Top 5 Reasons Why People Are Moving From Los Angeles To San Francisco

Though many people do categorize L.A. as a glamorous show town, the truth is there is far more to the City of Angels than the glitz and glam of life. We opened your eyes to many things here.
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Top 5 Reason Why People Are Moving From Los Angeles To San Francisco
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The answer as to whether the West Coast is indeed the best cannot be answered by us, but we sure know that two of the highly vibrant and bustling cities in the United States are found on the West Coast.

Yes, we are referring to Los Angeles and San Francisco. These two big cities are popular all around the globe, but offer many different lifestyles, despite being found in the same state. San Francisco is one of the highly desirable American cities to live in.

Despite the expensive cost of living, residents of San Francisco are glad to pay the huge price tag to enjoy this great region as well as its progressive culture.

Filled with iconic landmarks, varieties of standalone businesses, great restaurants, and many outdoor recreations, there is always something to love about this city. The size maybe just 49 square miles but its amenities are a perfect makeup for its small size.

Whether you are relocating to further your career in the tech industry or you just want to feel the excitement of this beautiful city, San Francisco has something for everyone.

As you get ready to move north from Los Angeles, below are just a few important reasons why the Bay Area stands out in the country.

Advantages of Moving from Los Angeles to San Francisco

1. Vibrant culture

San Francisco has been seen as one of the highly developed cities in the United States. Being the origin of gay rights and the center of the bohemian lifestyle, San Francisco is the hub of cultural acceptance. This pacesetting city is famous for its constant acceptance of people, no matter the race, nationality, region, or sexual orientation.

It is indeed a place where everyone is welcomed. The arts and culture scene in the city is also much diverse, filled with internationally recognized museums, multiple street arts and galleries, and the ballet, opera, and symphony.

2. Flourishing Economy

San Francisco attracts many people including entrepreneurs and young professionals; thanks to its flourishing economy. One of the major reasons the Bay Area draws so many professionals is the availability of its comprehensive technology sector.

Silicon Valley, found in the southern area of the Bay Area, is the world’s technological capital and is where some of the world’s biggest tech companies, such as Intel, Cisco Systems, HP, Oracle, Apple, Facebook, Goggle, companies are found.

You will also find major companies like Chevron, Wells Fargo, Netflix, and Visa here. There are different other employment opportunities in industries like government, healthcare, education, trade, hospitality, business, and transportation here.

Due to its flourishing economy, San Francisco’s employment rate is low when compared to the country’s average. It also has the highest average household income in the country, which you will need to afford house here.

3. Outdoor Lifestyle

Outdoor lovers are attracted to San Francisco due to the great natural beauty of the region. Residents here can enjoy different outdoor activities all through the year due to its comfortable climate. There are numerous ways to enjoy the beach and water like sailing, surfing, relaxing in the sun and swimming.

There are also lots of spots to enjoy climbing, hiking, mountain biking, and skiing. You will find Muir Woods just 12 miles north of San Francisco and is one of the best spots to enjoy California redwood trees. Also, Mount Tamaulipas is located in Marin Country and is the origin of the mountain bike.

There are also many ski resorts located in few distances away, so you can just go skiing in the morning and storm the beach at night. Add all of that with the unlimited supply of parks in the city and you will have endless fun activities any time of the year.  

4. The Culinary Scene

San Francisco certainly has one of the best culinary events in the United States. Foodies will enjoy their time trying out everything including world-class dining to fresh produce as well as filled food trucks. This city has a farmer’s market almost every weekend and also has many latest coffee shops and nice bakeries.

If you are the type of person who loves to try out new restaurants, you will be glad to know that numerous restaurants in San Francisco, trying them all would be impossible. Serving up varieties of food menus from all over the world, foodies will go through an amazing meal at the time they wish.     

5. Walkability

Say farewell to the Los Angeles freeway and be prepared to enjoy a simple form of commuting. Unlike the huge city of Los Angeles, San Francisco is highly walkable with great access to transit. You can easily avoid traffic congestion by walking or biking almost anywhere across the city. You will also be able to enjoy some gorgeous scenery on the way.

Cost of Living

Planning a move to San Francisco from Los Angeles? Below is some vital information about the median cost of living to remember:

  • Rent prices: Renting a one-bedroom apartment costs $2,680 on average and a two-bedroom is $4,400. These rates have remained unchanged, even though they are still the most expensive in the country.
  • Utilities: The median cost of utilities for a home of 915 square feet is $109, and internet services cost from $40 to $80.
  • Transportation: Monthly transportation passes start from $73 to $91 for adults, based on the distance of the trip.
  • Food: San Franciscans spend almost 13.2% of their household budget on food, a bit higher than the country’s average. 49.7% of this food budget is spent on meals at home, 50.3% goes to eating out. Unlike other parts of the country, San Francisco residents usually eat out, with its great food scene, one can easily see why. 

