How Much Does it Cost to Move with Two Men and a Truck?

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Long-distance moving companies are regulated and the cost of services will usually be based on miles and weight. But what is the precise cost of two men and a truck, and did you know that Two Men and a Truck is actually the name of a leading mover? 

When finding out the amount to expect on a move, each location of the company is owned and operated independently, which implies that they determine their prices? Let us dig into how they charge.

Have you ever had to move homes on your on entirely? If you answered yes then you know how seemingly easy the job may appear at first, but how difficult it actually is. Once you start facilitating your move, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and feel stressed with everything that needs to be handled.

Moving homes can be an emotional process, and physical labor can also take its toll.

There’s a lot to do to get your move up and running – from packing items, scheduling, running errands, to actually getting your home relocated. Homeowners considering doing everything on their own may want to reconsider. Kind in mind that the overall cost to hire movers and the time, money, and frustration that can be saved with  moving labor professionals and renting a truck is significant.

What are Moving Labor Services?

Don’t want to pay for full moving services? Moving labor services are a popular and cost-effective alternative and common option.  Moving labor professionals provide the flexibility for you to gain as little or as much assistance as you need.

Moving labor professionals offer various services so you can choose the best options for you, taking the hassle out of moving your belongings to your new home and location.

Pro Tips

Pro Tip

Save money by moving mid-week, mid-month, and during off-season, February through April, October, and November.

Weekends are the busiest times for moving, along with the beginning and end of the month.

Schedule your move during downtimes and you could be eligible for discounts or you can likely better negotiate prices.

How Does Hiring Moving Labor Work?

Decided to hire moving labor professional? Great, now it’s time to handle the details of your move and whether you need rent a vehicle to haul your load or use your own.

 Whatever the size and scope of your move, the options to relocate  your belongings are vast and diverse.

Come moving day, your movers will come ready to help and address all of your needs. But, be aware that moving laborers charge by the hour, so be prepared and save money with smart planning, staying organized and using your time efficiently to reach your goals.

Location, distance, travel fees, and the number of items you’ll be moving all affect the cost of your move.

Moving Labor Services

So, you’ve opted out of using a full service moving company, but you can still get help and hire moving labor professionals to keep items safe and ensure your move runs smoothly.

Skilled moving labor experts provide various services that make moving easier, reducing risk of damaged items.

1. Packing & Unpacking

A big home with lots of items could make packing and loading your move onto a truck a serious hassle. Leave the hard work and stress of getting your move organized, and hire professional movers to pack up and transport your home and belongings safely.

Want to get to your new home and settle in quickly and efficiently? As your moving labor professional about unpacking services and feel at home faster and free of unpacking headaches.

Pro Tips

Cost Saving Tip

Charging hourly is an easy way for movers to make more money, (including two men and a truck – the mover, or any two actual male movers and a moving truck). So, keep this in mind if you hire manpower to pack up your belongings. Time is money.

2. Loading & Unloading

Packing and loading your moving truck are both intense and challenging processes, and that’s why loading services are so popular, particularly for heavy and cumbersome furniture pieces and boxes.

Minimize chances of personal injuries that can cost much more than money with professional movers, and benefit from unloading services that’ll also reduce chances of damage, hassles, or risk of injuries.

3. Disassembly & Reassembly Services

Some items don’t fit through the doorways of a home, but moving experts find their way around these challenges with disassembly services.

Disassembling extra-large items for safer transport to their new home is common and prevents on-road and unloading damages.

You can also opt-in for reassembly services of disassembled items to have them accessible, functioning, and placed in your new home immediately – hassle-free and easy.

4. Special care

Not every item fits inside of a box or loads onto a truck with ease. Pieces like sculptures, heavy furniture, fragile items and valuables can require the special care and services of movers to ensure they reach your new home damage-free or without delays.

Pro Tips

Cost Saving Tip

Got your moving estimate from two men and a truck – the mover or literally two dudes and a vehicle?

Check out our best state-to-state moving guide to see if you can get a better deal.

While DIY or partially DIY moves can help you save, and Two Men a Truck are an affordable mover, they don’t offer price matching. In other words, if you get a better quote from a competitor, you won’t be able to negotiate with Two Men a Truck to Meet the competitor’s price. Focus on your budget and needs, and you can still move with an affordable mover or moving style works for you.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Moving Truck?

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Moving Truck

Homeowners will often ask how much it costs to rent or a moving truck alone, without hiring a mover and paying for full moving services.

Various factors impact moving costs. Let’s explore the costs of renting a moving truck for local moves and one-way trips.

1. Local Moves

The cost of local moves varies based on the distance between the old and new locations and the base fee your local mover charges. Budget for the cost of a moving truck, mileage fees, fuel, insurance and/or damage protection, a deposit, and applicable taxes.

You may also be charged a fee for environmental factors out of your control, along with additional services and specialty equipment that may help you move and should be budgeted for.

2. One-Way Moves

Renting a truck for a one-way move? No worries – bring your rental truck to a nearby location, so you don’t have to take the long haul back to where it came from. Budget for a base fee of renting the truck, fuel costs, environmental and damage protection (insurance), applicable taxes, and a deposit.

The breakdown of costs is similar to local moves, so always budget for additional fees based on services or equipment required. Traveling long distances increases the likelihood of damage to items, so insurance should also be considered when packing and transporting items on a rented truck.

