Lines



This is a great choice for an interstate move as it has been offering the service for more than 85 years and has about 1,500 local representatives all over the 50 states.

North American Van Lines is one of the top movers in the United State and are also rated across the nation as one of the best in the country by numerous customers.

Are you in need of a full-service move, packing of fragile items only, disconnection and reconnection of the appliance, and disassembly and reassembly of furniture for your next move? You can get all this when you hire North American Van Lines.

It offers several additional moving services apart from the listed. North American Van Lines offer you guides to better understand your moves and are written in understandable language on its website. 

Pros ✔

  • Extended network of local moving reps
  • Great moving resources
  • GPS shipment tracking of goods
  • Performs both local & long distance moves
  • Provides “Binding not-to-exceed” moving estimates
  • Over 1,500 locations covering the entire 50 states
  • Over 85 years in business

Cons ✖

  • Poor customer service
  • Complaints on broken furniture
  • Must book earlier before

This company gives clarity on the services included in the total cost of your relocation and the additional costs. For instance, full-service packing is an additional service.

You can as well pay for the assistance you need immediately you arrive at your new home (such as reassembly if your dining room table or setting up your plasma TV).

They believe this freedom to personalize your move shows how concerned and considerate North American van Lines is with customers’ needs and budgets. 

5. American Van Lines



Established in 1995 with just a couple of trucks and one location, American Van Lines has developed to the extent that it is one of the nationwide moving companies with more than 70 moving trucks across 48 states.

Majority of the companies that offer the same services as American Van Lines are brokers or broker-carrier hybrids that contract out part or your entire move to other movers.

However, American Val Lines is different. Whether you are looking for storage services, auto transport, or full-service moving, the company’s well-screened workers handle each part of your move.

Along with these services, AVL is dedicated to offering fair prices and customer satisfaction and using a flat-rate pricing system so you can know exactly what you will pay.

Pros ✔

  • Great scores in customer service 
  • Best pricing available
  • Can perform last-minute moves
  • Numerous options to obtain a quote such as a video, app, phone
  • Offers private storage options 
  • Can move antiques, fine art, pianos, etc.
  • Member of leading industry organizations

Cons ✖

  • May ask for a deposit at booking
  • No online quotes
  • Frequent phone calls

With the flat-rate pricing system from AVL, you can stay away from movers that charge by the hour and additional money for fuel or mileage.

Immediately your move is fixed, the moving company has a full inventory of your possessions and the distance of your move.

They will calculate a price based on the weight of your belongings and the timeline for your move. Although the flat-rate pricing system is excellent, American Van Lines does not offer online quotes.

This may be interpreted as a con by some people. But quotes can be wrong, and the company removes doing it again by getting rid of it together. 

6. U-Pack



This is a good option for those that want to use hybrid service. It is a moving container service company.

Even though the national movers on our list are great in their rights, U-Pack is a great alternative for those in need of a more creative and affordable way to move.

With its fast, unique, and convenient services, U-Pack is one of our leading interstate moving companies, and this is due to their quick development and success.

You will only use your used space when you rent from U-Pack, which eliminates the assumption of pricing and gets rid of all the worries of whether you are being overcharged. 

Pros ✔

  • Fast delivery times
  • Transparent rates
  • Presence of online resources for military moves
  • Payment for only your used cubes
  • Absence of deposit or hidden fees
  • Quick, accurate moving quotes
  • Optional temporary storage

Cons ✖

  • Offers only Long-distance moves 
  • No container locks included
  • Customer service, not availability not consistent

More than one million people have been moved by U-Pack since 1997, which implies that the company has more than enough experience required to move your household goods to your new home securely.

U-Pack is mostly recognized for what it doesn’t offer: additional fees. You won’t be charged driver fees, fuel fees, or any other hidden costs added to your total bill (provided you complete the necessary paperwork and return all equipment on time and in good shape). 

