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2022 Average Cost of State To State Move

Planning a budget for your interstate move. Here’s an overview of potential costs and how they may play a role in your move.
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2020 Average Cost Of State To State Move
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What is the average cost of relocating from one state to another in 2020? Sadly, no one can accurately predict the cost of moving.

Although moving companies provide moving estimates to customers, the overall payment will only be determined by the end of the move.

Also, since customers can prepare an estimate for the cost of a moving truck rental, it might be challenging to predict the entire hidden fees. If you are getting ready for your next move, I suggest hiring a professional state-to-state moving company, especially if moving to another state. 

After all, moving is time and effort demanding aside from the stress of moving to a new state. Right from packing up your household to purchasing a new home, the list of overwhelming tasks associated with interstate moves is much.

Hiring a cross country moving company to handle your long-distance move can be costly, but many people will agree it is worth the additional money. This post takes a general look at the cost of an interstate move.

The Average Cost of Moving State to State

The biggest cost determinant for a state-to-state move includes the distance you are moving as well as the items you are moving with you. It cost about $4,900 as an average for an interstate move for a median weight of 7,400 and 1,225 miles, including different required moving services.

The first and most important thing to note here is that these moving costs are only estimated values. It is practically impossible to state exact values because each move has different requirements and thus different overall moving costs.  

Cost of Hiring Professional Mover

For convenience’s sake, movers assume the distance of your move to a new city will take 1,000 miles away from your current city. You will get the following moving price as an average: 

  • Studio apartment: The approximate weight of all household belongings stored in a studio apartment is between 1800 and 2000 pounds. If you are moving out of a studio apartment and your new home is within 1,000 miles range, then your move should not cost less than $1,500, excluding any additional services. 
  • One-bedroom apartment: The average weight of household items in a one-bedroom apartment is between 2500 and 3500 pounds. This implies that your move will cost around $1,800 to $2,500 for a cross-country move with no additional moving services.
  • Two-bedroom home: The average weight of household belongings found in a two-bedroom home is between 5000 and 6000 pounds. This implies that you will be paying about $3,500 to $4,200 to relocate to home 1,000 miles away. This is a base rate with no additional professional moving services.

Cost of Truck Rental

The size of a rental truck, duration of the rental, equipment rentals, moving date, fuel charges, and the nature of the move (whether a 1-way or round trip) will all determine the cost of a moving truck rental.

With truck rentals, you get another alternative to relocating to another state affordably. Even though most of the heavy lifting and driving will be done by you, you will probably save some money on moving costs in the process.

The cost of a 10ft moving truck rental in Miami, FL, and driving it to a home in New York is about $1,700, as obtained in a recent U-Haul moving quote. Other moving truck rental companies like Budget and Penske might cost less than U-Haul.

Cost of Moving Container

For those searching for a cost-efficient interstate moving company, they should look at moving container rental. Certainly, the cost to rent a moving container is largely determined by the distance you are moving.

Other factors include the duration you plan to keep the moving container for storage needs and the quantity and size of containers. The temporary storage option is also provided by these portable containers before, during, and after moving.

This makes them very convenient for those moving on a complicated interstate move. 

Gladly, there are many moving containers to select from when relocating to another state. Examples of common shipping container companies based on their services in long-distance moves are 1-800-PACK-RAT, U-Pack, and PODS.

Based on the price comparison by HireAHelper, the cost of renting a ReloCubes from U-Pack costs an average of $2,231 for an out-of-state move.

Extra Costs of State to State Move

Various hidden moving costs are: 

  • Moving supplies: Aside from the cost of the moving methods discussed above, you will need to pay for moving and packing supplies. This covers foam pouches, bubble wrap, packing paper, packing tapes, cardboard boxes, labels, and so on. 
  • Home closing costs: For those buying a new home in the new state they are moving to, they will probably pay to close the property. These costs usually include appraisal fees, Realtor fees, title insurance, and so on. 
  • Home furniture: Maybe your old couch doesn’t fit in your new living room space or looking to get a new set of furniture. Regardless of the reason, you probably will need to buy one or more furniture pieces to furnish your new household. 
  • Vehicle shipping: If you don’t have plans to drive your vehicle to another state, then you should get ready to pay for a professional car shipping company to transport it to another state.
  • Travel fees: Remember fuel charges as well as labor costs when hauling your belongings. The farther the distance of your move, the more costly these charges will be.
  • Liability and valuation coverage: The federal law requires state to state moving companies to provide different valuation coverage options to customers, which include the Full Value Protection and released Value Protection. The FVP is more extensive than the Released Value protection, and it requires the movers to replace or reimburse you with monetary value for the loss or damaged item. $.60 per pound of your item is covered by the Released Value Protection. This option is seen as the cheapest, even though it only provides minimal coverage.

Getting Ready for State to State Move

Getting ready to relocate out-of-state requires a lot of time, energy, as well as money. Below are a few things to add to your moving checklist:

  • Plan a moving budget
  • Decide on a moving method of whether to hire a moving company, rent a moving container or move a truck.
  • Pay the new city and state an advance visit.
  • Get a place to live.
  • Begin to purge and pack early
  • Get new schools for your children.
  • Contact friends and family as well as friends of friends in the destination state to inform them you are relocating.
  • Make travel plans (optional)
  • Change your address and have your mail forwarded.
  • Transfer utilities
  • Get a new doctor and check healthcare services in the new place.
  • Address your pet needs such as pet registration, searching for a vet, compiling vaccination records, and so on.


To know how much your upcoming interstate move will cost you, the moving cost calculator on is a good place to start. Also, obtain an accurate moving quote from the wide network of reliable, insured, licensed, and trustworthy interstate moving companies nearest to your home.

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