Pro Tips

Pro Moving Tip

Movers that offer the option to hire two men and a truck may also offer moving truck rentals for DIY moves. Since moving also has its slow times, movers frequently offer multiple services and vehicle rentals to maintain cash flow and retain their staff.

Check out your mover’s website or call them to inquire about services and rental fees.

Do I Need to Worry About Extra Moving Fees?

Homeowners often worry about unexpected fees popping up at the end of their move, so knowing precise moving costs and what to expect is critical to avoid unpleasant pricing surprises.

Fees you may have to pay when hiring professional moving services:

  • Long carry fee may apply if movers need to unload, haul and move in items within a specific distance from the moving truck to your front door.
  • Elevator fee applies when members of a moving team need to use the stairs because there’s no elevator or it’s out of service on your moving day. Extra stop fee: charges for any extra steps you need to make on the way to your new home. Storage fees: will apply when items stay on your moving truck longer than the specified duration.

Renting a moving truck can also lead to additional fees including:

  • Truck damage: any damages to the moving truck you rent will lead to charges to repair the vehicle.
  • Gas: fill up that tank or get it back to where it was when you started your move to avoid a fuel fee from your truck rental company.
  • Late returns: will lead to $20-100 fees for returning your vehicle with delays.
  • Moving supplies: might come with some vehicles, but using them will still cost you and incur additional charges.
  • Young driver: fees will be charged to operators to access moving vehicles if they’re below a specific age, defined by each provider individually.
  • Additional drivers: any additional drivers over above the main one will incur extra costs.
  • Excess mileage: a one-way trip will end up costing you a fee that varies based on the distance surpassed from the allotted mileage.
  • Cancellation fees: for any cancellation that’s usually under 48 hours of your moving day.

Renting a truck or hiring a professional mover can lead to additional charges, but they can also save you stress and headaches, getting you moved safely.

Consider the scale and services of your move to know your costs and ensure it runs smoothly and peacefully.

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Moving labor services can be help move your home safely and make the process simpler. Plus you don’t have to worry about getting injured or dealing with logistics and issues with the move, saving you time, and potentially even money. You can focus on what matters: finding a new home, a job, and all of the critical aspects and logistics of relocating that require your attention.

National moving companies usually maintain a fleet of vehicles and sizeable team, so hiring one closer to your moving date can be pretty simple. It’s still wise to hire your mover a month in advance to compare quotes and get the best price.

The industry standard for tipping movers usually sits at around 5%, totaling about $25 to $40 or $10 to $20 per mover for moves ranging from $500-750, along with the moving services used.

Hiring two men and a truck, (literally, or the services from the leading moving company), will cost $80-100 an hour for a move less than 100 Miles. The size of your move and scope of work affect price, but generally moves over 100 miles will cost $2,000 to $5,000 , or $.50 per pound with the leading local mover Two Men and a Truck.

If you’re looking to lower the cost of your local or long-distance move – welcome, you’ve arrived at the right and final destination. Follow a few simple moving tips that will help secure lower prices for moving:  

  • . The fewer items you move, the less expensive your move will be. Get rid of stuff you’re hording and reduce the size of your move by donating items. 
  • Book either Two Men and a Truck, your mover or the vehicle long at least a month in advance – that’s the standard. Double check your movers are certified, licensed and legit with proof of insurance. Never take for granted that every mover abides by regulations and laws, and always ensure that low price doesn’t mean policies aren’t in place for your move’s security.
  • Ensure you update your address several days in advance of your move.
  • Utility bills from your old home cand should be settled before you move, and ask for everything from water, internet, cable, and gas to be shut off so you avoid extraneous charges. Try and get a grace period for terminating charges just in case your move is delayed. 
  • There’s always a go-to person responsible for your move. Keep communication lines open and whether you have two men and a truck, (literally or the company), moving your home, or another moving option, be clear on your expectations and needs. Keep those cleaning supplies available and accessible to the last minute, because regardless of how much you’d love to see your home spotless, moves require clean-ups after packing and loading a home.

Whether you move with Two Men and Truck, another mover or literally hire two dudes and a vehicle for a DIY move, you can absolutely pay for packing services. Get your home packed up and moved without having to worry about supplies, boxes, tape, bubble wrap, fragile items and see your transported with ease. Got a house, apartment, or condo to pack?  Hire the right mover and they’ll take care of the packing and moving for you.

Two Men and a Truck can move any size home, with 26 foot moving trucks and am impressive fleet led by a professional team, easily moving homes between 5 to 7 rooms.

Basic insurance packages for your move will only cover a minimal expenses if items are lost or damaged in relocating. Check your homeowner or renter’s insurance to ensure you don’t purchase packages that’ll incur extra and unnecessary costs, depending on the policy.

Enter credentials into the online moving quote solution and provide your details in four simple steps. Happy with the quote you see? Click on “Request Booking” or the “Get Quote” page and someone from Two Men and a Truck will be in touch to book your move.

While the mover doesn’t offer storage solutions or options they do offer great tips and insights on storage and you can get great suggestions for storage services on their blog.

Final Thoughts – Bottom Line Takeaways

Movers in America are available nationwide and getting connected to a range of moving companies or truck rental companies to acquire quotes is generally an easy and fast process.  Whether you hire a licensed, affordable, and reliable mover or take a DIY route and do most of the work by simply renting a vehicle, it’s pretty easy to ensure you move without damage, hassle-free, and with insurance.

Research some national moving companies and find your best option for moving day. With Moving APT, finding the perfect mover, price tag, and services to relocate your home is painless, fun, and feasible – pretty much from end to end.  

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