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Laura Roberts - Author Moving APT

Laura Roberts

Laura is a veteran content and copywriter for 12 years, with a degree in English Literature from Canadian ivy league McGill University. 

Having written for media and software and all things technology focused, manufacturing, real estate, transportation, fintech, economics, politics and freight factoring, this writing expert’s moved over 5 times locally and internationally and knows just what a complex move made easy is all about. 

The future’s friendly for Laura and her writing career, as she focuses on the American moving market to keep you up to date on the industry’s latest. She ain’t a truck driver, but she’ll know more about packing, preparation, price tags, and planning a move than some of America’s best movers, which research being this lady’s middle name. Keeping up with competition, updates, and trends is absolutely paramount to Laura, which is why she’s an invaluable asset to us.

You can contact Laura directly at [email protected]

Interstate Moving Companies - Moving APT
Interstate Moving
Laura Roberts

Best Interstate Moving Companies of 2024

We found the best in the biz for interstate moving. Check out Moving APT’s list of the best Interstate Moving Companies of 2024.

Moving to California - Moving APT
California Moving
Laura Roberts

Moving to California in 2024: Complete Guide

Seamlessly navigate your upcoming relocation to California with Moving APT. Join us to discover the “Golden State” and learn strategies for hiring interstate moving companies to make the adjustment as seamless as possible.

Moving to Vermont - Moving APT
City Moving Guide
Laura Roberts

The Ultimate Guide to Moving to Vermont in 2024

Stunning weather, natural forested beauty – what’s not to love about the green mountain state? If you are considering moving to Vermont, here’s all the information you need to know to make your transition smoother. Leave it to the state known for its maple syrup to sweeten your move!

Where can I find Moving Boxes
Laura Roberts

Where to Buy Moving Boxes Online?

We’ve done the research for you and have found where you can find the best moving boxes, both locally and online.

How Much Does It Cost To Move In Or Out Of NYC
New York City Moving
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How Much Does It Cost To Move in or Out of NYC?

New York City has unique challenges that can dramatically increase moving costs. But if you research, ask the right questions, and plan ahead, you can have an affordable NYC move.

2020 Average Cost Of State To State Move
Moving Out of State
Laura Roberts

Understanding the Costs of Out of State Moving

Moving out of state is a significant undertaking that involves various costs. The average cost for such a move is approximately $4,500, based on a distance of 1,225 miles. However, this can vary widely depending on several key factors.

Moving APT - Best Moving Companies in Texas
Movers By City
Laura Roberts

Find the Best Moving Companies in Texas

A Texas move can be exciting and maybe even fun – with the right help from the best movers, of course. Let Moving APT help you find the best moving companies in Texas proven to be professional, reliable, and fully licensed for local and long-distance moves.