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Why Is Hiring Movers So Expensive?

Find out why movers are so expensive and what a full service moving company can offer you when it’s time to move into a new home.
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Why Is Hiring Movers So Expensive?
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Hiring professional movers is an expensive endeavor because of the effort, skills, and special equipment that professional movers bring to the job. The price is often worth it for homeowners looking to make their move as easy, quick, and efficient as possible. In fact, most people find that the price paid for professional local movers or cross country movers is worth every penny.

Even so, seeing the figures on how much the average move costs can be an eye opener, especially if this is your first time moving with professionals. The average local move is just about $2,000 while the average long-distance move comes in at $4,500.

If you’re boggled by the price and thinking about moving yourself to save a bit of money, take a moment to consider exactly why professional movers cost money before you make a decision.

Movers Have Specialized Equipment

It’s unlikely you have the equipment needed to move items to and from a vehicle on hand or just lying around your home, as these items can be expensive to purchase as well as to maintain once they’ve been purchased. A few specialized things movers provide are vehicles and packing supplies along with much more.

  • Moving vehicles are some of the most important aspects of moving, as these are large enough to hold a variety of furniture and boxes. The moving trucks used by movers are in excellent condition and include tie downs, ramps, and other features that make getting items on and off the truck fast and safe.
  • Moving equipment includes dollies, hoisting straps, sliders for furniture, ropes, blankets, and more to keep items safe and make things easier when loading and unloading belongings. Depending on your move, movers may also provide hoisting cranes, moving platforms, and more.
  • Packing supplies used by moving companies are the best of the best, which means no cutting corners or any possibility of boxes falling apart. Movers also provide bubble wrap, foam sheeting, and anything else needed to make sure all of your things arrive to their home in good condition.

Professional Training & Services

If you’ve ever had to complete a move yourself, you know how exhausting and stressful it can be. Movers have received special training that gives them knowledge of how to best pack items and make the most of time spent in households packing and loading boxes.

Movers are also equipped to deal with challenges you may not have considered, such as how to get an oversized sofa through a narrow hallway and down a flight of stairs. They’re also certified to handle all kinds of moving jobs and the right professional will always be right there.

Even problems that require a bit of technical skill can be handled by movers, as they offer specialized services for households to make moving even more effective. These special services will add on to your price, though, so make sure they are necessary.

Planning & Coordination

When using professional long distance movers, there isn’t a need to worry about anything – the moving company has it all under control. This doesn’t cover just the basics, like loading and packing (if you take advantage of their packing service), but it also covers things like planning the move, figuring out the best access points, finding the shortest routes, getting the proper permits, and more.

You may not think about how much work and planning goes into planning a move until you’re doing it yourself, which can make you greatly appreciate moving companies and the work they put into the moving process to make things easier on you.

Liability Coverage

Any reputable moving company offers insurance and liability coverage, giving you peace of mind as your items are being moved. This puts movers at fault if anything happens to your shipment while it is being loaded, unloaded, or in transit. However, there are different types of coverage to be aware of.

  • Released value protection is a free coverage option that moving companies offer. The plus is that it’s free but you’ll only be covered for up to 60 cents per pound of the item that has been damaged or lost.
  • Full value protection gives you full coverage if any of your items are lost, damaged, or otherwise altered during transit. The moving company would be liable for the full value of items, but this price will vary depending on the movers you are working with.

Ultimate Safety

Professional moving companies work with seasoned and skillfully trained movers that have experience, knowledge, and resources. This gives them the ability to move everything safely, keeping all of your household members out of harm’s way and protecting your belongings.

  • Professionals know exactly how to lift items and carry things even if you’re bulky, heavy, or awkwardly shaped. They can also maneuver through tight spaces and get items to and from the truck with ease.
  • Movers take preventative measures to prevent as much damage as they possibly can, including covering flooring, wrapping up banisters, protecting doorframes, and more, when large items are being moved.
  • Any equipment movers have at their disposal will be used if it can make your move smoother, such as using furniture sliders and dollies for heavy items and boxes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where’s the best place to find cheap movers?

While price shouldn’t be the only reason to hire a particular mover, you can find a reasonably priced moving company by asking for recommendations from friends and family, looking at the reputation of companies, getting estimates, and making sure your inventory checklist is accurate so that you get the most accurate moving quote from movers.

How many movers am I going to need?

The number of movers the moving company will assign to your job will vary based on the size of the household, with typically two or three-bedroom homes needing three to four movers. If your home is larger or if you have more items that need to be loaded and unloaded, four or more movers may be required.

How long does it take to move out of a home?

Just like the number of movers needed, the time it takes to complete the job of moving your possessions out of the home and into the truck will depend on the size of the home and items being moved. In some cases, it might take up to three hours. However, for larger moves, it can take up to seven or eight hours.

Read more in detail about How Long Does it Take Movers to Move Across the Country?

So, Why Are Movers So Expensive?

By now, you know how much goes into completing a move quickly and effectively, so it’s no surprise that movers are a bit on the expensive side. The services and labor they provide can be beneficial, saving you money and time lost on mistakes, damage, injuries, and other problems that inevitably arise during DIY moves.

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