Wheaton World Wide Moving - Top 10 Trusted Interstate Moving Companies of 2020

7. Wheaton World Wide Moving



This company takes care of the house, business, government, and military moves all around the nation and beyond. They handle the packing, transportation, unpacking, and any required storage.

Wheaton makes use of air-ride moving trailers that have protective pads, decking materials, plastic moldings, foam cushioning, straps, and walk boards to protect your musical equipment, furniture, pool tables, fixtures, appliances, and automobiles. 

The company has been in the business since 1945 and is one of the first companies to have started performing interstate moves as a professional service.

Wheaton World Wide Moving has grown to an extent where they have more than 4,000 workers and 250 agents all across the globe.

If you need a moving crew that provides great service and will do a great job in an out-of-state move, then you will know this is your best shot. 

Pros ✔

  • Immediate online ballpark moving estimates 
  • Priority moving services available for urgent moves
  • Top-quality online resources
  • Offers Full value protection coverage in the form of replacement
  • Temporary-term and long-term storage

Cons ✖

  • Lack of some information on the website

Wheaton offers a great online moving estimate immediately you request for it using its ballpark estimate tool.

If you are still in the early phases of planning your move or only plan to talk to someone until you need to, this tool can be helpful.

Wheaton provides Priority Relocation for those who desire to move expressly. This option enables you to get services like loading and unloading, packing and unpacking, and so on. 

Mayflower - Top 10 Trusted Interstate Moving Companies of 2020

8. Mayflower



This is one of the country’s largest moving and storage services and is also one of the most widely known in the moving industry.

Established in 1927, Mayflower has gone through several changes over time but is still seen as one of the top movers on every list we’ve seen.

The company has secured its place as the top-rated interstate moving company by using a different moving method.

Mayflower encourages customers to personalize their move instead of having your items move from one area to another.

This is why the company has made a business plan that enables you to pick additional services to your relocation experience, including cleaning services to packing assistance.

Pros ✔

  • Cross country fleet with certification from FMCSA 
  • Safe and secure storage solutions available
  • Provides online articles, moving checklists, and resources to assist you in organizing your move
  • A wide network of agents
  • Interactive moving truck tracking online (not often accurate or available)

Cons ✖

  • Variable customer service experience based on local agents
  • The website contains many broken links and features
  • No online or over the phone estimates

Regardless of your moving needs, Mayflower will surely assist you. There are no limitations to Mayflower’s services, whether local or state to state moving services.

With various network of moving professionals, you don’t need to spend much time trying to determine the best mover for you. With Mayflower, you can obtain moving quotes online that is specific to your needs. 

Two Men and A Truck - Top 10 Trusted Interstate Moving Companies of 2020

9. Two Men and A Truck



This is a full-service moving company with more than 350 locations across the world. Even though it was started by two high school students as an after-school business in the 1980s, it has turned into one of the highly-respected and customer-recognized moving companies in the United States.

Two Men and a Truck’s strength is why it becomes a reliable option for several moves, and its great customer service makes sure your move is convenient.

Most locations of Two Men and a Truck charge based on weight and mileage for interstate moves, so your shipment’s weight and your moving distance will dictate your moving price. 

Pros ✔

  • More than 300 nationwide locations
  • Movers’ background is checked 
  • Friendly customer service
  • Mostly positive customer reviews
  • Home staging services

Cons ✖

  • Hard process for an online estimate 
  • Limited service radius at certain locations
  • Doesn’t offer a price-matching policy

With its standard moving services, Two Men and a Truck can assist you with the heavy lifting of your belongings.

Even if you are not relocating, you can hire the company to reposition a large sofa, a large fridge, a king-size bed, an expensive and fragile piano, or any other items.

Allied Van Lines - Top 10 Trusted Interstate Moving Companies of 2020

10. Allied Van Lines



This is a full-service interstate moving company that holds one of the world’s largest relocation networks.

This company not just works with several agents (local movers) to satisfy your needs, it gives excellent service as well.

This mover is a catch on our list with its great in-home moving estimate experience, great customer service, and a great range of services.