Best San Francisco Neighborhoods

Sure, each cost of living calculation has to consider the neighborhood. There are many different neighborhoods in San Francisco with each having its feel.

Below are just a few of the neighborhoods in the city, but make sure you check the most famous ones:

Castro District:

The Castro is often used with LGBT culture, as is clear by the rainbow-painted crosswalks as well as rainbow flags billowing in front of stores. Castro District offers upbeat happy hours, a vibrant nightlife, and is closer to Twin Peaks-two hills which offer a great 3600 views of San Francisco. Castro is indeed a bustling neighborhood with much to do.

Mission District:

This neighborhood has been crowded by a much Hispanic community based on history, and its culture is indeed the backbone of the neighborhood. The Mission is home to almost 500 murals, making it the most packed tapestry of street art in the country.

There are many stores selling everything from fresh produce to piñatas in Mission Street, and young professionals relocate there in great numbers for bustling nightlife, closeness to Dolores Park, and tasty taquerias.

Locals on the weekend head straight to Dolores and relax in the sunshine for a beautiful view of the city skyline, which is visible from almost every spot in the park.


Families are plentiful in this neighborhood. It is a kid-friendly district that boats of great shops on 24th Street and its major drag include the sunny weather ideal for playing all day at the child and dog-friendly Douglass Playground and Saturday farmer’s market.


This bustling neighborhood covers 406 acres, one of the biggest in the city. South of Market, known as SoMa is a variety of warehouses, trendy nightclubs, and the AT&T Park is located here, a place where the San Francisco Giants play.

It also has many of the museums in San Francisco and SoMa StrEat Food Park where locals enter to take a bite at rotating food trucks.

Hayes Valley:

This neighborhood is one other famous neighborhood among the young professional population and is filled with the latest restaurants, expensive boutiques and shops, and dog-friendly Patricia’s Green in the heart of the action.

It is within walking distance to some other famous neighborhoods, such as the Castro, making it a perfect location for people looking to explore ore outdoors of their areas.

Marina District:

Recent college graduates enjoy this neighborhood; the Marina is filled with boozy brunch locations, beautiful views of the bay, and almost every type of workout studio imaginable. If your going out needs a car, though, this may not be the best place for you; the Marina is found in the northernmost part of the city, and commuting in and out of San Francisco can be tough.

Richmond District:

Starting in the Presidio and extending to the length of Golden Gate Park towards Ocean Beach, the Richmond area covers 50 blocks. The Outer Richmond (the western part of the 50-block District) is near outdoor attractions, such as Sutro Baths and Lands End, while the Inner Richmond (the 25-blocks on the east) is preferred by San Francisco residents for its population of Dim Sum restaurants.

Dos and Don’ts Moving to San Francisco from Los Angeles

  • Do research the parking situation of the neighborhood if you plan to have a car in San Francisco. Parking in some districts is highly limited.
  • Don’t assume that the city’s weather will be all warm and sunshine. Even though temperatures on average don’t drop below 400, temperatures can significantly vary between one neighborhood and another. You need a lightweight jacket because the weather can suddenly change.
  • Do obtain a Clipper Card. You can reload it and will provide you discounts on some transit systems, like Caltrain. Also, you will avoid the need to purchase a ticket every time you need to get on public transit.
  • Don’t depend on online ads to rent without physically seeing the apartment. There are many rental scams online, and you need all the protection available.
  • Do look into your commute to work before you rent an apartment. No one likes being on a bus for an hour daily, so, consider the route you will be taken from home to work and back and make sure you are comfortable with it.
  • Don’t skip Bay to Breakers. This is a 12K race that brings a lot of participants and onlookers to the San Francisco streets every May for a beautiful celebration of San Francisco life from the Bay to the east as well as the breakers to the west; costumes are normally welcomed.


If you are changing homes from Los Angeles to San Francisco, you will want to get the services of a reliable Los Angeles moving company to transport your belongings safely.

professional cross country movers can provide you a free moving quote to assist you in knowing what this move will cost you. Make sure you read reviews on Yelp and see if they are the best and reliable movers in your area. Moving companies also provide services like packing and unpacking which is capable of making your move less stressful and hassle-free.

Or you can hire movers to box up your large items for you, such as a bicycle, piano, pool table, and take care of your other household items yourself. In just 6 hours you can complete your move to San Francisco from Los Angeles. But those 6 hours can be the longest ever if you are not fully prepared.

Before you select a moving company to hire, make sure you obtain at least four on-site moving estimates to determine the best price and service for your Californian move. Begin to compare rates from affordable moving companies online now. 

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