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How Long Do National Movers Take To Deliver?

Learn everything you need to know about national moving company delivery windows, why a delivery takes longer, and what to do if there are delays in your move.
How Long Do National Movers Take To Deliver?

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You don’t want to get to your new home and find that none of your stuff has arrived, but this can often be an unknown for new renters and homeowners alike. Long-distance national moves can take anywhere from 2 or 3 days to 22 days while you may only wait a few days for local moves.

The time it takes for your items to be delivered will vary based on several factors, such as the moving company you’re working with, your specific moving situation, the distance of the move, and more.

Typically movers provide you with a delivery timeframe for your move, so be sure to check the bill of lading.

Delivery Timeframe

Distance Days
0-200 miles 1-3 business days
200-500 miles 2-7 business days
500-800 miles 3-10 business days
800-1200 miles 4-12 business days
1200-1700 miles 5-14 business days
1700-2500 miles 6-21 business days
2500-3300 miles 7-21 business days

Some national moving companies may also offer guaranteed delivery dates, which give you more certainty when it comes to your move. However, there is still a chance that natural occurrences can make things take longer than movers expect them to.

In short, moving companies can try their best to stick within timeframes but sometimes delays are inevitable.

What Factors Make Deliveries Take Longer?

Nowadays it’s common to get what we want at the tap of a finger, but this is not the case when moving long distances

The moving company you choose will have its own delivery timeframe and expectations, but there are some things that can cause deliveries to take longer than expected.

  • The distance you are moving obviously plays a large role. If you’re moving to the state right next to your current area, you’re going to expect shorter delivery times. However, if you are moving across several states it will take longer for items to be delivered.
  • Moving in the winter is a good idea if you’re looking to save money, but this can also mean winter storms, snow, and ice causing delays in deliveries. Because there is less daylight, movers have less time to get through their work as well.
  • Moving in the summer is the most convenient option for most people, resulting in more people moving and busier moving companies. Because this is peak season, you are more likely to receive items faster as companies put it into high gear.
  • Driving laws are another factor in delivery speed, as drivers are expected to move at a safe and reasonable pace. National movers need rest during trips as well, this also factors in to the time deliveries take.
  • For long-distance moves, especially cross-country moves, additional deliveries and pickups are going to be taking place while your mover is on the way to your home, so cross country movers are not driving straight to your new home. This alone can bring about mishaps and delays that mean your stuff takes longer to arrive.
  • The amount of items being transported to you, or the size of your shipment, also plays a role in delivery times. If your belongings aren’t taking up much space on the delivery truck, your delivery may take longer as they perform more pickups and deliveries along the way.

What If Movers Arrive Outside Of The Delivery Window?

Even if movers try their hardest to get your items delivered on time, there may be delays that cause them to miss the delivery window given when you scheduled your move.

If movers miss your delivery window, you can do several things.

  • Stay calm. It may be frustrating to wait on your belongings, especially when you were given a specific date, but remember that movers are human and things don’t always go perfectly. Take a deep breath and consider that there may have been some bumps along the road.
  • Check your moving documents. You should have received a bill of lading from your movers that details the estimated timeframe of your delivery, as well as what actions will occur if this timeframe is missed, usually moving companies pay $15-$25 per day of delay. You may be entitled to reimbursement or an allowance to cover added costs due to their delay.
  • Call the mover. You should be in contact with your moving company and the movers handling your delivery. If movers have not gotten in touch with you to let you know about a delay, give them a call yourself to see what’s gone on. They should be able to update you on their estimated time of arrival.

It can also be a good idea to get your home prepared while waiting for movers to arrive, such as cleaning the space, figuring out where things will be placed, and making sure that there are no areas that need repair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I track where my stuff is?

It’s not yet possible to track moving trucks in real time yet, but you can figure out where your items are by contacting the moving company or the truck driver. You can also ask what route the driver will be taking so that you have a better idea of where your belongings are. It’s a good idea to stay in contact with the moving company while your items are being delivered.

Do I have to pay more if my delivery is late?

You will not incur any fees if your long-distance delivery by movers takes longer than expected. You may actually save money, as some national moving companies have a reimbursement policy if they miss the specified delivery window. Speak with movers about what to expect if a delivery is late.

What if I’m not able to get there before the truck does?

If your items are going to be transported before you can move into your abode, a storage facility can hold your items until you are ready for them. Movers can be instructed to deliver items to the storage facility of your choice or you may have items stored in the moving company’s warehouse facility.

National Moving Company Delivery Times

Moving companies aim to be on time, professional, and reliable at all times, but delays are natural. National movers can take anywhere from 2 to 22 days to deliver items depending on your specific move, so be patient and make sure that you have reviewed all documentation pertaining to deliveries.

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