Pros ✔

  • Customer service representatives are responsive
  • Great experience all through the in-home moving estimate 
  • Appliance disconnection and reconnection
  • Pricing transparency

Cons ✖

  • Storage solutions not affordable for small shipments
  • Guaranteed  prices not always sure

In-home moving estimates are reasonably the same from one mover to another. Allied’s in-home estimate is the one we liked the most of all the ones we experienced.

Average Cost of an Interstate Move

Interstate moving cost is greatly dependent on your destination and the number of items you are moving.

Interstate moves in the average cost about $4,900, with 7,400 pounds being the average weight and 1,225 miles as the average distance, including many moving services.

If you find these numbers too high for you, note that an interstate move can be so much expensive than a local move.

As local movers charge hourly rates, interstate movers must charge based on the shipment weight when moving across state lines. 

For reference, a single bedroom apartment move to Florida from Massachusetts costs a bit higher than $4,300 (about $5,000). However, moving distance may be more than the average 1,225 miles, and a lot of items may be involved. 

Average Cost of an Interstate Move

Home type

Studio apartment

One-bedroom apartment

Two-bedroom home

Three+ bedroom home

Average cost of a 1,000 miles move

$1,400 to $2,300

$2,000 to $3,200

$3,000 to $4,000

$4,500 to $9,500

Read more in detail about the Average Cost of An Interstate Move.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Interstate Move

During an interstate move, you must choose a mover with a great reputation and a strong track record of handling interstate moves. Interstate moves require special expertise and licensing. Consider the following:  

  • Active United States Department of Transportation (DOT) license and insurance
  • Positive complaint history with FMCSA
  • Read online review websites
  • How long has the mover been into the moving business?
  • Is the business owner or workers listed on online moving platform?
  • Can you search for their address?
  • Do they have moving trucks or a warehouse?

Moving companies must give written estimates as binding or non-binding. Moving companies are not required to provide any moving estimate than the two binding or non-binding.

In general, we advise you to book a mover two months in advance of your agreed moving date. If you are relocating between May and August (summer months), you may want to reserve as early as possible. Waiting too long can limit your options as movers are often busy.

Whether you are hiring a removal company or making use of a moving container that you pack yourself, you need to determine the best option for your upcoming move.

An interstate move, on average will cost you around $3,000 to $6,000 based on the quantity of shipment you have.

The average weight of a home’s possession is about 7,500 pounds. Your hired movers must cover more than 100 miles for your type of move.

Move from Monday through Thursday because many customers are busy during this period, so the demand for moving is low. This is a cost-saving method that you should benefit from just to take a day off at work.

In general, booking a moving company at least two months before your exact move-out date is the best. You should book even earlier if you are moving in peak moving season, such as the busy summer months from May to August. Waiting too long to book will only reduce your moving options.

There are many low ball moving estimates and additional fees in the moving industry. If you hire a rogue mover, they will usually lure you with their moving estimates and then charge you beyond the original bill.

Good movers will endeavor to provide a cost estimate for your move in the most accurate way possible. Make sure you work closely with your moving company and create time to give them all the required details regarding your relocation.

Almost every moving company gives 1,000 pounds the lowest size they require and is equivalent to about 40 medium-sized boxes or small studio-filled belonging. Some movers increase their lowest size requirement to 2,000 during peak moving season; some may even give 3,500lbs. This concerns the median weight of a 1-bedroom apartment.

Almost every professional moving company offers temporary and long-term storage solutions. 30-days of free storage will be offered by many movers.

Note that the movers will probably store your household items in their facility, so access won’t be granted to the belongings while they are in storage.

You need to ask your moving company for delivery time frames if your move is beyond 1,000 miles or across the country so you can be sure of the need for storage services. Deliveries often take more than two weeks in most cases.


Regardless of the interstate moving company you choose, we will love to hear about your experience with the moving company you choose. And if you want us to look into a moving company, kindly let us know. 

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