Why You Need Furniture Padding When Moving

If you want everything to arrive intact during your move, check out this guide about furniture padding and its benefits.
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Why You Need Furniture Padding When Moving
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You knew from the name that you can use furniture pads with furniture.

What most people don’t know, however, is that there are also ways in which you can use furniture pads for your moving.

Furniture pads are available for rental or purchase and are essentially needed when moving.

They are made from recycled denim and are a sustainable product that can be reused over and over. 

Alongside preventing damage to different items, furniture padding also prevents pieces from getting dirty while on the road. They are, definitely, a mover’s best friend.

For further information on furniture padding and the reason you need some for your move, continue reading.

What are the Furniture Pads?

Furniture padding is also referred to as moving blankets and are thick coverings used to protect bulky items during a move.

Professional furniture moving companies normally wrap and cover fragile or delicate furniture pieces with the use of furniture padding just to prevent damage to such items during a move-out and into a house.

Furniture pads are also used to protect items as well as prevent them from shifting during a move.

Moving padding generally comes in a blanket-like shape and appears like a thick, padded quilt.

Furniture pads are held in place during a move with the use of straps or tape. 

Below are some significant reasons furniture pads are essential for your move:

Prevent Goods from Shifting during a Move

As you load your moving truck, U-Box-Moving and Storage container, trailer, cargo van, or other rentals, fill all the gaps between boxes using furniture pads. This will save items from shifting and possibly falling while on the move.

Also, secure your shipment in place using tie-down rope and tie off tiers. 

Use Furniture Pads to cover Large or Bulky Items

The use of furniture pads to cover large or bulky items is the most popular and most relevant use of it.

Each furniture pad’s dimension is 68” x 85”, which makes them large enough to cover any size and shape of furniture, appliances, or other belongings that protection.

Secure in place using movers wrap, also giving you multiple pads in layers if needed.

A lot of dings, scratches, or nicks will be prevented from your belongings by a furniture pad as you move. Also, the furniture pads will help prevent your shipment from grime or dirt all through the move. 

Protection for Items in Boxes

The truth is, as you pack up electronics, vases, and other similar items, your moving box may not be fully packed. The remaining space in your box could cause items to shift around and increases the risk of damage.

Use a furniture pad to wrap items before you pack them in their boxes to protect them. You can also add an extra layer of protection to your items from each end while in their boxes and block the gaps that way. 

Help Move Bulky, Heavy Items

Allow your arms to take some rest. Slide large, heavy items through a laid furniture pad on hardwood floors or tiles. Sadly, you can only use this trick indoors, and you will need to carry your furniture item at your doorway then. However, your arms will enjoy the short break they received.  

Protecting and Preventing the Floors from Scratching

Firstly, furniture padding gives automatic protection for your floors. Whether your dining tables and chairs, heavy dressers, and consoles, carrying furniture around is difficult, which implies that accidents may happen.

If you suddenly drop or slide furniture over the floor without it being wrapped in furniture pads, this could end up scratching your fresh floors. Fortunately, furniture pads give an additional layer of protection between the furniture item and the floor. 

It ensures your Furniture Stays Clean

During a move to a new home, your household goods may attract dirt, dust, and other debris from the moving truck as well as the outdoors. If moving in rain or snow, your belongings could also get dirty and damaged.

Fortunately, furniture wrapping in blankets saves them from getting dirty and dusty. Also, it prevents furniture from water damage and adds to the chances of getting your items delivered to the new home safely.  

It saves the Furniture Legs from Breaking

Furniture legs are usually fragile. Your furniture’s legs may get damaged when you drop a couch, for instance, on the floor or swipe it against the wall.

Certainly, wrapping and covering the furniture piece in furniture pads will reduce the legs’ chances of breaking off. Furniture pads give additional cushioning that will protect both the body and legs of the item.

It protects your Household Walls

Alongside floor protection, using moving blankets to cover the furniture items also protects your walls. This is because regardless of how you carry the furniture in or out of the house, you can unintentionally sideswipe your walls in the process.

Sadly, this will just cause dented walls and chipped paint. Furniture pads are soft and padded, so even if you accidentally hit the walls while moving it, the walls won’t be damaged.

Other Ways you can protect Furniture when Moving

The use of furniture pads is not the only way to give protection to your furniture items during a move. Other physical and financial protection methods for your furniture during a move include: 

  • Buy valuation coverage or moving insurance, if you hire professional out of state movers.
  • Use stretch wrap to wrap furniture
  • Apply felt pads below furniture legs
  • Always get help when moving heavy furniture
  • Get dollies rental from your local Home Depot
  • Use tie-downs behind the rental truck
  • Place towels or cardboard under piece when sliding it on the floor
  • Ensure there are no blockades on your doorways when moving furniture out and in of the home
  • Move furniture our and into the house easily by disassembling it.

Where can I get Furniture Padding when Moving?

If you are hiring a professional moving company to take care of your move, you then won’t need to purchase or rent furniture padding.

Professional movers should be able to give these types of moving supplies, including extra moving equipment, such as dolly and moving straps.

If you’ve planned a DIY move, you will need to buy or rent furniture padding before the move.

Those renting a moving truck may get moving blanket rentals from the moving truck rental provider.

You can also get blank rentals from your local Home Depot store. If you often move and would like to buy your furniture pads, click any of these to see the ones available at Walmart, Lowes, or Amazon.

Do You Need Moving Help To Relocate Your Furniture?

Sometimes, the best thing to do is to allow professionals to handle your heavy lifting. They are not only prepared and trained on loading and unloading a moving truck, but they are also able to use the right moving equipment like padding.

Fortunately, our wide network of trustworthy furniture movers ensures a safe and easy way to locate the job’s best moving company.

When you choose a mover from Moving APT, there will surely be no need to worry about the people handling your furniture.

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