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Best Moving Company Cross Country – Moving APT for a hassle-free move.

The moving process can be a hassle and moving across the country can present even more challenges if you are not prepared. Moving APT is here to take out all the stress and challenges from your move. From guiding you through the ins and outs of how to move cross country, to that final moment of seeing your life unpacked and undamaged in a new place, we’re with you the whole way. Moving APT has been taking care of all the logistics for residential and corporate moves for almost 20 years. Check out the answers to a few frequently asked questions and see why our customers consistently rank us as one of the best moving cross country companies in the nation.

Best Moving Company Cross Country - Moving APT
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What makes Moving APT the best moving company cross country?

At Moving APT, we don’t meet the national standards, we set them. We started from humble beginnings in 1999 and have since grown to become an industry leader. We are considered the best moving company cross country due to our one stop shop for all your moving needs. We provide everything from professional packing services, to auto transport, to storage unit arrangement in your new city. We take care of everything in the move with a selection of packages that fits your budget. The result for you is no stress, no worries.

1. How did you become one of the best interstate moving companies in America?

Almost 20 years ago, we launched our company with just five employees and two trucks. From the start, we have prided ourselves on trust and reliability. These fundamental values have remained with us through the years and will always be the foundation by which we conduct ourselves. We became one of the best interstate moving companies by building relationships across the country with the most trusted, licensed and insured carriers to provide you with top of the line service. We guarantee everything you need for your corporate or residential move.

2. Can I get a movers quote online?

Absolutely. You can receive a free quote on our website for your upcoming move. Whether you are moving into a home, an apartment, or a high rise, we will tailor our services to fit all your needs. There are enough personal challenges to deal with when moving across state lines. At Moving APT, we want to handle the move for you, so you can focus on more important matters. So go ahead. Get a movers quote online today and be stress-free tomorrow.

3. How can you promise your partners are the best nationwide moving companies?

We are highly selective when it comes to choosing the right partners to serve you in your relocation. Trust us to find the right people for you. We maintain long term relationships with only the highest quality carriers in the country. Our partners are all licensed and insured, trustworthy and reputable. We also make sure these best nationwide moving companies have all the specialty services you need, such as auto transport, fine art and antiques, cleaning services, heavy machinery, furniture repair, and more. We maintain constant monitoring and evaluation to ensure your satisfaction.

4. As one of the premier cheap cross country moving companies, how do you keep your rates competitive?

We pride ourselves on being able to offer efficient and punctual services to American individuals and businesses at an affordable cost. Moving APT is one of the cheap cross country moving companies because we tailor each package to your specific needs. Want to save money on packing? No problem. We’ll provide all the materials you need to do it yourself. We are also proud to offer discounts to our seniors, military personnel and disabled customers.

5. Shouldn’t I just search “moving companies near me” instead?

Our mission is to remove the hassle and the guesswork from your interstate move. Doing a blind search takes time, and you are taking a gamble working with people you have just discovered online. Moving APT has cultivated relationships with our partners from coast to coast for many years. We know who is reputable and who gets the job done, and those are the only businesses we choose to work with. While searching “moving companies near me” will provide results, we can provide you with the right partners already vetted, already proven to be the best in the industry.

6. Why should I pick you of all the moving cross country companies for my relocation?

Our customer service is top-notch and our customer ratings speak for themselves. The stress and logistical headache of a move across the country is best left in our hands. We’ve been doing this almost 20 years. All of our contracted third parties are FMCSA authorized motor carriers. Moving APT will arrange everything for you. If you’re doing a corporate relocation, your business won’t skip a beat. If it’s a family affair, let one of the top-rated moving cross companies handle the details for you.

7. Can you help me with the basic steps of how to move cross country?

We are here to make your move is seamless from start to finish. We’ll provide you with guidelines and a checklist to make sure basic things on your end are not left up in the air. Our customer service is always here to help with whatever you need. Do you have a grand piano that needs special attention? Need to put some of your belongings in storage when you arrive? We’ve got it covered. No matter what need arises in the process, we will show you how to move cross country the easy way.

Don’t burden yourself with the logistical guesswork of a cross-country move. At Moving APT, we do all the work for you. We use our partnerships with the best bonded and insured moving companies in the country to address every single need you have. These relationships help us provide you with the lowest price and the most reliable service in the industry. We have the best deals with the best movers, making us your trusted interstate moving company for nearly 20 years. For all your corporate or residential relocation needs, our motto is simple. No stress. No worries.

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