Top Long Distance Moving Companies of 2019

Looking for long distance moving companies? You are at the right place for directives. Moving can be an energy-draining activity. You may need to research the cheapest moving companies to get the best deals and also a seemingly awesome experience. These companies can help you plan your move, pack and unpack your items and ultimately ensure that you safely receive all of your belongings.

If you are moving across state or country, you tend to first search for cheaper and top-rated long distance moving companies to select from. Compare movers near me by rating based on their quality of services and prices. Finding reliable moving companies near me should base on location and choice of move, and this is not limited to:

  • Full-service moving companies
  • Moving and storage containers
  • Moving van rental or truck rental

There are a number of them available to you. Read on to discover the best moving companies near me from each category to consider for your move.

Top Long Distance Moving Companies:

While there are thousands of long distance moving companies, we focused our research and comparison on the top movers in three categories listed above to help you decide what method is best for your move cross country. Each category of a move has its own pros and cons; hence, it is vital to decide right. After detailed research and reviews of the best long distance moving companies, here is what we recommend:

Full-Service Moving Companies
Full-service moving companies are the category of moving service that provides the most hands-off and custom-made moving experience. Choosing a full-service moving company is, without a doubt, the most comfortable but expensive moving experience. Our suggestions are discussed below:

1. Puma Van Lines

Based in Dallas TX, Puma Van Lines provides professional and top-notch relocation services for a range of customers. Their expertise cut across transportation of household items, commercial belongings, military and corporate relocation nationwide. With an excellent rating last year, as one of the top moving companies, you can rest assured to get a good deal when you seek long distance moving companies.


2. Movers Van Lines

As one of the most affordable premium moving companies, Movers Van Lines prides itself on meeting the needs of a wide range of customers in the moving industry. They specialize in long distance and out of state moves, with a team of dedicated relocation specialists who can do as much or just as little based on your needs. They also offer a white glove service, which ensures that all belongings are handled with great care from the word “get-go.”


3. Traditional Express Van Lines

Long distance moving companies are everywhere, but some have distinguished themselves from offering better services than other over the years. That is the case of Traditional Express Van Lines offering local and statewide moves and storage and packing services in the New Jersey and environs. If you seek a trustworthy local mover, then you might want to consider Traditional Express Van Lines for all your moving needs. Whether you’re moving across the state or locally, every move starts with careful planning and ends in a superior execution service that keeps your satisfaction and loyalty intact. With a team of dedicated professionals to always listen to you and answer all your questions, your move experience can be hassle-free when you decide to employ their services.


4. Roadway Moving

Roadway Moving guarantees a reliable residential and corporate long distance moving. A team comprising fully certified professionals who are ready to provide the much-needed assistance with every step of the way to keep you one step ahead of the game. They carry out a range of services including loading and unloading of your belongings, disassembly and reassembly of items, furniture placement, packing materials and lots more! Your belongings will be carefully delivered when you choose Roadway Movers as your residential moving company.


5. Roadrunner Moving

They pride themselves on the fact that they make moving as easy as possible without any hassle, whether a local or long distance move. They handled every aspect of your move– from packaging, storage, even insurance. Additionally, they specialize in corporate relocations with years of experience helping an array of businesses to find the right location. You can sleep a little easier having the right company to handle all your moving needs.


6. United Movers

You can count on United Movers Group as your trusted partner for any long distance move, corporate relocations, packing/crating, etc. They also do as much as securing storage in a climate controlled storage facilities throughout the United States and also having pickup opportunities in all the states except in Alaska and Hawaii. They are licensed and insured so you can rest easy having that at the back of your mind and knowing your belongings are safe with them. With over 25 years of experience in this industry, they can handle all forms of move, making it as easy and stress-free as possible. The choice is yours when you seek a long distance moving company.


Following table displays the list of top long distance moving companies:


Top Long Distance Moving Companies  

 1.  Puma Van Lines
 2.  Movers Van Lines
 3.  Traditional Express Van Lines
 4.  Roadway Moving
 5.  Roadrunner Moving
 6.  United Movers

Moving and Storage Container Companies 

If you choose to hybrid your move, consider renting a moving and storage container. This category of moving service has been researched to be less expensive compared to a full-service move. However, it is more expensive than renting a moving truck. Here are the top companies for your selection:

1. PODS (Portable on Demand Storage)

If you are you looking for Top Long Distance Moving Companies, PODS might just be what you’re looking for. PODS delivers an innovative solution to customers. With a level of container that makes loading easy, customers cannot ask for anything better than knowing that their personal belongings will not be damaged in transit. PODS offers convenience, security and control of your moving or storage. Get a great solution for belongings or business equipment as you partner with them.


Other moving and storage container companies worthy of considering are:

2. 1-800-PACK-RATWebsite:

3. U-Box by U-HaulWebsite:

Following table displays the list of top moving and storage containers:


Top Moving and Storage Containers  

 1. PODS (Portable On Demand Storage)
 2. 1-800-PACK-RAT
 3. U-Box by U-Haul

Moving Van Rental or Truck Rental

This is the least expensive method out of the available categories of moving services. It is called Do-It-Yourself move, and it is widely used by many people to cut cost on moving. However, it implies that you must be behind the wheel all through the phases of your move. Here are the top companies for your selection:

1. U-Haul

U-Haul is popular and has become a household name in the moving industry over the years. The company is the oldest and well-recognized for moving truck rentals with varieties of truck sizes more than every other truck rental services to accommodate any size of home move cross country. With over 2,000 locations, easy online reservation system, and trucks with easy to load decks, U-Haul is right there near you.


Other Moving van rentals or truck rental worthy of considering are:

2. Budget Truck RentalWebsite:

3. Penske Truck RentalWebsite:

Following table displays the list of top moving truck rentals:


Top Moving Truck Rentals  

 1. U-Haul
 2. Budget Truck Rental
 3. Penske Truck Rental


Perhaps you are on the verge of relocating to a near apartment or office space, and you can’t seem to find the best long distance moving companies; this list might just be a good start. Do careful scrutiny of your options and decide the one that best suits your needs. A wonderful experience awaits you because moving with shouldn’t be stressful after all.

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