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How To Forward Your Mail When You Moving Out of State

Dealing with your mail doesn’t have to be the worst part of moving! Here’s our quick and simple guide for forwarding mail properly.
Forward Your Mail When You Moving Out Of State

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Moving always makes you busy all through. You can easily forget a simple task as forwarding your mail since you have many important things.

Sadly, skipping this step can get you into a lot of trouble, starting from not receiving your packages to not up to date with your mortgage payments.

Changing your address with the United States Postal Service is the first step to forwarding your mail. Whether you are moving locally or moving to a new state, you should make changing your address a top priority.

Continue reading to know the entire process involved so you can change your address without stress.  

Why should you forward your Mail?

Regardless of how long you plan to spend where you are moving, you need to forward your mail during a move. This will make sure you receive and don’t miss out on any important mail from family, friends, work, government agencies, or financial institutions.

You only need to fill out a change of address form on the official USPS website to forward your mail. 

How do you perform Mail Forwarding during a Move?

There are two major ways to change your mailing address and have your mail forwarded with the USPS to make sure you get all your mail at your new home when you move. These include:

  • Online
  • In-person

The major difference is on cost and convenience: online doesn’t take more than 5 minutes but costs around $1 while in-person changes involve driving to your local post office and joining the queue for a teller but are always free.

How it works

Note the following for how forwarding your mail works:

  • Those moving permanently can update their address with USPS by using this change of address form.
  • This mail forwarding service can be used by those moving temporarily starting from 15 days to about a year.
  • Identity verification will be done with a credit card.
  • Immediately you choose a date to start forwarding your mail, all mail that is usually sent to your former address will be forwarded to your new address.
  • Those who choose to forward their mail will get a packet in the mail with coupons useful for a move.

When does Mail Forwarding with USPS start?

After submitting your change of address form, the service will be available in 7 to 10 days. This means you need to fill out the form earlier to get all your mail.

Ensure you choose the proper day for the service to start forwarding your mail to the new address. You don’t have to worry as your mail will not be redirected before then.   

Ways to forward your Mail and Update your Address

1. Online

Applying for mail forwarding online is the easiest means to forward your mail during a move. Just visit, click on the Quick Tools tab, and select Change My Address. Immediately you select this tab, you will be redirected to the Change of Address form page.

That is where you will be required to provide the old address, new address, and the date you wish to start forwarding your mail.

A $1 will be charged for online address changing, the $1 charge will also double as your identity verification because it will be charged on your credit card.

You will also be provided options by USPS to receive coupons from common furniture and household belongings stores, such as Wayfair, Casper, CB2, Lowes, Crate & Barrel, Overstock, Rooms to Go, All Modern, Joss & Main, West Elm, and so on.   

2. In-Person

You can also change your mailing address by visiting the local post office nearest to you in person and ask for the official change of address form 3575. You just fill out this form and return it to a postal worker at the same post office.

You should receive a confirmation letter to your new mailing address within seven days from USPS. If you choose in-person means of changing address, the $1 fee will be waived

Choose Permanent or Temporary Move

A change of address is for everyone moving, whether temporarily or permanently. It is also available for college students, snowbirds, and seasonal employees who plan to spend less than a year away from home.

If you plan to return after a year, choose permanently. Mail forwarding technically lasts for six months, but you can extend it for an extra six-month period (making a year), thanks to the Postal Service.

Premium Forwarding Service

Premium Forwarding Service Residential option is also available to those moving, unlike regular mail forwarding. This service is temporary and is useful for up to twelve months. You just have to make a one-time enrolment payment and subsequently, weekly fees, and your mail will be held by USPS, package it, and send to you every week using Priority Mail service.

The enrolment fee for the service is $20.15 or $18.15 for online enrolment. The services after that are then charged $20.10 per weekly service.

Change of Address Form (Permanent compared with Temporary)

Moving for < 12 monthsNo✔ Yes
Moving for > 12 months✔ YesNo
Moving permanently✔ YesNo

You will be asked for the date you would like to terminate mail forwarding if you choose temporary.

Supply the date, and you will not spend your time filling out another change of address form after moving back.

Below are other important tasks to do when changing the address for moving

  • Establishing domicile: When moving to another state and turning it into your main home, a legal domicile will be needed for tax purposes. This can be done by filling out a Declaration of Domicile Form. Ensure you check your state’s specifics before you move.
  • Change IRS address: You need to change your address as early as possible with the IRS if you are waiting to receive a tax refund or any other mail from IRS. Residents are allowed by form 8822 to tender their new address at any time.
  • Change your billing address with credit card providers: Many credit card billing addresses are changeable online. We advise you to change your billing address when you move so that you will not miss out on any correspondence from your credit card providers.
  • Get a new driver’s license by contacting DMV: If you plan to drive in the new state you are moving to, you will need to make changes to your driver’s license with your new address. Find out the driver’s license requirements from your new state’s DMV to obtain a new one. You may need to bring your current driver’s license, social security, proof of residency, and other means of identification.
  • Update the Social Security Administration: You need to update your address with the Social Security Administration to receive social security retirement, and disability benefits, and to be enrolled in Medicare.
  • Voter registration: Ensure you register to vote after you move to a new state. Do this by contacting your new state’s election office to update the address linked with your voter registration card. Then will you be assigned to a polling location?
  • Magazine subscriptions: Do you often get magazine subscriptions in the mail? If yes, ensure you update the address on file with each magazine and catalog immediately after you move.

When does the Mail Forwarding end?

The United States Postal Service change of address forwarding will only last one year. This should give you enough time to ensure your address has been updated with the concerned quarters you still want to hear from.

It should be enough time to notify all your family and friends too. The service will only be available for two months for magazines and newspapers So, make sure you update your information with these service providers before the end of the mail forwarding.  

Forwarding mails – Are you ready to Move?

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