Top 12 Questions To Ask Before Shipping Your Car

Working with the right auto shippers is crucial to a good car shipping experience. Make sure you’re ready by asking your auto transport company the right questions.
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Top 12 Questions To Ask Before Shipping Your Car
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When it comes to transporting your car from one point to another, you need to carefully consider your options regardless of the reason. Hiring an auto shipping company is a great way to move your vehicle. But, you need to ensure the company you choose is the right one before you ship your car.

How can you discover the best auto transport company for your car transport need? Conducting good research is the solution as it helps figure out the reputation of a company, and asking the right questions enables you to pick the best for your need among the multitude.

When you plan to move a car to another part of the country or even to another part of the world, there are 12 questions you need to ask to help you figure out the perfect shipping company. 

Below Are The Questions To Ask

1. Is the auto-shipper registered?

An interstate transport company needs to be registered with the Department of Transport for their services. Along with their DOT number, interstate auto shipping companies should be able to provide you their Motor Carrier number that you can verify on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website.

If you want to transport your car overseas, you must hire a company that is also registered with the Federal Maritime Commission.

2. How many years has your auto shipping service been in business?

Finding out more information on an auto shipping company’s history is the first thing you should do as you contact any of their agents. Particularly, it would help if you discovered how long the company had been around.

Even though it is not compulsory to work with a shipping company with fifty years of experience, you also don’t want to rely on a company that just started the business a few weeks to move your car.

Normally, at least a few years of shipping experience is required from a company before they can be considered. This will inform you that they know how car shipping works and does it perfectly without causing any damage to your car.

3. What are the services they offer?

Find out the list of services your auto shipping company offers. Some may just service certain regions, and others might have car type or size restriction for transport’s sake. Find out if the company offers an open or enclosed vehicle transport method.

Interstate transportation can be hard on your car if it is left unprotected from the elements, but they will be protected at an expense with the enclosed option.

4. Do you offer auto shipping quotes for free?

Most vehicle shipping company gives instant and free vehicle shipping quotes on their website. If the particular companies you are researching don’t want to offer free shipping quotes, you should move onto the next.

Just make sure any shipping company you are considering provides you a free shipping quote, so you can easily compare prices from various car transporters. You can get quotes from auto shipping companies instantly at Moving APT.

5. What is the amount of money it cost to ship a vehicle?

In advance, you want to know the amount your car shipping will cost you before you hire a shipping company. Many factors are involved in determining the cost of transporting a car, which includes the distance that your car will travel, the type and size of your car, and the transport method you choose.

Read our guide on the cost of shipping a car for further details.

6. What insurance do the shippers offer?

Your standard car insurance will likely not cover shipping your car across the country, so you must ensure your car shipping company offers enough insurance coverage. Request for their insurance evidence, and find out the exact level of coverage will be on your car while it is being transported.

If you think it is not enough, ask about how you can increase the coverage. It might come at an additional cost, but the peace of mind will be priceless.

7. How will they ship my car?

While shipping a vehicle, there are two major transportation methods available for selection: open-air trailer and enclosed trailer. The option you choose will be based on the value of your car as well as the protection you need.

However, each transport method has its pros and cons. So, the choice is yours to make on the method that befits your budget and needs. Even though open transport is a popular choice for most customers, it is also the least expensive car shipping method.

8. When will they deliver my vehicle to me?

In most cases, the distance of shipping, the destination location, and the transportation method will determine when your vehicle will arrive. Not minding all these, ask your shipping company how long they take to transport a car so you can easily plan.

9. What are the steps you take to prevent cars from getting damaged?

When transporting a car, your biggest concern is the fear of your car being damaged during the transport process. You want to receive your car unscathed from the long-distance shipping to your new location. Before choosing a shipping service to work with, ask them the plans they put in place to prevent your car from getting damaged. Do the company:

  • Have a limit on the number of cars they transport at once?
  • Load cars on truck in a particular way to prevent damages?
  • Ask drivers to inspect vehicles periodically for signs of damage? 

The way each vehicle transport service operates is different regarding damage prevention. But you should never agree to hire a company that doesn’t put in much precaution for the safety of your car.

10. Can you give a list of references for research?

A car shipping company that has been in existence for many years now is expected to have a long list of references to show. Contact a few of the provided references to see if they can share more experience when working with a particular car shipping service. If the company, for any reason, can’t provide any references for you, you can go on the internet and look for online reviews for a company.

Those reviews will give you a great insight into what working with a company will be like. If you find any negative reviews, contact the company to respond to them. They should be able to give a good explanation for why such a customer was not satisfied with the services they provided.

11. What happens if a car gets damaged during the transport process?

Regardless of the preventive measures against damage taken by a car transport company during shipping, accidents can still happen. When this occurs, how is a shipping company going to respond to it? A reputable vehicle shipping company will work to ensure repairs are done to any cars that get damaged.

A bad car transport company will blame the customer for having damaged a car before shipping it. You want to make sure the company you work with is in the first category. They should take care of your car as if it was their own, and in the event of any damage, while shipping, they should fix it without causing you any trouble.

12. How should I get my car ready for the upcoming shipping?

You need to thoroughly clean your car and get rid of all unnecessary belongings from it before shipping. Ask the vehicle shipping service you plan to hire about their exact expectations so you can get the vehicle ready accordingly. Also, you can take these ten steps to get a car ready for shipping into consideration.


Auto-shipping rates and the type of services they offer can vary from one company to another, so shopping around and obtaining several quotes is necessary. If you are like some people, and your car is a huge investment for you, creating a little time and effort to ask your shippers these questions will certainly be worth it when you receive your car’s delivery with no damage.

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