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What is the Best Day of the Week to Move Long Distances?

Discover the best days of the week and times of year to organize and execute a long-distance move on your own or with the help of a professional moving service.
What is the Best Day of the Week to Move Long Distances?

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Typically, the best day of the week for making a long-distance move is Friday. This allows for the movers to have at least two days to complete the entire move before they must return home or go on to their next job. It also usually allows enough time for you to complete the move in time to go to work on Monday.

Choosing the right day of the week for you to organize a long-distance move, however, will depend on more than just your availability. 

Is Friday also the cheapest day of the week to move long distances?

While the best day of the week to move long distances is on Fridays, it is often cheaper to move during the weekdays as the demand for equipment is lower and fewer people are on the road to contend with.

In addition, some moving companies may offer discounts for moves that occur during the weekdays. It is always best to check with your long-distance moving service in advance to determine which days are the most economical.

What about the best time of year?

When you begin planning a long-distance move, it will be essential to consider the time of year so that you are not delayed by weather, holidays, or seasonal road closures.

Typically, peak moving season is between May and August. While these months can be the most expensive time of year to move, they are also the most favorable for packing and driving conditions. Additionally, because of the favorable weather conditions, this can also be the fastest time of year to move long distances.

The least expensive time of year to move is typically in the winter or fall months when the weather can cause real headaches. If you’re planning a winter DIY move, be sure that you rent a vehicle capable of handling the weather conditions, as winter storms can cause significant delays.

Options for Types of Ways to Carry Out a Long-Distance Move

No matter when you plan to move, there are a variety of options that make it easy to get your belongings packed and transported to your final destination.

  • Full-Service Movers: Those who may not have the physical capability or even the time to pack up, load a truck and move a household would greatly benefit from a full-service moving team. Professional out of state movers will load, transport, and unload your belongings at their final destination. Most can also take care of packing and unpacking for an extra fee.
  • Moving Pods – An excellent option when you have the time and resources to pack belongings but lack transportation to get them from point A to B. Pods can be dropped off at your location and picked up at your convenience. They provide a great alternative to hiring full-service movers if you’re willing and able to load and unload the pods.
  • Hire Moving Labor – If you just need help with the heavy lifting or someone to only do the driving from point A to B, consider hiring moving labor to turn your long-distance relocation into a budget-friendly, mostly DIY move.
  • Do-It-Yourself – Of course, the most cost-efficient way to move is to pack, load and unload, and transport your own belongings. Whether you rent a moving truck or pack your vehicle for the drive yourself, a DIY relocation is possible with a bit of planning ahead of time (and a lot of physical energy).

Regardless of your choice, it is always best to shop around and get moving quotes from at least 3 companies to ensure that you get the best deal.

The Benefits of Using A Professional Long Distance Moving Service

While moving on your own may save you a bit of money, the truth is that it can increase your stress and could also lead to injury.

To avoid injury or harm to yourself and your belongings, its best to hire a professional long distance moving company that can provide you with:

  • Transportation: Professional movers will have trucks or vans that can carry your items from one location to another safely and efficiently.
  • Packaging Materials: While it may seem like an unnecessary expense, it is better to get moving boxes or supplies from a professional long-distance moving company rather than risk damaging your items by reusing old or unsuitable packing materials.
  • Loading/Unloading: One of the biggest dangers and stressors of moving is loading and unloading. A moving service has their own staff to do the heavy lifting and they have the equipment and know-how to do it quickly and efficiently.
  • Storage Options: Another benefit of using a professional long-distance moving service is that many provide options for short and long-term storage services in case your new place isn’t ready for move-in.

How Much Does It Cost To Move Long Distances?

The price of moving long distances will vary based on the following factors:

  • Number of items to be moved
  • Weight of the items
  • Storage needs
  • Distance to travel
  • Current price of gas
  • Amount of stops needed

When determining how much your long-distance move will cost, it is always best to get quotes from multiple moving companies, especially if you have heavy, oversized, or many delicate items.

If you are driving on your own, you will also need to consider the price of accommodation and food during transport.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does a long-distance move take?

It can take anywhere from 1-10 days for a long-haul move depending on several factors such as the number of stops needed, the distance being traveled, and the weight of your items. 

Typically, drivers will need to stop every few hundred miles to rest before getting back on the road.  Additionally, if traveling during the winter months, delivery to the final destination may take longer due to unfavorable weather conditions.

Is it better to use a moving company or drive on my own?

It is always best to hire professional state to state movers even if you have a large enough vehicle to move belongings yourself. Long-distance moves can be stressful and challenging, which is why hiring professionals is the smartest choice for your time and safety. 

What are the main things to check when hiring a long-distance moving company?

Be sure to verify that the company is properly licensed, insured and registered with the U.S. DOT. Also, check to make sure that they are in good standing with the BBB and have generally positive customer reviews. Amount of experience, particularly experience handling your type and size of move, is also important.

Move Long Distances With Ease

Getting your personal belongings and valuables from one side of the state or country to the other doesn’t have to be difficult as long as you plan accordingly and get the professional moving help needed to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

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