How To Move Out Of State With No Money

Researching, planning, and executing a move is no walk in the park, and is even tougher with a small budget. Learn about how you can move with little money.
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How To Move Out Of State With No Money
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Let’s face it; moving is tough. And moving to a new state with no money is even tougher. Though everyone will make sure our pockets are loaded in a normal world before we approach an out-of-state move, things often don’t work out like that.

However, this is not a preferred means. You don’t have to stress yourself than necessary to move to another state without money, especially if you make advance planning. 

We’ve all heard and read about people who move to other states or countries without having more than $5 in their pockets and still managed to make it work.

Whether you are pinned to a corner or have to make sure the move works for you, note that your current situation and possible solutions are all specific.

We can only provide you with general practical tips for relocating without money. This will hopefully help you with your difficult upcoming moving journey.

Do Your Research

Moving to a new state with no money is a decision that requires a lot of thinking. It would help if you considered the cost of living in the new town or city you plan to move into.

This includes the possibilities of finding affordable housing and job, and so on. Free online calculator for the cost of living can help compare two or more cities based on income and other factors that will be essential when you are moving without money.

Assess Your Finances

Regardless of the amount you have on you for the move, whether $100 or $1,000, you need to know your worth so you can make effective planning.

Create a budget for your move that includes packing and travel costs, such as gas and food on the road. If you have a home waiting for you there, then cool.

If you need to get home after the move, find out how much you will spend on this. You can always get cheap room rentals on sites like Airbnb, which will help you in keeping costs at the lowest while you try to settle in.

Do Not Buy Packing Supplies

You definitely want to avoid the cost of packing supplies as it will quickly take away all the money on you and cause you to spend beyond budget.

You can ask friends or other close persons for free moving boxes if they have recently moved and are willing to give away some of their moving containers.

You can also visit some close-by local businesses that usually recycle cardboard boxes in good condition just because they have more than enough of them. You can just hunt for boxes in your neighborhood instead of spending on packing supplies.

Sell What You Can

You need not to sell all your possessions because you want to move to another state without money, but you surely can sell off items that you no longer need around you.

Aside from the fact that it will help you save some extra cash, getting these items off your life will also reduce your packing load, so you will need to get lesser supplies.

This will be so important because you have just one car to move your belongings from one point to another.

Keep The Essentials

There are some things that you will need as you start moving. For instance, you don’t have to sell clothes that you can wear for an interview or your laptop because it might later affect your savings.

Both items will be important if you plan to hunt for a job. This is also true of your essential documents such as social security card and I.D. card, even though you are not considering selling those anyway.

Update your resume, and print out some copies, so you have them to present upon request. Other items you will need to have with you on the move are checks, basic toiletries, a few clothes, any cards, documents, or other important items related to your medications and banking – if possible, any item you use in your daily life.

Create a Backup Plan

For reality’s sake, think of the worst case that could happen and plan accordingly. If you couldn’t get housing, what solution is available in your destination city or town? Are there any organizations that you can rely on for meals and groceries while hunting for a job? Are there career service agencies available to give you advice and maybe assistance?

Do not hesitate to get help; these organizations are established for that.

Go Back into a More-Economic Status After The Move

After achieving your goal of moving to another state without or with very little money, your mood will feel a little dampen when you discover that you still have to face your toughest challenge.

Moving without money or a job is a great challenge on its own, but there are also few sudden tasks to handle before you can then congratulate yourself on your victory.

Find Work Immediately

Regardless of the amount of money you’ve saved in getting ready for your move, you will discover that money drains quickly from your checking account if you are without a source of income. 

  • Moving supplies
  • Security deposits
  • Professional clothing for job
  • Interviews

They all add up to something. One of the essential keys to having a successful move to another city is to secure a job immediately.

Unless you’ve accepted an offer, job hunting must be what you spend your entire day doing. If you can take the risk of relocating to another city without a job, there is no way you will be able to wait until you get the right job.

You can still be doing part-time or temporary jobs to keep your finances stable until you are able to get a better long-term alternative. 

Even with a small source of stable income, working as a retail associate, barista, or bartender, you can easily elongate your savings’ lifespan, buying you more time to find the right work.

The Best City to Start a New Life with no Money

Have you decided to relocate to another city without money, but still looking for the city to go to? If you want to explore, you may choose any of the many cities that may pay you to relocate there.

  • A $10,000 incentive and co-working membership is being offered by Tulsa, Oklahoma to remote workers who decide to live in the town for a minimum of a year
  • Alaska and Colorado are also two of the multiple places that also provide moving incentives in cash, or sometimes land or housing to bring in new people into their communities. 
  • Despite Japan’s population, it still offers free houses to people who are willing to pay the taxes and fees.

So, should you consider moving to one of these cities offering financial incentives? Maybe you don’t necessarily have to. When making a decision on the best city to relocate to with no money, you need a place where: 

  • Cost of living is affordable
  • Employment opportunities promising
  • You have old relationships with people such as friends or family members.

The best city to move to with no money or job will be determined by your specific situation. Maybe it is a cross country move or a new and exotic place.


Always weigh your options. If you have some flexibility to postpone your long-distance move until you have enough money, then do. If a friend is offering you a couch to stay on for free, then accept it. You only need to proceed with the move cautiously and always to be sure of the possibilities and the impossible ones.

Make sure you are smart about it, and one day, you can also share your story about how you successfully move somewhere with $5 and a dream that actually comes to reality. 

If you have a little buck to move, you can as well opt for affordable out of state movers to take the stress away from you.

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